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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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I didn't specifically check in terms of macOS support, but typically these services offer a digital fax service that allows you to just send an email which then gets converted to a fax and sent to the relevant fax number. This is platform independent - as long as you can send an email it'll work. However, I did note on the site there were iOS and Android apps available, so I assumed this would meet your needs.

I probably won't get that unless I'm forced to. Many of these free trial packages add the free trial along with a monthly subscription. Their price is too high for a single fax, but I may try it anyway. I went ahead and signed up for a free trial from efax. I went thru the registration process and then tried faxing my info.

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The fax started according to the window and ran for about 5 minutes. I then got a message saying 'General System Error' and it stopped.

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I've tried about times varying my input a little but I always get the same error message. I'll try the mobile app they offer. uses cookies.

I'll let you know the results. Well no luck with the mobile app. The interface is very difficult to use and it eventually takes you to what looks like the same page on the efax site for sending faxes. The print was very small. I didn't try it because I could hardly see it and it appeared exactly like the page that i described for the desktop version. I think the mobile app is just a link to the efax web site. Featured on Meta.

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So, can you fax from a Mac? – Yes, with WiseFax app

Solution Sending a Fax You can send the faxes using the printer from a Mac. Checking Your Environment First, check your environment.

Select Add. Sending a Fax from Mac Note This function supports only monochrome transmission. Open the document you want to fax with an application.

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Open the Print dialog. Automatic Redialing The printer redials automatically according to the automatic redialing setting of the printer. FAX settings Note To cancel automatic redialing, wait until the printer starts redialing, and then press the printer 's Stop button. Yes, This document is helpful No, This document needs a clearer explanation. Specified Languages. Was this article helpful?