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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Better DS3 - Download

NeoGAF Gold. Hey, guest user. Hope you're enjoying NeoGAF! Have you considered registering for an account? Come join us and add your take to the daily discourse. Alternatives to MotionInJoy? Thread starter Zombie James Start date Jan 9, Forums Discussions Gaming Discussion.

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Got me a Bluetooth adapter from Monoprice so I could game on my PC from somewhere other than my desk, but MotionInJoy doesn't seem to want to detect the adapter. It's a Broadcom I thought this video might do the trick but no dice. Are there any alternatives to MotionInJoy I could try? KrM DeLorean Member. May 24, 24 Brooklyn, NY youtu. Microsoft controller. Camp Lo Banned. Jun 11, 15, 0 0. I heard MotionJoy was good. KrM DeLorean said:. Nov 19, 5, 0 0.

It's awesome. What I can't get working is an Xbox wired controller on my Mac - the only driver I have found doesn't work, and gives me a kernel panic when I disconnect the controller. Assuming you're using it for PC games and not just emulators, you will eventually run into issues mapping the ps3 buttons to xbox layouts. It's just a headache imo, just grab a wireless adapter off Amazon, plug and play. Killthee helped a brotha out on multiple separate occasions!

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How to Play Any OS X Video Game with a PlayStation 3 Controller

Zombie James said:. Ermac Proudly debt free. If you need a couple bucks, just ask. Dec 24, 6, 0 1, I just bought a wired controller and it would blue screen whenever I plugged it in. Apparently a conflict with MotionJoy. Eventually had to delete and uninstall the driver from the Device Manager. But yeah, would not recommend.

Elixist Member. Apr 6, 4, 0 Motioninjoy works great for me wired i dont like that i have to open the ds3 tool at startup and click enable but watevs it works. Persona7 Banned. Sep 24, 30, 0 0 Oregon. Motion in joy is practically malware.

Better DS3

Killthee said:. Have you tried editing the MiJ bluetooth driver files? Rebooted the laptop might have removed my default BT drivers beforehand, don't remember I haven't had an issue using it like this, but it might not work if your BT chipset is incompatible. Fleshfeast Member. Feb 29, 1, 0 0.


PSP 6. It works totally fine. Thanks a lot. Took me half an hour to pair my go to the DS3, but still better than buying a PS3 for this. Thanks for BetterDS3, it made the task much easier :D. Your PS3 controller should now show up in the device list, letting you use it with any applications that have support for the controller. Now you know how to get your Playstation 3 controller up on your Mac, and use it wirelessly.

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    The Best Mac OS X Wireless Game Controller is the Sony PS3 Dual Shock

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