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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

This tweak can be found within the same trigger as the previous one, so in case you don't want to disable the penalty completely, then you can also change the frequency for the morale penalty by changing the You may also eliminate the morale penalty if you change that 1 to 0. Have you ever missed a Noldor Tournament or two because you didn't pay close attention to the current date? Who didn't? This tweak makes the possible tournament bets scale with your renown rating directly, on a ratio.

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So with 10, renown, you can bet 10, denars in each round as the max amount. The ratio between the earnings and the total amount of bets made remains the same as previously. Note however that you can't get more than 29, experience points at a time, it's a hard limit. To change the amount of participants and rounds during tournaments - credits to TheMageLord. Currently, the total number of participants is 64 in tournaments, and half of them get eliminated after each round you win. Also, it is recommended that the total number of participants is the power of the factor set 2 by default, at which participants get removed per round.

You may still get odd numbers this way though, which will be rounded up or down according to the laws of mathematics, as shown in the example at the end. A default setting of 64 participants in total with a factor of 2 means that the following amount of participants are allowed in different combinations possible. That will be the new amount for the total participants in tournaments. Change it to the value you'd like it is still recommended that the total amount of participants set previously is the power of this factor. For example, if you set the total amount of participants to be 81 80 and the factor to 3 , then you'll have 10 rounds:.

A factor of 1 should technically make tournaments always last 1 round. Change it to something else if you want. Use this tweak only if TweakMB doesn't let you change the winning prize denars by default of arena fights. For example because you've applied the tweak to get X renown too upon winning. The rewards for the lower positions should remain editable with TweakMB, which is the suggested method whenever possible error-free editing. Set both of the to something else. To reassign dehorsed horse archers to the "archers" group and change their lances to shorter melee weapons - credits to Vetrogor.

In case you've applied the previous tweak as well, then still just replace the line that starts with It has the replaced part included. Change that 5 to 0 if you want. If the dehorsed unit has a lance and no other melee weapons, and if its Strength is greater than or equal to 13 , then his lance will be replaced with a Morningstar item entry And if his Strength is less than 13 , then the lance will be replaced with a simple Sword item entry Replace these weapons with something else if you so desire.

You can most easily check item entry numbers with Morgh's Editor. Dismounted cavalry tend to use lances still mostly against cavalry even if those weapons are not meant for fights on foot. Plus they also tend to switch a lot between sidearms and lances, which is detrimental for their performance on foot. With this tweak, these will be no longer the case. This tweak only works for units that have the potential to be mounted, but are not always guaranteed with horses. For example Highwaymen and Queen Agnus Freebooters.

To change the minimum number of seconds after which enemies will be allowed to flee if routing is enabled - credits to Alex Toews. To swap the spawn points of farmers and bandits upon village infestations - credits to Leonion. Currently, whenever you help farmers in defending their village, bandits spawn inside the village, while you and the farmers spawn on the outside, like if you were the invaders. Whereas bandits usually raze villages from the outside, take what they want and then move on.

This tweak swaps the spawning points to make this fight a more realistic scenario. If you use this tweak, you will no longer fight lords that are raiding one of your villages in a village scene. Such battles will be ordinary field battles. To adjust the maximum party size that will cause villagers to fight back during a raid - credits to Hardrada. Increase the 25 to a larger number if you wish to make them fight even against a larger party of yours. To reassign all troops to "infantry" and "archers" during sieges, and replace lances with melee weapons fit for sieges - credits to Vetrogor.

To change the number of soldiers spawned in towns' courtyard during the second stage of siege assaults - credits to TheMageLord. This tweak will only work if the number of reinforcement waves is not too high, so that not all defenders get defeated during the first stage of the siege. The 8 is for how many allies you get they all spawn around you at the same point. All the rest are the enemy spawn points, each one of them getting 3 men. You could change all those to 6 for example, to double up the amount of enemies from each spawn point.

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Beware however that if you set the amount of soldiers too high, then you may run into problems like having troops spawn inside a wall if the spawn point is too close to one. To change the number of soldiers spawned in towns' and castles' castle hall during the final stage of siege assaults - credits to TheMageLord. The 1 -s are for the amount of attackers your side per spawn point, and the 1 -s are for the amount of defenders the enemy per spawn point. Once again, you could double them all to double up the number of soldiers per spawn point.

This template is used on both the 3rd stage of town siege assaults and the 2nd stage of castle siege assaults. Change this value to your liking 3 times. To let the terms of agreement actually happen when the defenders may surrender to you during a siege - credits to Dalion. How it is actually: The strength of the garrison condition D and the attackers' power condition A gets compared in the following way:.

But the catch is that all of this is possible only if D is less than If it's more, then not a single town or castle will surrender under any circumstances, no matter how many times their strength is surpassed, whether they have food, etc. This is not very realistic. What this tweak does is that it removes the value requirement for condition D, so that only the superiority of the attackers will be compared to the defender's strength, as it should be whether your side is 3 or 5 times stronger than the garrison or not.

You may also want to increase the surpass ratios of 5 and 3 needed to make the enemies consider surrendering to you, as the situation is still not that hopeless on a or ratio to just surrender without a fight. To change the maximum food supply of walled fiefs to be able to acually starve them out while besieging - credits to TheMageLord.

Change these values to your liking. If you do the same as a vassal of a kingdom, then there won't be war, but you'll still have relations set to the negatives. It is needed for besieged fiefs to maintain their 'under siege' status as long as they are actually under siege. Otherwise that state would get reset at each day's midnight and you would lose the progress of your siege preparations in case you won't be able to start the assault in time.

Note: This tweak is exclusive with the next one! Also, keep in mind that if you attempt an attack on a friendly kingdom's castle or town as a vassal, then you won't be able to besiege more of that faction's fiefs until your relation gets repaired to at least 0 by paying for peace or by having a war-peace cycle. Lastly, you may even attack the kingdom you joined. If you succeed with the siege, then you'll automatically create your own kingdom in the end.

However, you'll lose all the other fiefs you had. Change it to something else if you so desire, just keep it at the negatives if you want to have a war declaration or to prevent the cancelling of sieges at midnight. Note: This tweak is exclusive with the previous one! Set these values to something else if you so desire, just keep the former one at the negatives if you want to have a war declaration or to prevent the cancelling of sieges at midnight.

To reassign archers, crossbowmen and arquebusiers to the "infantry" group after depleting their ammo - credits to Vetrogor and Caba'drin. Otherwise skip this step:. Don't worry, since siege defenders receive regular ammo refills, the trigger for them won't turn on.

To make 'Archers' and 'Infantry' divisions stay selectable in the tactical overlay battle minimap after getting knocked out - credits to Vetrogor. When you have some allies in battle that you can normally command, but you get knocked out with no more units left on your side that belong to the 'Archers' or 'Infantry' group, then you won't be able to command the remaining infantry and archer units on your ally's side.

And this can also happen when units changed divisions in the meantime due to reassignments from other tweaks. With this tweak, that will no longer be the case. Then find this piece:. Or, if you want to have allies who command themselves with the AI even if you are the marshall, then leave that 1 alone and change that 0 to 1 instead.

Additionally, you may also change that 0 to 1 if you want even lordless parties to use the AI instead of your orders. To be able to lower the battlesize down to 50 - credits to Dalion, margarin and VonDegurechaff. Blue - defenders, Red - attackers. Increasing it will give you slightly more renown after battles. The is a divisor for your side's strength friendly side. Decreasing it will give you slightly more renown after battles.

Decreasing this number will give you much more renown. The is the set renown cap, which is 50 by default. The value entered however has to be the square of the desired amount i. First is for the player, the second is for NPC-s such as companions and vassals, and the last is for all trainable troops. The native setting is 2. Change these values to your liking:. By increasing the modifiers as you level up requires you to relaunch Warband each time you change them : - xp modifier for the player set to 2. If you want to make archers and crossbow users weaker across the board, then this is the tweak for you!

It affects how the damage of projectiles gets reduced at longer ranges. At point blank range however, the damage will be the same, so you'll have to change the given weapon's raw damage to tweak ranged damage from that aspect. The maximum value is 2. Before we go further in detail, it's worth to note that missile speed is somewhat inversely proportional to the distance:. This tweak will allow the player, crossbow users and units with braceable polearms to crouch and brace those polearms automatically:.

This tweak will allow you to give the following orders to your troops as an extra on top of the default ones. To add the ability to do battle without your party and still get the full benefits - credits to Dalion. Upon any battle of your choice, all of your own troops will be left out like if you were fighting alone. If allies help you in battle however, their troops will appear in battle, but the renown after it will correspond to the case if you were alone. Which is a bit of an exploit if you do it on purpose.

In case of losses - you will be transferred back to the battle engagement menu without any major penalties in case of victories - you'll get all the loot and renown accordingly, and the post-battle experience will be shared between your entire party, as usual. To add the ability to inspire nearby troops with a battlecry - credits to Dalion and Vetrogor. With this tweak, each time you press the "T" key in battle, you will do a winning cheer. As a result, all allied troops within a radius of 30m around you will:.

Feel free to do so if you want, by following the above pattern. To recover health, ammo and shield hit points upon leveling up in battles - credits to Dalion. Usually in RPG games upon an increase in level, your health, mana, etc. With this tweak, if you level up during battles and, you will recover:. The notification message about the restoration appears only if the player has advanced a level, but all other heroes are subject to the effect as well - from your companions to enemy lords and unique spawn leaders.

It is worth noting that the tweak is not triggered if you get a level up on the world map or inside normal scenes. It's much easier to adjust this tweak than the other one, that's why. Well, if you apply this tweak, this will no longer be the case for those battles and fights that normally don't have a chest. You'll be able to access your inventory any time you want in these cases, whenever you press the inventory shortcut key "I". The restrictions will be up to you.

To be able to fight in your own equipment after getting caught while trying to sneak into enemy fiefs - credits to Adorno. The reappearing button will be unformatted, so it may be hard to notice at first glance. Or make it 0, to eliminate the share with companions completely. To fix the problem about loot depending on the order of troops killed - credits to Vetrogor, Tingyun and rubik.

The problem happens when you fight against bigger parties, or when your own party is rather small. For example, the enemy has knights and peasants. If you kill the peasants first, then they will be the first to get looted, and the knights will come next. When the sharing of loot begins, the peasants will be processed first and the loot buffer will quickly get filled up with their low-tier items.

And then there will be no more spaces left in the loot buffer to get items from the knights too. To change the base income rents from towns, castles and villages - credits to Alex Toews. Note that changing these values need a new week's start to apply, so you won't be able to experience the changes during the next weekly budget report, but during the one after and onwards.

The values below only affect the player character. These values are , and respectively in native so double of that. Lastly, is the final divisor for your total income, which is in native. There is a maximum amount of centers that you can own before tax inefficiency kicks in. A town is worth 2 center points, whereas a castle and a village are both worth 1. The 8 , 10 and 12 are the maximum amount of center points before tax inefficiency starts to take effect, for "Good", "Average" and "Poor" campaign AI difficulty respectively.

To add the remaining time until the next payday to the weekly budget report - credits to UndeadDuke. With this tweak, the number of days and hours remaining until the next payday will get displayed in the weekly budget report. However, note that the displayed time will be shown correctly only after the first payday of a new game's start or after the next payday of an existing game. Until then, the time displayed in the report screen will be incorrect.

If that's the case, then adjust these highlighted numbers seen above accordingly:. These goods are automatically purchased and sold at market prices. The number of outputs is the primary factor for determining how much profit your enterprise makes. Every 24 hours the game will refresh the amount of money merchants have available to purchase things from you.

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If the merchant has less than the "threshold" value, then the game will give the merchant a random amount of gold between a "minimum" and a "maximum" value. The numbers in red are the "threshold" values, and the numbers in blue are the "minimum" and "maximum" amounts to be added respectively. Increasing every value tenfold x10 should make all merchants rather wealthy. If you apply this tweak to an existing save, then you will have to wait a day or two for the merchants to accumulate enough wealth due to the way described above.

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To change the price of buying wine in taverns to increase the relation with the town - credits to Swadia Nutt. With this tweak, you will no longer have to worry about not finding a ransom broker in time to sell your prisoners, since any tavernkeeper will buy them too for the same prices! If you still want to change that conversation, then just search for it as it is above in conversation. Note however that the same ending reply will be used for all ransom brokers too.

To change the prosperity loss of a town or a castle when one gets conquered - credits to Alex Toews. To increase the prosperity gain for villages upon completing certain quests - credits to TheMageLord. These are in the same order :. Bandit infestations are refreshed every 72 hours by default. Lastly, that -1 in the end is the prosperity loss happening every 72 hours until a village remains infested with bandits.

To change the prosperity increase from selling goods to village elders - credits to Alex Toews. And the two instances of are the gold decrease required for 1 point of prosperity increase. To change the circumstances and effects of donating money to townsfolk and villagers - credits to Neptune and tommylaw. The is the amount you pay, the is the minimum amount of money you must have for them to ask for help, and the is what is written in the actual conversation.

Change all 3 instances together. With this tweak, if you have a husband and he is in your own kingdom, then you can appoint him to be your minister instead of companions. After you do that, he will go to the capital and he will guard it reinforce the garrison with his party by remaining there until you appoint someone else. Colors used by specific factions are marked within parentheses. There are 43 new colors added with this tweak, totalling up to 67 when combined with the original colors. This should be enough. This tweak might not work due to the calculations below not being in use anymore need to test.

The way kings give a piece of land to someone is by calculating a "score" for all vassals in the faction including you. This score is based on renown, number of fiefs, whether or not the vassal captured the given fief the one who starts the siege gets the credit , a lot of luck, and if it's you: a tiny addition from the king's relation with you. It is then divided by a divisor, which has a base value of 1 ofc. This divisor may get increased by center points , based on the kind and amount of fiefs vassals have:. Then a random number is picked between 50 and , which will be multiplied into the score.

Btw, this is the big random part of the equation that frustrates many people. Lastly, for the player only, the relationship with the king gets multiplied by 2 and that result gets added on top of your score. However, considering that your score is going to be way up in the thousands, this last addition is pretty crappy by default, making the relationship with your king an almost non-existant factor. So the biggest factor is the random roll performed between 50 and As an example for the above equation, lets run a player with renown, who owns 1 castle and 1 village and has been working his ass off for the king relationship.

After conquering another castle and requesting it, the score will look as follows, performed step by step:. To make troops desert from the garrison of NPC-s when such fiefs don't have enough money to pay for the upkeep - credits to Leonion and VonDegurechaff. Garrisons of such towns may drop to as low as troops. To fix this, find "" inside the trigger we are talking about there is only one and increase it to To send troops from your party to any walled fief you own - credits to Leonion and VonDegurechaff. This tweak will allow you to choose any troops from your party and send them to any walled fief you own.

To do this, you need to talk to any village elder and pay him denars.

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  • You cannot send more than one party at the same time. If the target fief is captured by an enemy before your troops get there, they will wait till you recapture the fief and only then join the garrison. The party of your troops will be neutral, nobody will attack them. Warning : in order not to make this tweak even more complicated, an irrelevant party template was chosen as a basis.

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    So don't talk to the party of your troops that you have just sent on their way. Dialogue options will not be correct. Other than this, everything else should be OK. So if necessary, replace:. With this tweak, if you are visiting a lord in his own walled fief, then upon choosing the option "I want to reinforce your garrison here", you will also be ablo to take out the troops from his garrison.

    This will allow you to get rare household troops like Iron Circle Centurions in bigger numbers, or simply some more KO knights to reinforce your party for instance. But beware, since overusing this new option might be too much, as those troops would always come free, plus lords will automatically replenish their numbers in the garrison over time, making it an almost infinite source of strong troops.

    Keep in mind that this tweak won't turn villages into quasi-castles. Enemy lords won't besiege your villages, but the tweak will help you in battles that take place in your village's scene after you managed to put some strong units into the garrison.

    Which means that the exchange of troops in the garrison is mutual: you can give in and take out troops. So those dozens of peasants who sit in villages will be available for you completely free of charge. This is especially handy if someone wants to field only Pendor or female troops right from the beginning, as farmers and peasant women are a rather scarce supply early on. After you take those peasants out of the garrison, the village will start to produce new ones, so this is a fairly profitable and permanent source of recruits. Additionally, the player does not have to pay a single denar for the upkeep of the village's garrison, regardless of its composition and size.

    In essence, this is a similar deal to making the garrison of the KO stronghold accessible. Like so:. To change how many and what tier of recruits are available at villages - credits to TheMageLord. This tweak will focus on editing only a small portion of the equation that determines how recruits get offered, as everything else on the subject is editable with TweakMB. Which is safer to use in general for tweaking.

    Change these factors to your liking. Note however that if you do make changes to the chance of higher tier troops too, then you may have a tough time finding lower tier ones. If you apply this tweak and set the unit you want, then you will be able to recruit only that specific unit from any village's menu doesn't matter which faction the village belongs to.

    And still, if you ask for recruits directly from the village elder, then you will remain capable to recruit the regular faction troops depending on which faction the village belongs to. This is the only way you can recruit a new kind of troop for a special playthrough e. Pendor only, female only, Noldor only, etc. You can change him to whoever you want by adding the troop's sequence number that you can see in Morgh's Editor to and replacing both values with the result. Peasant Woman would be and Noldor Hunter would be To change how often and how much village relation points Schools give after being built - credits to TheMageLord.

    The first number is a divisor , while the second one is a multiplier. What this tweak does: if it is your village OR a village that belongs to your own kingdom OR any other village that has a prosperity lower than , then you will be able to invest denars in it by talking to its elder. This will:. You can repeat this action after the elder of the village has spent all the money you have given him, and of course if you still fulfill all the requirements.

    This action can be repeated infinitely on multiple villages at the same time. Still, you cannot raise the prosperity of a village to higher than Don't worry about spending your money in vain though - there is a condition which will prevent the dialogue option from appearing if the given village reached a given prosperity cap set to by default. Keep that number in mind. By default, you can't give more troops to a militia patrol once it reached the limit.

    With this tweak, you can increase or decrease that limit if you want. To be able to control your kingdom's militia patrols with basic commands - credits to Leonion and VonDegurechaff. This tweak adds 3 dialogue options to militia patrols of your own kingdom: - "hold position" the patrol will hold position ignoring all the enemies, yet scaring away weaker parties ; - "return to patrolling" the patrol will return to patrolling around the village in a smaller radius ; - "follow me" the patrol will follow you but ignore everybody; this option is only added to move patrols to the desired location.

    To force all patrols to occasionally drop off their prisoners into garrisons - credits to Vetrogor and Leonion.

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    Militia patrols will drop their prisoners to the walled fief's garrison which to the village they patrol around belongs. Errant Knight patrols will drop their prisoners into the walled fief from where they were created that had a chapter at that moment. And Stronghold KO patrols will simply drop their prisoners to the town or castle they patrol around. Also, a bug in the tweak's previous form got fixed, in which the prisoner troop stacks were not added to the prisoner stacks of the same troop within the garrison.

    With this tweak, you will not only be able to give troops to your militia patrols the normal way, but also be able to take troops from their party. This will allow you to get back the troops you've given them previously, or simply get their troops. To edit the notifications about enemies spotted near your fiefs - credits to VonDegurechaff.

    As for parties above 16, strength, delete the part in orange 6 different numbers. Change this "condition" to something else from the above list of strength values if you want - 16, To reduce the amount of notifications about enemies spotted near your fiefs - credits to Vetrogor. With this tweak, messages about enemy warbands will be shown only when they are within a radius of 30 , and messages about enemy patrols when they are within a radius of To change the building time and costs of fief improvements - credits to BananaFruit and Damon.

    To increase the auto-repairing frequency of buildings in your fiefs - credits to VonDegurechaff. To be able to build fief improvements without having to visit the given fief - credits to VonDegurechaff. To be able to use this option, you'll need to own a walled fief first. Unwanted side-effect: each time you use this option, a chance for a new heartbeat quest will be rolled no guarantee still , allowing you to spam them.

    To be able to train stewards in fiefs that are not yours, but are in the same faction as you - credits to Leonion and Dalion. Since you get the usual relation increases for spending your own time and money on training those stewards, it's a fair and square motivation to make good deeds. The listed numbers down below are the number of days it takes before the given quest may be repeated.

    This way you will be able to find the timers for the following quests in order, that come right after the highlighted pieces you searched for:. The timers after them will be for the following quests in order:. To change the number of days needed to be able to ask for another Renown Quest for Knighthood Orders - credits to SirArtyr. Change that value to your liking can be 0 as well. To make guildmasters always offer another quest once you turn one down - credits to TheMageLord.

    Change these values to your liking can be negative, positive and 0 as well. The remaining quests about getting or losing honor points are editable in TweakMB, so they won't be listed here. To change the amount of right to rule lost when the "Resolve dispute" quest gets aborted or expires - credits to Alex Toews. To change the rank of soldiers needed in the "capture certain amount of enemy prisoners" quest - credits to Hardrada.

    For example, changing 45 to 44 and 42 to 41 will make the game choose a troop from tiers 1 to 4 instead. Adjust this as you wish. How it is actually: currently, lords with less than autocalc party strength can't raid villages. This tweak provides an alternatve approach to prevent weak lords from raiding villages, by adding a restriction to parties whose total autocalc strength is less than the target village garrison's autocalc strength. To make lords be able to raid only the villages of the player's faction - credits to VonDegurechaff.

    To change the chance of prisoner lords escaping from the player's party - credits to BananaFruit. Every 48 hours, prisoner lords will try to escape from the player's party. Or just reduce these values to your liking. This trigger can be found at the beginning of the line. Change that "48" within To change the chance of prisoner lords escaping from the player's fiefs - credits to BananaFruit. Every 48 hours, prisoner lords will try to escape from the player's prison.

    Or alternatively, reduce these values to your liking. An alternative way to edit the chances of lords escaping from captivity - credits to VonDegurechaff. This tweak combines the two previous ones into one. But as opposed to those, this one will make lords' escape chances be independant from your or your steward's Prisoner Management skills, thus becoming constant values. The advantage of this is that you can set the different chances indepentantly from each other, at the cost of making Prisoner Management skill less important in general.

    There is also a modifier for the number and kind of fiefs that lords own: 6 for a town, 2 for a castle, and 1 for a village, which all get multiplied by and in the end gets added to the previous base amount. Next, the lord's renown gets multiplied by 5 and the result also gets added on top of the base amount, becoming the minimum value for the ransom offered.

    The maximum value will be this minimum multiplied by 3 and divided by 2 x1. The actual ransom will be a randomly picked value between the 'minimum' and the 'maximum'. Lastly, the game divides the chosen amount by and then immediately multiplies it back by , in order to round it down to the nearest hundred. So as an example, let's say that we have captured a faction leader King Ulric , who has a town, a village and renown.

    The game randomly selects as his ransom and then divides and multiplies it by to round it to , which will then be the actual ransom offered. If you just want to double the ransom offers, then the best way to do this would be to either change the first to 50, or the second to You may also want to boost the ransom offers for landless lords as they become increasingly common later in the game: changing the base to and reducing the fief multiplier from to will boost the ransom of landless lords significantly, while not having a too big impact on other lords.

    He will be added to your party as a prisoner and your money will be transferred to the fief's owner. This tweak will allow you to take the equipment of lords you captured at the cost of relation and -1 honor. They will also be automatically released right after you undress them. The next time you see them, they will have their equipment. This cannot be done to kings, as you have another option to get their legendary weapons.

    This tweak will allow you to convert ex-claimants that became lords to your own kingdom the same way you can convert any other lord by talking to him when he is your prisoner. Then the claimant will switch to another faction unlike the original kings, who will go into exile when that happens. To transform most lords' personality to upstanding in every kingdom - credits to SirArtyr. With this tweak, 15 out of 20 lords from each faction will have an upstanding personality.

    The tweak does not work on companions. The money will be added to lords' budgets and they will most likely spend them on buying troops. You will find this new dialogue option in the "I wish to ask you something" conversation submenu. Then find this line:. With this tweak, you will not only be able to give troops to your vassals the normal way, but also be able to take troops from their party.

    But beware, since overusing this new option might be too much, as those troops would always come free, plus your vassals will automatically replenish them over time, making it an almost infinite source of strong troops. To add an option to keep your fiefs while telling your king to release you from your oath to him - credits to Leonion. This tweak will add a button to the game that will cause a certain married couple to divorce. For example, you can use this option to marry someone who is already married. Which means that if you want to apply it for another couple, you'll have to edit it.

    Add to each number. And replace the red and blue numbers respectively with those you got. This tweak adds a dialogue option to marry any lady in the game. The dialogue option is only available when the cheatmenu is on. If the lady of your choice is already married, it is best to make her divorced first with the appropriate tweak. If the lord of your choice is already married, it is best to make him divorced first with the appropriate tweak.

    Warning: this tweak is nothing but a shortcut to marriage. Which means that it doesn't fix any of the possible issues with non-standard marriages. But in general, the practical consequences such as RTR gain, or new dialogues about holding feasts, or reinforcing garrisons, etc. All discs are inspected and are in Very Good to Mint Condition unless otherwise stated.

    This version can be installed from disc without the need of an Origin account. See similar items. Ultima Trilogy. In your second quest, you will discover that, although the master is dead, his evil legacy lives on. Released: December 31, Disks are not tested as I do not have a disk drive, they are however in great condition. Very hard to find Zerg front collectors edition box. Original Starcraft Collectors Edition. The Sims 3 Island Paradise.

    Condition is Like new. Original copy of Battlefield CD-Key is covered with a pen in the photos. This is a very rare 3. The Sims 3 Ambitions. How do you make fast go faster?. Origin X1 Model. All the crosswords can be completed on screen or printed out to do by hand. Great response and great feel. We strive to serve you the best possible service.

    Company of Heroes - PC Original. Condition is Brand new. Condition is Good. International shipping is also available. We check the condition of each item before they are sent out. It worked perfectly on my Windows 7 machine. Includes: Deathstroke DLC. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6. Additionally there will be five challenge missions outside of the campaign that can also be played co-operatively. Competitive skirmish matches will also take place across 14 multiplayer maps. The most interesting feature though is that all of the multiplayer will support cross-platform play, allowing matches to take place between iOS, Android, PC and Mac users.

    Leviathan: Warships will be available later this year.

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