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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Because various applications install fonts, without regard to what's already there not to speak of the fonts that you yourself may install , it is quite common to end up with font folders full of duplicates as well as fonts you don't expect to ever need.

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Since duplicate fonts can cause conflicts, it's a good idea to resolve them. You can do this relatively easily by using the OS's Font Book application but be sure to read the caveats below! CAVEAT: Since Font Book will not look to see which version of your duplicate font is the most current, nor which one may have been created by Microsoft, it may disable the Unicode version of a particular font.

Since the Unicode versions of fonts have many more characters available, you don't want that to happen! In those cases, you will need to disable the non-Unicode version manually, using the Disable button at the bottom of the Font Book window. The Mac MS Unicode fonts are these:. In Panther, you will get some information by hovering over the name of the font but to get the version number, creator's name and copyright date, you will have to navigate to the font in its folder in the Finder and then do a Get Info.

Even then, you will not get the nifty description you see above. One more possible caveat : You may wish to use a third-party application to resolve duplicates and check for corrupt fonts, if that's an issue.

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Font Book can on occasion do a less than stellar job, but it should work fine for resolving duplicates. If your computer has sufficient RAM and most modern computers need at least 1GB to function optimally , then you can safely ignore all the fonts that you think you'll never use. They're not doing any harm and you might want them someday. However, many users can't tolerate the clutter of unnecessary fonts.

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If you're one of them, you can disable or remove the fonts you don't want around, but you MUST be sure that you're not getting rid of fonts that are essential to the proper functioning of your applications not to speak of the Operating System itself! Where the Office applications only are concerned We have it on the authority of the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit that these fonts are necessary to the proper functioning of Microsoft Office Finally, if you decide to remove fonts rather than just disabling them, consider creating an archive instead. Hindi 1.

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Historic Horror Humanist 3. Humanistic 2. Initials Inline 3. Inverted Kids Lcd Logos Medieval Mexican Military Modern Modern Serif 2.

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