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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Action Cam. Other Video Cameras. Models: Load More. How to send images to a mobile device using NFC One-touch sharing. The image blinks or appears in different colours when recording. The power turns off or shuts down suddenly by itself. How to insert the date when printing from the PlayMemories Home software for Windows. View All. Register your product Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great deals. Sony Community Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers.

I have Run OS Connect camera when instructed not before and compete firmware update. This is very time consuming obviously when dealing with hundreds of images.

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Job well done. Thanks for the info. You provide a great service to us Sony photographers!

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They are just really slow when it comes to RAW support…. I am debating purchasing Sony A7R iii but concerned about all Mac issues above. If not, OS OS Many thanks. Purchasing Sony a7riii now—they should give you a commission. Sony convert…. I got through the security permissions bit, but nothing I tried after that would allow the 1. Any suggestions — other than finding a friend still using Sierra? Many thanks for the quick reply! This is my third a7 camera, so I am not unfamiliar with the firmware updating process and have done it successfully many times in the past.

But when I do it that way, the updater rather inexplicably tells me that the camera is on and I need to turn it off. And when I do turn it off, and then on again, the connection is lost. I just wish Sony would follow the example of every other camera manufacturer and stop requiring system level access to update a camera.

Thanks for the encouraging words!

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Pingback: Sony Releases a9 Firmware Update 2. I have the A7s and wondering if it will work OK. Should I upgrade to OS Will have to do anything else, any other patches, etc.? Will I have any issues with processing the RAW files? Thank you in advance.

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First thing to do before you even consider updating your OS is to make certain all camera firmware and camera apps are updated to the latest version. Thank you, Brian. Once the camera firmware is updated, and OS upgraded to Once you update to I am a new owner of the a7r3, so first time trying to update a Sony. However Ive not yet been able to begin any update.

That only happens when the SD card is still in the camera, which is exactly why I said to remove it. Thanks for the reply. I guess I have a unique issue because there are no SD cards in the camera when I try to update. Before connecting your camera, remove the SD card. This will prevent programs like Capture One and Lightroom from opening an import window if they detect a memory card when the camera restarts during the update.

Just an FYI; using your notes and links I was able to update my a from v1.

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Will this driver fix that problem? Thanks much. I followed precisely every step. Sony should take a look at the firmware updates of Fujifilm. Painless process, download the firmware, just put the new firmware on your SD-card put it in your camera and there you go.

This is a bit of a disappointment for me after purchasing the A7III. Sorry, I was on a plane. Yeah, I am running Mac No joy. If you have a contact at Sony it would be sure great to get an official response to this now very known issuee Thx! Hi Brian…I have been trying to update two of my lens to the latest version. Maybe I am missing something obvious, but any suggestions are appreciated!

This driver loader is made for camera firmware updates. Try to find a friend running anything but the dreaded High Sierra OS. Thank you Brian for the advice. A friend of mine with a PC was able to complete the updates in just seconds!

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  • Indeed, good old habits made me believe the camera had to be unplugged before the firmware update. Then without unplugging the camera the dmg with the firmware update can be launched this is where my old habits failed me …. Thib, I would greatly appreciate it if you could be more precise in the steps you are describing; specifically when you attach the camera, when you turn it on, etc. But not this time. But so far to no avail. This is ine of the things I miss from Canon. Do I have to run the driver loader before each firmware update or only once on a specific Mac and be good for any future firmware updater?

    Yes, Mac OS Apple essentially blocked firmware updates with OS I did have some problems as well updating my Sony a7 iii After I did this it worked fine. Tried your steps on macOS High Sierra version All of our Sony cameras are stuck and cannot be updated. Blame Apple. Driver Loader blocks the OS from blocking it in some cases, but basically Apple screwed you with Here to let everyone know that I was able to successfully update the firmware on my Sony A7II using a Tether Pro cable in lieu of the cable that comes in the box.

    Restarted my computer that is running High Sierra I too am so frustrated! Once I connect my provided cable, the camera screen never goes blank. I tried all three of my USB ports to no avail. Maybe I need to order this Tether Cable Pro the last poster spoke of. Yeah…I tried it several times running the driver loader first before connecting the camera.

    I still have my old Mac, I might hook it up and try some other time. I read on another site that Apple blocked Sony because they felt the way Sony did things could introduce a major security risk for computers and cameras. I read something online that indicated that Apple thought the way Sony does updates puts the users computer and camera at a high security risk. Content is in no way linked to sponsorship.

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