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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Click on the Next button. If all went fine you will see this:. Assuming everything is correctly formatted and mounted, the installer picks the drive to install DH1 automatically. As mentioned in the Prerequisites section, in case you have an existing OSX installation, you will have to resize its partition to make some room for MorphOS.

Note: please read sections 2 and 3 before trying this out, some explanations available there were omitted in sections 4 and 5. Resize the partition by clicking and dragging on its right edge. Do NOT move the partition from its left edge. Click on the gray space called unallocated and click New. Make sure the Round to cylinders checkbox is disabled. Click the Add button. Select the unallocated space again, change the File System to unformatted we will change it from MorphOS later , disable the Round to cylinders checkbox and press Add.

Click the Apply button to apply our partition table changes. It will take some time to resize the partition, depending on the used space. Make sure you followed all steps in section 4. Name this partition DH0. Last will be the partition for the MorphOS installation. Change the Filesystem to SFS. Save the changes by clicking on the Save button below the hard drive icon. Do not press Next yet! Now select DH2 and name it however you like, for example System.

Now go back to the IWizard. Assuming everything is correctly formatted and mounted, the installer picks the drive to install DH2 automatically. Eject the CD by right clicking on its icon and selecting Eject. It will load the boot. Select the partition with a butterfly icon and you will boot into MorphOS. If you see boot. Now type:. This is done with:.

Dual-boot MorphOS and MacOS X on a Mac Mini G4

To boot OSX just hold the alt key and select it from the menu. Home Forums Library Links Bounties. This page Page Discussion History. How can I fix this? I used your directions last night and everything went perfectly. Your email address will not be published. You are not alone! Join our weekly newsletter to build up your confidence and capabilities in solving everyday technology problemss. Learn to master all your tech and gadgets! Keep up the very good work! I really do appreciate your updates.

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