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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

This will open your system sharing settings.

Get your PC to see your Mac on your home network

Write down the "Computer Name" displayed at the top. You'll need this later when setting up the connection. Check the "File Sharing" box to enable file sharing. When you select it, you'll see new options appear to the right. Click the "Options. This will display the file sharing options.

still can't get Windows 7 to see Mac on home network

Ensure that "Share files and folders using SMB" is selected. This is the file sharing protocol that allows you to connect to Windows computers. Check the "On" box for your account in the "Windows File Sharing" section. This will allow you to access all of your Mac's files from the Windows computer. Open Windows Explorer on your Windows computer.

Windows Networking: Customizing Your Network Sharing Settings

Click the "Network" option in the left sidebar. You may have to scroll a bit to find it. Look for your Mac in the list of network computers. It will have the name you noted in Step 3 of this section. Enter your Mac username and password.

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When you select your Mac, you'll be prompted to enter your username and password for your Mac user account. Once you enter this, you'll be able to view your Mac's folders and files. No, the sharing settings for your Mac and Windows connection are essentially separate from your HomeGroup settings.

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  • Performing the steps above will not affect your HomeGroup settings between Windows computers. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 6. You can't. Microsoft owns Windows and Apple owns Mac, and they don't like each other. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. My Windows computer is on the same network as my Mac, but it's not showing up in the shared folder on the Mac. How do I get it to show? Both machines have to have file-sharing enabled. I had to set up an account on Windows with the name of the Mac user and a password.

    After that, I went to "Finder" and waited for the shared resources to show up it's not immediate. Then I selected the shared resource, mine was already logged on as "Guest," but that only gives read access. I had to disconnect and reconnect as the user I had set up to gain full access.

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      Co-Authored By:. So, as a result, Macs are again appearing within business workgroups. Click this tag search to find other How Do I… articles and downloads.

      Share Files Between Mac OS X and Windows 7

      After confirming the Windows and Macintosh systems all have Ethernet connections and required switches or wireless connectivity, begin by verifying the Windows workgroup name Figure A :. Once you've confirmed the right Windows files are being shared, or if you only wish to share a printer, check to ensure a printer or printers are being shared by:.

      For each shared resource:. If you don't see permissions listed specifically for each user, your Windows XP system is likely set to Simple File Sharing.

      Gather the information Windows users need

      To turn Simply File Sharing off and to enable more granular control of file and printer shares:. Now you're ready to move to the Macintosh. To connect the Macintosh to an existing Windows workgroup:. Often, workgroup names won't match up perfectly. Many Windows XP systems are set to use "MShome" as their workgroup, while others use the standard "Workgroup" workgroup name.

      The Macintosh uses the default Workgroup name. However, if you wish to change the Mac's default workgroup name follow these steps:.

      How to Share a Printer between a PC and a Mac

      To share Mac-based resources with the Windows systems within a workgroup sit at the Macintosh and perform these steps:. Verify the PC side After confirming the Windows and Macintosh systems all have Ethernet connections and required switches or wireless connectivity, begin by verifying the Windows workgroup name Figure A : Click Start.

      Right-click My Computer and select Properties. Select the Computer Name tab. Note or record the name of the workgroup you wish to add the Mac to.