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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Supported Systems Legacy OS support. Version Name. Mac OS X Flash Player Flash Player 10 All Versions. Flash Player 9 All Versions. Flash Player 8 All Versions. Flash Player You should first uninstall any previous version of Flash Player, using the uninstaller from here make sure you use the correct one! You must also carry out a permission repair after installing anything from Adobe. If you are running You can also try these illustrated instructions from C F McBlob to perform a full "clean install", which will resolve the "Blocked Plug-in" message when trying to update via the GUI updater from Adobe.

Use the FULL installer for And the instructons are here: Snow Leopard Clean Install. Save the old one just in case this one doesn't work. Feb 25, AM.

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This doesn't seem so easy. Even though you gave me instructions, it just seems to difficult and i tried all the things that you wrote even though i had a hard time understand everything. Feb 26, AM. This is the one i chose. I tryed again and to be sure that i'm noget doing enything wrong, you are going to guide me. Mar 3, AM. If you go back to my previous instructions, you have to uninstall the previous version of Flash Player, then install the new one. There is nothing to uninstall Well maby it is, but it doesn't work! Google translate: Upgrade Flash Player required You must download and install the latest version of adobe flash player to view this content.

Mar 5, AM. I can't use the higher quality, I don't want the 'extra user experiences'. I just want iPlayer to work on my computer! Give us an option to use the old software, please. As has already been stated above, we've paid our licence fee, and we've just been ripped off.

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Another annoyed Mac powerbook user. Come on there must be a work around to get iplayer back on a g4 non intel. I am sure your estimate percentage of people that are affected is wrong. Not a happy bunny!!! Completely aside from the iPlayer, the versions of Flash, MacOS X and other software available for PowerPC Macs are: - ancient, - riddled with security holes, - never going to be fixed.

You're nuts if you want to take a machine like that online.

The tsunami of spam, the DDOS attacks, and the fraud hosting botnets are all down to selfish, socially irresponsible people who can't bring themselves to behave with a basic standard of decency and keep their systems up to date with security patches. It is an unfortunate fact of life that Apple cut off support for Macs very quickly, but that's part of the Apple experience you choose to buy into - Apple don't support the version of OS X that was released in , Microsoft still support Windows XP that was released in If you're on a budget, and you can't afford constant upgrades, that's fine - but don't buy a Mac.

Doing so is like forking out for a Ferrari and then whining that you can't afford to keep putting petrol in it. Just realised my 84 year old mum's ibook will not work either. She only uses it for iplayer and and emails. A couple of years ago, when the BBC killed off the excellent 3rd party Android iPlayer client BeebPlayer which would run on any Android device, and could play radio streams in the background with the screen off and then after some delay introduced their own "official" iPlayer app, there were a large number of complaints about the use of Flash.

The BBC's response was that it was the best way of preserving quality over the widest range of platforms. Fast-forward to today. The Android iPlayer client is just as shockingly poor as it was when it was released having been graced with one, solitary, update and Adobe have pulled the plug on Android, PowerPC Macs and Linux. And the BBC have stopped support for certain Nokia phones as well. Very few are going to rip-off iPlayer streams from their phones or computers.

All people want to do is watch the programmes they want to. All you are doing with this obsession with "content protection" is disenfranchising a wide range of people who do not have one of the diminishing range of supported devices. What do you think a lot of these iPlayer-disenfranchised people are going to do? A lot will start looking around for other ways of getting the programmes they want to watch, and they will find them easily, as it happens. Once they have discovered how easy it is, they will then notice there are a lot of other programmes, films, music, etc that are available from the same sources.

Stuff they would have happily paid for until content-protection-obsessed media industries not just the BBC drove them into the arms of the "pirates". This obsession is tantamount to cutting off their noses to spite their faces. They seem to be quite happy to stop one person from copying content themselves even if that causes s to turn to "pirate" sources. Most of the problems with internet security issues have been compounded by hackers using MicroSoft Windows. The pros and cons of Macs are off topic.

The topic is the Flash upgrade for Desktop iPlayer. Please stay on topic. Just found this on the site When websites are correctly designed, developed and edited, all users can have equal access to the sites' information, functionality and benefits. BBC Online aims to make our websites accessible and usable for people of all abilities and disabilities, including older audiences, and those with visual, hearing, cognitive or motor impairments. I agree. Unless you have a non intel mac.

I am so, so, disappointed. I have been utterly and suddenly, with no warning, cut off from a source of support, company, and connection. Please remedy this as soon as possible. Thank you. Despite my oldish computer's "less than minimum requirements" spec, I've just installed Flash Player Watch Again. It seems it was worth trying. But I do think a bit more patience may be helpful. The BBC's problems are not all of its own making - at ;east.

It can't unilaterally set its rights agreements with non-BBC content of which there is a great deal, even in many BBC-sourced programmes , but has to operate as a public service broadcaster in a world where everything assumes a full commercial model. The commercial world is still totally paranoid about 'piracy', even though we all know that war has been lost, and large organisations like the BBC still need the figleaf of DRM to do business.

DRM and open standards are not as incompatible as many think, but it's still a legal, practical and public minefield. I know, from discussions with BBC people, that this is as frustrating for them as it is for us, but they're operating under all sorts of restrictions in what they can do and what they can say - some unavoidable, some which in my opinion could be avoided They know and have known for years how to make the systems that do everything we want, and they want to do it, but they don't have the freedom to make it so.

Be angry at this, by all means; I am. But please be angry at the people who are actually responsible for the limitations and latenesses; they're not the people who run these blogs. Ooo Cowherd, how do I do that? No further comment from tech support, so I'm guessing we have to go our own way. So it's bye bye BBC iPlayer. The computer is perfectly good and I have enjoyed iPlayer which worked very well as long as the BBC was prepared to support it.

But now I am too poor to use the more modern technology they insist we all have. Bye bye. I worry a bit that telling Mac PPC users about a way to fix their problem means the BBC will act to neutralise the work-around, but at that risk, I can report that there is a work-around. Camino a Mac version of firefox does not work on its own, but Safari v. Still testing, but the basic problem of not working at all is over. I report this in good faith and hope I can trust the BBC not to scupper it. Or search for 'powerpc flash 11' and the first result gives you the instructions and link to the file to download.

Perfectly good machine saved from the scrapheap here. At 23rd Aug , Kjm Nice one Kjm and thanks. I can confirm the plugin works, here's the link if PPC users have trouble finding it. I work for a small independent supplier of Android tablets, and we're currently inundated with emails and phone calls from customer who can't use iPlayer on their devices. We explain the situation as best we can, but we're still receiving negative feedback and bad reviews of our products regardless of the fact that the iPlayer issue is out of our hands.

I'd like to see the BBC make it clear that their iPlayer software will not reliably work on most recent Android platforms so that suppliers like us aren't left looking like we're selling deficient kit. It's very frustrating for us and, I don't think it's too strong to say, very irresponsible of the BBC to push a service without explaining the limited number of platforms it will work on or giving an ETA on when Android will be supported at all. The tablet market is extremely competitive at the moment and without the BBC providing a level-playing field regarding iPlayer compatibility, any company who takes it upon themselves to make these announcements on behalf of the BBC will only lose business to those who won't - and we can't afford to do that.

No one can. Thanks keithD, back listening again. A perfect metaphor for modern times. The corporations aren't going help you, its those on the edge of society who often have the best solutions. Thank you whoever you are for making my old Mac stream iplayer again. So now I can't use iplayer on my laptop. I'm very frustrated. My Mac won't support flash I am very annoyed with the BBC.

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Can I have a refund on my licence fee to get a new Mac that supports the required software? Another non-Intel mac user Gonna try the link mentioned.

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Another desperately disappointed Mac user. Tried everything but not been able to get iplayer progs since some moron thought it a great idea to change things. Giving up now with great regret. Dear 'Auntie' Beeb, None of my real aunties ever treated me this shabbily. Your fawning adherence to the whims of Adobe's Flash Player always a wobbly, 20th Century technology has stitched me up completely. I lost count of the people who are now shut out of iPlayer because we can't update Flash.

How can Dave Price be in the slightest bit confident in stating, ' How has he measured this? Just remember; what seems like a minor technical tweak to your boffins who don't like having too many variables to consider, is actually an 'off-switch' for iPlayer for many of us.

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Shabby, thoughtless, dismissive, discourteous to the point of arrogant is what this is. By failing to plan ongoing developments for your tech support for iPlayer, as millions are watching streamed video on various e. Stop fobbing us off and sort it out. It also enables me to see videos on Facebook that I couldn't see before.

Thanks, KeithD! The entire Planet has been aware that Google would be dropping flash for well over 12 months, but rather than directing their efforts into supporting another streaming method, the BBC have even made further changes to support the dying platform. As such there will now be an unacceptable and frustrating delay whilst the BBC plays catch-up. This is a shambolic waste of our licence fees. Its about time some heads rolled, perhaps then the BBC would keep their eye on the ball. I had a call from my Father last night, quite upset that he could not watch his programmes on iPlayer any more as it the website was asking for an upgrade to Flash He believes he now needs a new computer to continue watching iPlayer?

Surely this can't be the case! How many others are having to wake up to this. How come the BBC are not allowed to turn off analog transmitters without a staged transition being in place over a few years, yet with no warning at all they can cut people off with a simple software upgrade. Not happy about this at all.

Of course I realise progress has to move on but it seems that no alternative has been planned for and it certainly has not been executed very well. Is an iMac from 4 years ago really to old to run Flash, very strange indeed.

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I can't believe that only 1. Love to hear from others on this. Disgruntled son.