How to Get a List of Spelling Suggestions on the Mac

You can then choose to add these words to your personal dictionary on your Apple Mac to prevent them from being marked as incorrect. Click on "Edit" in the program menu and mouse over "Spelling and Grammar" in the pop-up menu.

Use autocorrection

Select the "Check Document Now" option to show the misspelled words. Right-click the misspelled word and mouse over "Spelling and Grammar" in the pop-up menu. Select "Show Spelling and Grammar" from the sub-options to open the Spelling window. Amy Scott started writing professionally in The language setting will not only set the system's display language, but also set up the various spell checkers used in word-processing programs like TextEdit, Pages, and Safari.

How to change spell check language in OS X

Though this is convenient, there may be times when in typing documents you will need to use phrases or paragraphs in different languages, and having the spell checker in one language will not work. To overcome this problem, you can either temporarily change the system-wide spell check options, or do this for individual applications' spell check settings either globally or for a specific spell check session.

pages spellcheck

In addition, some programs offer options to have specific selections of text be set to a given language. System-wide settings The OS X spell checker will be used for programs like Safari and TextEdit, which do not include their own spell check dictionaries and options. While you can select a specific language here, if you leave it as "Automatic by Language" then when you change localization settings such as the system language or other program-specific language setting then the spell checker will automatically adjust to that preference.

The problem with changing this setting is it is global and therefore will not allow you to specify a specific document or text selection to be identified as a different language. spellcheck suggestions not work… - Apple Community

Luckily, several common word-processing programs have these settings:. TextEdit In TextEdit, you have the option to run a spell check session in a different language. With the checker open, choose the desired language you would like to use from the menu at the bottom of the window. There is no option to set a specific paragraph or section as a specific language, but this will allow you to spell check the document in a different language.

Pages Apple's Pages program is a little more complex, and has options to support individual sections of text being in a different language. Mac Option-select those columns.

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Sponsored Links. More after the jump Here are a few spell checking tips: You must enable spell check separately for each application. Enabling spell checking in TextEdit will not enable spell checking in Safari. You can use this dialog whether or not you have enabled spell checking for your application.

Spell check on your Mac

To spell check in a different language, use the Spelling dialog's Dictionary pop-up. You can teach the dictionary new words. Enter a word in the field to the left of Correct and click Learn.