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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Please use copy and paste as screen shots can be hard to read. This will show what is running on your computer.

Outlook 2011 for Mac won’t open- Outlook Mac crashes on start

No personal information is shown. Etrecheck — System Information. Apr 19, AM.


MicroSoft Outlook for Mac stopped loading, remains hung, without error notes, stopping Mac input for 1 hour. This software app works smoothly in Safe Mode on another profile. Time Machine backup out-of-date - The last Time Machine backup is over 10 days old.

Re-install Office for Mac 2011

Unsigned files - There is unsigned software installed. They appear to be legitimate but should be reviewed. Apr 25, PM. Genieo Uninstall. Genieo Uninstall 2 see post by Linc Davis. Apr 26, AM. Apr 27, PM. Did it work in another admin account or the Safe Mode? Hold the Etrecheck report for now. Apr 28, AM. Yes, on another admin account, Outlook for Mac 16 worked.

But Outlook for Mac did not open in Safe Mode. Apr 28, PM.

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  6. Addressing problems with installing Office for Mac updates.

You could export your e-mails to the Desktop before uninstalling just to make sure you can recover them. Since it is crashing only in your normal account, the. I don't use Outlook, so I'm not sure of the. It should be something close to com. Select Library. Then go to Preferences to look for the. Move the.

Restart the computer, open the application, and test. If it works okay, delete the plist from the desktop. If the application is the same, return the. Thanks to leonie for some information contained in this.

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  • Outlook 2011 systematically crashing at start-up;
  • MicroSoft Outlook 16 for Mac iOS … - Apple Community.
  • Apr 29, AM. Communities Contact Support.

    Outlook Won't Open? Try These Fixes

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    How To Download Microsoft Office 2011 On MAC for free!!!

    Ask a question. I installed the latest version of Yosemite Unfortunately, on two different machines, I could not replicate the error. That does not mean that it will not appear later on those machines. Another thing that I noticed apart from the Font rebuild after doing the Cache cleaning was that people were using Font Book to validate fonts. This may be part of the issue.

    Office 365 (Outlook for Windows | Mac) - Known Issues

    You can check to see if you have any duplicate fonts and then delete the duplicates. Then reboot your Mac. However, if you want to test this Font cache cleaning out, here is a free and quite useful utility that helps you do a variety of operations. OnyX a free utility app has been updated for Yosemite and has a section to clear out various caches including specific font caches.

    For those who have encountered the issue, please test using OnyX and see if you can delete the Microsoft Font Cache. You can also delete the System, User and Apple fonts to test if those are causing issues. Lastly, you can use OnyX to purge a lot of other system cache, so you can try to see if some of those will help the Mac Office Crashing in Yosemite issue.

    Did any of these fixes work for you? Did you encounter the Mac Office crashing in Yosemite? Let me know! These tips really helped me fix Mac Office crashes in Yosemite! Try them! Click to Tweet. Send Cancel.