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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I recommend Dropbox and Box. Evernote is an essential companion to anyone researching online. Use it to file clippings, notes and loads of other information in your online scrapbook, which you can access anywhere. DiskWarrior is an insanely powerful recovery solution, but for basic file recovery all three work, including recovery of data from external drives.

Noticed how some applications consume so much RAM your Mac moves like a geriatric possum? One way to fix this is to relaunch the memory-consuming app, the other is to use Memory Clean or Dr. Both will optimize your RAM to maximize available memory, while Dr. Cleaner will also clean the disk and check for large files. To help yourself use f. Monolingual removes the international language support files installed by default on OS X, reclaiming several hundred megabytes of space.

Losing your images, music and other precious digital things is how almost every Mac user learns why they should back up.

Version 10.11

You will be glad you got iFax each time you need to send or receive a fax. If you already use the rapidly improving DuckDuckGo for search and you should then you should also look at Little Snitch and Ghostery. Ghostery lets you control all the zillions of cookies ads firms install on your Mac, while Little Snitch lets you monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic so you can control your privacy. NordVPN provides a fast, utterly private, encrypted virtual private network for completely secure Internet access on Macs and iOS devices.

If privacy matters to you, you need this. It handles all your Mac maintenance routines and provides numerous useful features to maximize performance. When you install them many applications also put necessary Library and other files in place that consume lots of space on your Mac. To find large and duplicate files use OmniDiskSweeper , the industry standard tool for the job. Did I miss any you like?

Please let me know. Got a story?

Little Snitch 3 The Best macOS Firewall!

Drop me a line via Twitter or in comments below and let me know. I'd like it if you chose to follow me. Further improved Fast User Switching support. Fixed a bug related to iOS Simulator apps where tvOS apps in the simulator would not show connection alerts and would lead to a crash in Little Snitch Configuration and Network Monitor.

Fixed a bug which caused Until Quit rules to remain active after quitting the related application. Added support for watchOS and tvOS simulator apps. Other improvements and bugfixes. Improved searching for denied connections in Network Monitor. Improved compatibility with OS X Fixed: Menu bar item sometimes got stuck in highlight mode. When using OS X Mavericks Fixed spontaneous horizontal scrolling of text in the Connection Inspector window of Network Monitor.

Fixed: Closing the Connection Inspector window did not preserve its position on screen. Improved user experience when a connection attempt was automatically confirmed after a timeout. Fixed an issue causing a first time installation of Little Snitch to hang under rare circumstances when attempting to restart the computer. Fixed a bug introduced in Little Snitch 3. Fixed an issue in Network Monitor causing the destination of a connection to be wrongly shown as "0 Servers". Improved compatibility with Xcode Server. Added support for showing iOS App Extension icons.

Improved handling of via connections: Connection alerts now show a cancel button if either the parent or the via process is terminated. Until Quit rules are now valid until both the parent process and via process have terminated. OS X Yosemite changed how incoming ssh connections are handled. Incoming connections are no longer handled by sshd directly but instead by launchd.

Little Snitch menu bar item no longer occupies space when disabled. Improved support for server processes like AppleFileServer, httpd, smbd, and more. Improved detection and handling of OpenVPN connections. Improved handling of terminated processes in connection alerts. Improved detection of corresponding rules in Network Monitor. Improved indication of incoming and outgoing connections in Network Monitor. New search scope for incoming and outgoing connections in Network Monitor.

Fixed rare installer crash caused by wrong file system permissions. Fixed a rare kernel panic.

Mac OS X Server, Little Snitch & Carbon Copy Cloner

Minor bugfixes and improvements. Minor bug fixes and improvements. Improved Little Snitch Configuration sidebar: Added explanatory texts.

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Little Snitch Network Monitor Inspector performance improvements. Improved handling of certain VPN connections. Improved window positioning of Little Snitch Monitor. Improved validation of profile names. Improved iOS Simulator support.

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  4. Host- and domain rules now have priority over local network rules. Fixed VPN related kernel panic. Fixed Little Snitch Installer bug. Fixed issues causing Little Snitch Network Monitor not to appear in multiple screen environments.

    Password Manager: Built In, Or Bring Your Own

    Fixed an issue where Little Snitch Agent appeared to have crashed. Fixed an OS X Added a welcome window to Little Snitch Configuration to help you get started shown automatically after updating. Instead of some alerts, notifications are shown in notification center. The Network Monitor window can now be dragged to a screen that lies above a screen with a menu bar.

    Little Snitch for Mac Download - TechSpot

    Improved filtering behavior during system startup. Improved Profile Switching Alert behavior. Improved Network Monitor window positioning on multiple display setups. Fixed an issue causing Little Snitch to display IP addresses instead of the actual hostnames. Fixed a rare hang in conjunction with certain screen savers. Other bugfixes and improvements.

    El Capitan and Little Snitch

    Fixed an issue which caused the connection alert to display IP addresses instead of hostnames with certain VPN configurations. Minor other bugfixes and improvements. Updated help section to reflect changes mentioned above. Fixed a bug which caused a kernel panic in some rare cases. Improved IP Address range detection. Improved Ruleset Analyzer. Improved search filter behavior in Little Snitch Configuration.

    Performance improvements of kernel extension. Fixed: Restoring of factory rules on restart. Installer now repairs filesystem permissions if necessary. Pressing cancel in the connection alert window now cancels all connection attempts for terminated processes. Improved alert timeout behavior. Improved handling of DashboardClient application. Improved detection of Unix executables. Fixed an issue where preference settings were non-persistent.

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    Fixed an issue which caused missing traffic indication in menu bar item. Removed obsolete help pages. Various other bug fixes and improvements. Redesigned visualization of Connection Alert timeout. Simplified Alert: Adaptive window width. Improves sorting by precedence in Little Snitch Configuration. Improves detection of Java applications. Improves Little Snitch 2 ruleset import.

    Bugfixes and performance improvements regarding the ruleset analysis. Fixes an issue which caused recurring connection alerts. Fixes an issue with table background drawing on retina displays. Fixes an issue which produced redundant factory rules.