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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Calibre is open-source software and costs nothing, although if you find it useful you might throw developer Kovid Goyal a few dollars. Calibre is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Part 2: Top 5 Online Tools to Convert Kindle to PDF

This comes as a. Click images for full size. Click the "Load plugin from file" button. Calibre will add this plugin under its "File type plugins" list in the Preferences window. Next you'll need to add your Kindle's serial number. Enter the serial number as 16 characters, without spaces. Then click the "Apply" button, and close out the preferences window. Make sure your Kindle is connected to your computer as a USB device.

If it is connected, you'll be able to browse it like your computer's hard drive. Now you need to add your Kindle books to the "Library" in Calibre. There are various ways to do this. In Calibre, you can click the "Add Books" button, or click "Calibre Library" and then right-click and select "Add books", or just drag the book files. This can take a while, so patience is a virtue. As Calibre imports your books, it copies them to your "Documents" folder under "Calibre library".

To ensure the DRM was removed, you can try converting one of your imported books to a different format. The default export format is. Finally, back up your DRM-free files. You do back everything up, right? Support This Site Did you find something here useful? Please consider putting a tip in my tip jar. As a few commenters have noted in the discussion, Requiem is also an excellent way to remove DRM from iTunes downloads.

The process is pretty self-explanatory. Download a version of Requiem that corresponds to your version of iTunes, and open up the video files you want to remove the DRM with. While it is possible to strip away all the DRM from the content you already own, it's even better to buy from sellers that don't use DRM in the first place. Occasionally, you can also grab books directly from a publisher like Tor that come DRM-free, or grab older books from Project Gutenberg.

This Is Not About Piracy

The same goes for videos. Much like books, you have to go directly to a performer to get a DRM-free video. They still technically have DRM, but it's the easiest to bypass. The fact is, while piracy is certainly an issue, so is user experience. You want to pay money for something knowing you'll be able to use it in the future regardless of what device you have in your hand, and DRM often makes that hard.

Author Cory Doctorow describes this problem pretty bluntly as: "If you can't open it, you don't own it. Sure, Amazon's Kindle app exists across platforms, but if you buy a Nook, you all of a sudden have no books. Same if you buy movies from iTunes and switch away from the Apple TV.

And there's always a slight chance any given service will stop providing support. Then you're really left in the lurch. This is a very tedious process, because you have to manually download each and every Kindle file you own. Now we need to get at the actual files for these books. The files we care about are the AZW ones — these are the actual books. So, now we have all of our DRM-protected files downloaded, and we know where they are.

I just dumped it in my Downloads directory:.

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Calibre will now explain that installing plugins locally is a security risk. At least on my machine, this is the totality of what needs to be done to break DRM on Kindle books. Remember the My Kindle Content we located a few steps back? Now, open that folder, and open Calibre. Now go ahead and drag them onto the Calibre window. Calibre will now crunch some numbers, and add all of your books to its library.

As it does this, it creates DRM-free copies of your books, which you can then convert to any other format you wish to use. Authors need you to buy their work so they can make a living. That said, I do think that when you buy something, it should be yours. Read More , check out this list. Your email address will not be published.

You forgot the enter serial number part. If one is not using a Eink kindle device, how will he get serial number or key? Without that this is impossible. Yes, it really works even now without any problem. Just one thing - you must have Kindle 1. Thank you so much! This still works in , but you need to install the older version of Kindle. Otherwise it won't work.

When I downloaded one book into my Kindle app for Win 10 the above worked. Amazon have obviously hidden the books somewhere else on my computer. My folder has a few other strange files one of which probably points to some encrypted secret location. If anyone has any ideas please let me know! I have installed, uninstalled and installed again the anti-DRM software in Calibre.

Calibre DRM Removal Plugin, Calibre Remove DRM from EPUB Kindle

I'm getting the success message, that the plugin has been installed, but when I attempt to convert DRM books in Calibre, it still tells me I cannot convert the books because they are DRM protected. I have spent hours online trying to fix this with no success. I would be incredibly grateful for any help you could provide. I am using Calibre on a MacBook Pro with Thanks so much! Converted from. In iOS all functionality seems to be retained, it looks great. I bought this book from Amazon because it was 15 dollars cheaper than in ibooks.

I had accidently purchased an ebook on Amazon damn 1-click buy! This made it easy. Reading back on these old comments, it seems some people just don't get it - I've paid for the book so the author and all related parties are compensated regardless of whether I'm reading it on my android device, ipad, computer, smartwatch, or print it out. I get that DRM helps to protect content from people who have no intention of purchasing it.

How to Remove DRM from Kindle Books, Remove Kindle DRM

But I'm not one of those people - every song, movie, game, app, and book has been paid for. Unfortunately, using what I've paid for isn't always convenient or desirable when you're locked into a specific device or platform. Take DVD's. I own a lot of them, but I also own slim laptops and tablets that don't have DVD drives on them, so I don't see burning a digital copy so I can actually watch these movies to be in any way, shape, or form to be unethical. If I own vinyl records and want to listen to them on my smartphone, I don't have any problem with recording the audio. What I find to be unethical is forcing users to purchase multiple copies of the same product over and over for no good reason other than to be greedy.

It's unethical to say that because I bought an ebook copy of a recipe book, I can't print that recipe to use in my kitchen because it's more convenient for me to do so. I think it's also unethical for digital products to be locked into a single user rather than be allowed to use it among my immediate family. Yes, I've purchase two copies of the same musical album and duplicate CD's just to "play by the rules", but it's so silly when you think about it.

Dear Eric, I agree that Amazon is so greedy they still own the rights to the books so you can never own them. Thanks for realizing how greedy they are. I am so glad I got Calibre I hope it works for me. Amazon started out as a good company then turned into the worst most evil greedy company besides FB and the others.

They would love to be a monopoly on everything then raise their prices, that is why I buy on eBay and other places. Before I managed to remove the DRM for my strictly personal use. I don't like the Kindle reader I can still convert previously downloaded kindle books, using the Calibre converter.

However, the conversion of newly downloaded books is blocked. It would appear that the. Look at the Epubsoft website for a list of inexpensive software products that will address this turn of events. Well, I just tried it and it seems to have worked out perfectly for me. Which is a relief because I have ADD and find audiobooks easier to handle than reading, so I was trying to get my Kindle books to use text-to-speech - wasn't happening.

My only option was to convert my books to epub and use a different app to read to me. But this tutorial did the trick- thank you so much. It appears that on Jan 4, the file structure for Kindle files downloaded to my PC have changed. Each book is in a separate folder and there are more files in the folder. I can download the book into Calibre. It lists the file as being an AZW file. When I attempt to open the book, it says "Failed to read book".

A further message is "Unknown book type". This may be the end of Calibre and Kindle!!!!!!! I use Calibre to convert. Or the new version of calibre just did the removal and then convert normally? Or DRM by Amazon means if you share the converted ebooks without DRM removal, they will catch you because there might be a spy in the files that will announce Amazon when the files are shared? They have a choice to switch it on or not. So not all Kindle books are DRM protected. It sounds like yours did not DRM on it. An error message will say as much, prompting to either remove the book, or purchase another copy.

When you strip the DRM and share the resulting copy, there's no record of who used to purchase said copy, so there's no way to track you although I do agree with the author of this article that sharing such DRM stripped content is unethical. What's the big deal? Amazon make it clear you're buying the book under licence. You know the rules so just read the book.

How To Remove DRM From Kindle eBooks Using Calibre (100% Free)

The comments on this article pleading for people to "do the right thing" and don't on sell the book make me laugh. I hope none of these conversions work. Authors put too much into their books to see a best-seller disappear in a puff of piracy smoke! I needed to convert so I could use a different e-reader app to use text-to-speech since the Kindle app doesn't support it. I don't see how that is anyone's fault but Amazon's since they don't have the accessibility options I needed.

That's okay Natalie and I'm sorry you're not getting what you need, but what you do have is what you purchased. Surely people understand the limitations when they purchase the license to read a book. Unfortunately that is what Amazon' is selling and as painful as they are it's up to them how they sell books and it's my choice whether I sell through them.

If the options they offer don't work I can choose not to use them, in the same way people don't need to purchase the license to read a book if they're not happy with the conditions of the sale. What I don't understand is people buying something, being very clear on the conditions of purchase, and then complaining about the conditions. That's just wierd. Would I buy a car with a manual gear change and then complain that it's not an automatic? If people want to own a copy of a book that they can read anywhere they want they can buy a print copy for 4 times the price.

Well, you don't sound like an obnoxious, pushy, irritating straight arrow. You know, the kind that's forever lecturing people over miniscule, harmless garbage? Nope, not you. Not sure just where the 'reply' goes here, seeing that it's not under Julianna's response, but no Julianna, I don't consider myself an "obnoxious, pushy, irritating straight arrow". Just an author who thinks people should shut up and have the intelligence to understand what it is they're buying without whinging about it later. Too much to ask? I agree with you I also agree with you that authors should be properly compensated for their work ONLY to be able to read them where and whenever!!

FYI this artivle is horribly out of date as book vendors have for the most part figured out how to eliminate Calibre doesn't work anymore and other apps that circumvent DRM. The plugin has never worked for me, not once. The Calibre is not good enough even for converting files. There's 30 days free trial, but the full version costs 20 USD - as I'm a prolific buyer and reader of ebooks, that's not so much.

Simple - Yes!! The other much easier option is to simply connect your Kindle to your computer via USB, enter the Documents folder, and drag all your downloaded content onto your computer, into the correct folder of the Kindle app. Provided that the content has been purchased under the same account, it'll work fine. This also means there's no need to re-download the content, which can sometimes cause issues when you've reached the device limit or certain titles.

Just screenshot every single page.

I have a BIG problem. I removed DRM from e-book via Calibre and now is the font has changed from regular to italics style. How to change it? It is unreadable. Anyone tried to convert to pdf and or print ebook with this method? Is it just me or is this not possible because its becoming strange formatted and unreadable. Can someone please direct me.

I could not find a folder with that name. What other name would it be under? These are the folder names I got:. Those titles with DRM are not workable, ever. I wanted to use Calibre to remove the DRM on my purchased Kindle books, but they don't show in my content folder. Only the books you get for free in my case Pride and Prejudice, Aesop's Fables and Treasure Island are in there, not my own purchased ones.

You have to download the books from your Amazon library for them to be in your content folder. Really good. I appreciate the post and the philosophy behind it.

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It does work, as of Feb 20 with a Kindle Classic 7th generation. Thank you!

Alf's DRM Removal Tools Now Support Kindle's KFX Format | The eBook Reader Blog

It works on bought books not rented because the rented are password or I guess serial number protected. Hope there is an ultimate ebook converter can stip drm and convert ebook format in easy way, don't need to add plugins or other inconvenient steps. Just a tip when you download the books to your kindle for pc It's beyond me why they are listed this way I followed the instruction like you said and it worked perfectly, for me is a way to transfer the books on a linux based computer, since the easiest way to read a book on ubunto is to download calibre, "apt-get install calibre" but when i try to open the books i bought from amazon I had the DRM screen, using your procedure all went fine thanks.

All my Kindle books stopped working when Amazon recently deliberately broke Kindle 1. Basically, they are thieves. But the DRM removal tool requires me to be able to open the files in the Kindle reader. Is there a way to remove the DRM in my situation, so I can continue reading my books? Everything works until I click Covert, then I get an error code when it fails to convert using all defaults. ConversionError: return code: 1. I downloaded the book to PC Kindle. Unzipped the files as instructed Updated Calibre with the plugin Dragged the. The instructions are absolutely all right.

I've just gone through the process as of December 1st, and it worked like a charm. I've also noticed that a. Here I want to know that, are there any online Kindle drm removal tools that you can recommend to us? Nice guide!

Part 1: The Best Kindle to PDF Converter

I understand and support your claim! Though I tried to do it but it keeps saying the ebook is locked DRM after dragging it and trying to convert to a mobi or pdf format. Any idea? Hello I would like to know if this method works for rented kindle items as some books are only available as rent while still costing a couple of hundreds. Otherwise, very handy, especially for very expensive medical books. In my country, school is free. Here, in Canada, we have to pay for everything in addition to over-inflated taxes. After all, medical knowledge should be free, especially when written by doctors.

Yet they complain of a lack of doctors in Canada. How do I edit content from my kindle?