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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Keyboard shortcut : click at the end of a row in the table where you want a row inserted and press enter.

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Before you delete a row, you need to work out whether you want to delete the contents of the row, or the contents and the structure of the row. You can delete the contents of the row by selecting the row and pressing the Delete key. Select what you would like to delete Cells, Rows, Columns , or the whole Table. In the Table Layout , select the downward facing arrow highlighted below to display the Table Styles gallery. In the gallery click on the style you want to use for your table.

  • How to Create a Table of Contents in Word 2016 for Mac.
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  • How to Create a Table of Contents in Word for Mac.

Position your mouse over a style to see a live preview of the style in your document. Library1 eit.

Insert a table in Word for Mac

What is a table? NB : You are able to add or delete rows and columns at a later stage if needed. Entering Data in a Table You can enter data in a table by moving the insertion point to a cell and typing. To select a row or column Move the mouse pointer to the left of the table next to the row or column. Example : entire header row selected. Note that the table of contents itself using document styles. This means that you choose one of the options above and then customize the document styles to change how your table of contents is presented.

The following example shows our document using the fourth option shown above. As you'll see, the title, Table of Contents has been inserted automatically. Each of the heading lines from the document example above have been used to create the table of contents. Notice in the example above that the table of contents has been inserted on the same page as the text used to create it. It's likely you will want to put the TOC on a separate page.

You can do this using a page break. Update your table of contents to reflect changes in your document Once you use a page break to separate the TOC onto a separate page to the content it relates to, you need to update the table of contents to reflect the changes to the page numbering that have taken place. There is an Update button on the Document Elements toolbar: You can also right-click Option-click on a Mac to view the context menu, from which you can choose the Update Field option note the page break in the example as well : Whichever option you choose, the following dialog box will appear: In most cases you can choose Update entire table.

This will update the page numbers and add any new headings that should be included in the table of contents. The option to Update pages numbers only will ignore any changes you have made to the document. Here's how our document looks now, having inserted a page break and then updated the table of contents:. Want to learn more? Try these lessons: How to create a Table of Contents in Word. Set banding colors in Word table styles. Repeat Microsoft Word table headings across multiple pages. Anyone who download, upload or distribute documents online must have used PDF at some point.

How to create a table of table (MS Word Mac)

If you work in the office, it is almost impossible that you avoid using PDFs because that is what most offices use due to its benefits. PDF offers unparalleled advantage no matter the angle you look at it. For a start, PDF is secure due to the great security features around it. For instance, PDF cannot just be edited by anyone unlike Word documents.

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This feature makes a whole lot of sense especially if you are publishing legal documents or things like research papers and transmitting them over the internet. Besides, they are not infected by Trojans or viruses. Another important quality of PDFs is that they can be viewed in most browsers. No matter the browser, clicking the PDF link will open the document easily and this is one of the reasons a lot of people use it.

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