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macOS Sierra Server Part 9: Users & Groups

As a result, the use of groups when setting up a multi-user Mac can be exceptionally useful, but then again may also leave open security holes if not done correctly. As a result, there are two types of groups that a user account is associated with in OS X. The first are those that are explicitly defined for a user, and the second are those where the user is given inferred membership based on the hierarchy of the group organization.

How to change the APACHE user and group

Displaying explicit groups. Both of these approaches have an inherent frustration, in that they will search for an display these attributes on a per-user basis, so the output is a long list of the groups, under which you will see all attributes of the GroupMembership tag ie, all users for each group. To make this more legible, you can make use of a few Terminal tricks, by piping this output to other commands to parse and modify it so we only get the information we want.

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Finally if you know a specific group by name and only wish to print out the current members of that group, the following command will do this. I have been googling this problem to no avail. I want to list just the users belonging to a particular group without extraneous data in osx terminal, I thought the dscl utility would be capable of doing this but so far I have been unable to craft out the right command if indeed it is capable of such an act.

Use this shell function, which calls dsmemberutil checkmembership for every user. For example: members everyone.

Other methods using dscl. For example:.

macos - Understanding the 'staff' user group - Ask Different

Learn more about Teams. How does one list users belonging to a group in OSX? Ask Question.

Effect of Permissions on Files and Folders

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Understanding File System Permissions

Ask a question. Question: Q: Question: Q: What is Staff user account I am learning more about user accounts but noticed that a folder I created had "staff" user associated with Read-Only. Can anyone please explain why is staff there and can I delete it. Also, is Admin user and Administrator the same? I noticed, too, that Everyone was setup in the user profile.