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Andre Hicks was born in Oakland, California and moved to Vallejo at a young age. In the early s, Hicks began his rap career under the stage name "Mac Dre", and by the middle of the s his music had gained wide-spread popularity throughout the Bay Area thanks in part to the independent music distributor:. Mac Dre recorded his first three albums between and In Mac Dre was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

At the time Hicks owned the record label, Romp Productions. His many references to "Romper Room" in his songs, bore a similarity the "Romper Room Gang", a group of robbers who had been victimizing banks and pizza parlors in Vallejo. Following allegations by authorities about his membership in the gang, Hicks was sentenced to five years in prison. He refused a deal offered by law enforcement authorities that would have required him to inform on other gang members.

Growing up near the Crest, Dre was subject to the crime and poverty that comes with living in a low-income area that had been destroyed by crack cocaine. However, before he could reach that audience, Mac Dre needed money, which is where his gang, the Romper Room, came in. Diggs states that everything was always done in the same fashion, quick and methodical. The VPD had received several leads that made them believe that those responsible were tied to the Crest, began surveilling the Crest, and following those who came out of it. According to Diggs, they all knew they were being watched, and they were being stopped constantly.

All three believed that they were still safe, since there was no way that law enforcement linked them to any specific crimes. Dunn was then given the car, and was supposed to give it to Dre, Diggs, and Curtis to use in a robbery in Fresno. Gentry observed the car enter downtown Fresno where it made numerous circles, first going past the Bank of America, then the First Interstate Bank.

According to Gentry, there were numerous vehicles and an airplane involved in the surveillance, which were necessary since Diggs, Curtis, and Dre engaged in counter surveillance techniques that consisted of rapid lane changes and erratic driving including excessive speeding, and slowing down unnecessarily. According to Fresno Police Department Detective Frank Rose, once the suspect felt safe enough, they went to the bank intending to rob it.

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However, once they arrived at the Bank of America, Diggs observed a news van, just as he was exiting the vehicle to commit the robbery. Diggs, not sure what was taking place, immediately got back into the car and sped off. All three men were arrested shortly there after. Dre also gave an interview via phone to KMEL, a Bay Area based radio station, to inform people of the circumstances of his arrest. KMEL broadcasted the entire interview, including the portion labeling Dunn a snitch. According to Dre, his song was a way for him to express how he was being treated by the VPD, and the criminal justice system.

Dre felt the police brought a case against him because they had to accuse someone and because he was black, rapping:. In every neighborhood, state, city and town, a crooked policeman can be found. Off duty he neva would squab hard,. During questioning, Dre stated that there was a Romper Room gang; however, Dre claimed he was not a member. Dre stated that the Romper Room Gang came into existence when he was sixteen. When I first started hanging out in the Crest, the older generation, the older guys used to call the younger people in the Crest the Romper Room because they used to ride around happy-go-lucky.

In the end, VPD Detective Nichelman stated that the task force believed there were forty-seven robberies that could be attributed to the Romper Room Gang. Pocket Full of Felonies. Reek Daddy. Best of Thizz: Dremixx, Vol. Thizz Nation, Vol. Demolition Men: Nuthin But Slap. Furly Ghost, Vol. Maserati Music. Awards: Bay Area Rap Scene. The Jacka. Face to Face. Greatest Hits: Murderbook Author, Pt. Sleep Dank.

Mac to the Future. Mac Mall. New Breed. Sacto 2 Da Crest. The Best of Cutthoat Committee. The West Coast Don. Thizz Latin: South. Ugly Money, Vol. Andre Nickatina. West Coast Gangsta. West Coast Livin', Vol. Whipped Cream. Mike P. Thizz Latin. Country Club Crest. A Tale of Two Andres. After Party. All Star Season. Mistah F. Best of Mac Dre, Vol. Best of Yukmouth. Bread, Broads and Bangin. Big Slep Rock. Da Nation. Dre Day July 5th, For the Streets. Primary Artist, Composer. For the Streets [DVD]. Hottest Spot.

Independent As Fuck, Vol. Lost and Found. French Braids. Rompalation Two Thousand Eight. Tha Furley Ghost Compilation. The Best of Latino Velvet. Latino Velvet. The Best of the Mob Figaz, Vol. The Dre Area. The High-Fee Movement. Guest Artist, Primary Artist. Thizz or Die, Vol. What It Thizz? Yellow Bus Beats. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Performer, Primary Artist. About My Thizzness. Best of Rydah J Klyde.

Mac Dre - California Livin' , 1993 [HD]

Best of Sugawolf Pimp. Best of Thizz Nation, Vol. Bobble Head Ronald Dregan. Crack Baby. DJ Shadow Presents Hyphy. Da Bidness. Keak da Sneak. Additional Personnel, Primary Artist. Don't Hate tha Playa, Vol. Draped Up and Chipped Out, Vol. Messy Marv. Everybody Ain't Able. Everyting Dead. Ghost Riding Gone Pimpin. Don Toriano. Additional Personnel, Rap, Primary Artist.

Mac Dre | Billboard

Ground Up [DVD]. Ground Up: Original Soundtracks. Coolio DaUnda Dogg. Hustlin Habits. Real One. Hyphy Hitz. Producer, Composer, Primary Artist. I Love the Bay. Main Personnel, Rap, Featured Artist. Ice Cold Frio. Mac Dre Official Tribute. Me and My Cuddie. Me-N-My Goonz. Merry Thizzmas Poster No Returns. Miami N tha Nation of Thizzlam, Vol. Music 2 Kill, Vol. Northern Cali Stomp. Mad Dog. Once There Was Fahrenheit. First Degree the D. Pill Clinton. Slangin' at the Corner Store.

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Starters in the Game. Street Legends. Zion I. Sunday School. Suga Free. The Best of Mac Dammit and Friends. The Best of the Rompalation. The Life and Timez of the Mob Figaz. The Rompalation Money Gang. Rydah J Klyde. Thizz Nation. Throwblock Muzic. Throweder Than Throwed 2K7. Lil C. Treal TV: Thizz Latin. Alaska 2 tha Bay. An Oregon Documentary. Majr D. Bay Bosses. Bay Commission. Behind the Rhyme. Bleezies and Heem. Bobble Head Andre Macassi. Failure Is Not an Option. Featured Artist, Rap, Primary Artist. Ghetto Celebrities, Vol.

Jack of All Trades. Khanthology Cocaine Raps King of tha Supa Dupa Hyphy.

Feelin' Like Yeeee: Oakland Art Show Honors Mac Dre

Life in the Fast Lane. High Po4mance. Mac Dre Presents Ghetto Star. Miami and the Nation of Thizzlam. Million Dollar Game. Music 2 Kill By. My New Hustle. Rompalation Thugz of Honor. Suga Free's Congregation. The Best of Mac Dre, Vol. The Center of Attention. The Features, Vol. The Minister of Defense. Mac Minister. Thizz Iz Allndadoe.

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Thizzelle Mountain. Treal TV, Vol. Underground Hip Hop [Mo Beatz]. Unyahlation - Episode 2. Children of Sin. Composer, Primary Artist. Primary Artist, Audio Production. Hollow Tip. A Cold Piece of Work. Jay Tee. All Purpose. Playboy W. Bang Fo Bread. Producer, Primary Artist.

Base Rock 2 Pimp Socks. Little Bruce. Da Blocumentary. Rick Lee. Dope Game, Vol. Friendship Ends Where Business Begins. Mark B. Game Untold. Nick Peace. It's All Boss. Hogg Boss. Knocks The Mustard Gas. Big Hollis. Known Felons. Mac Dre Presents: P. Crest Creepas. Mac Dre Presents: The Guru. Money Iz Motive. On the Run Gettin' Money.

Save Tha Fictionary for the Dictionary. Nutt Briddle. Smashin' in the Game. Son of a Pimp.

Get Stupid

Story of a Young G: Life as a General. Main Personnel, Primary Artist. Suited and Booted. Super Saucy. Super Sig Tapes. The Best of GP the Beast The Instagator. The Network. No Face Phantom. The Rompalation: Best Of. Primary Artist, Compilation Producer. Time-Less Music. Welcome to Thizz World. Young Black Brotha Records Video. Amerikkkan Syko. California Street Life. Cali Boyz. Luni Coleone.

Mac Dre Lyrics

Composer, Featured Artist. Cool Nutz Presents Collabos. Cool Nutz. Feelin' Myself. Fellaship Conspiracy. Ghetto Confessions. Neighborhood Family. Kalifornia Krime Bosses. Menudo Mix. Vocals, Primary Artist. No Time 4 Play. Baby Bubb. Power Movez. Richie Rich. Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics. Primary Artist, Main Personnel. Street Life []. The Appearances. The Game Is Thick, Vol. Primary Artist, Producer, Mixing, Composer.