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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

So I downloaded a Windows 8 iso file so I could use it to install Windows 8 on my MacBook Pro using boot camp, but then when I tried creating an install disk I got this error message " Your bootable USB drive could not be created an error occurred while copying the Windows installation files.

How to Mount an ISO File

So I tried unmounting it in terminal and got this message "hdiutil: unmount failed - Resource busy" I have attatched a picture that might help. Posted on Feb 25, PM. Page content loaded. Feb 25, PM. Have you tried copying the. You can then click on Utilities in the menu bar, and select Terminal there.

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In the Terminal window, give it the following commands, one per line, ending each line by pressing the Return key:. What is the full output produced by these commands? Do they show the.

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Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. This feature allows you to mount the ISO file on a virtual drive rather than a physical drive or a disk.

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The advantage is that you don't have to burn the file to a disk to see the content, so no diskc would be wasted for this purpose. However, there are often problems with mounting the file on Windows It could show an error if the ISO image wasn't created properly in the first place. If you're facing such an issue, then a third-party application may be required to see inside the ISO file. Pismo File Mount Audit Package is a favorite of many developers because it is non-invasive and easy to use.

It is also free.

Mount and Unmount Disks in OSX Terminal

It does this by converting the ISO file into a file folder that you can double-click to open and view. You'll notice that the ISO icon for the file is now replaced with another, meaning that it is now a file folder. Double-click on this and the file will open, showing you the contents of the ISO file.

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  • Step 3 : If you don't need to copy or extract anything, simply right-click on the main file folder and select "Unmount" to change it back into the ISO format. A lot of people prefer this utility over the next one - WinRAR - because the latter is known to create some issues while extracting files from an ISO image.

    Nevertheless, it's a popular tool for the purpose. WinRAR is essentially a paid utility, but there's a long trial period before you need to pay anything.

    Open ISO Files in Windows 10/7/XP with ISO Viewer

    In certain countries like China there's also a fully free edition available. It's basically an archiving tool for compressing files, but it allows you to view the contents of an ISO file so you can copy or extract it. Step 3 : You should now be able to see the contents of the image file in the form of subfolders and files. Just close the WinRAR application when you're done. As mentioned, there are certain issues you may come across while using WinRAR.

    How to Mount (and Unmount) an ISO File in Windows - Make Tech Easier

    The problem is generally seen when the files in the ISO image are corrupted, but it can also be because of the software application itself. If WinRAR doesn't work for you, then try the method described below. There's also a modified version called Easy 7-Zip that has the same features but is easier to use.

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    • You can use either of them to view the contents of an ISO file.