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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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Have you lost your Mac OS X admin password? In fact, people lose passwords all the time — both to admin and regular accounts. If you use a Mac at work, you may be required to change your password for security reasons from time to time. If you use a Mac for personal purposes only, you may want to change your password because you suspect that someone might have stolen it. Select your account and click on the Change Password button. The keychain stores the login credentials for services such as Mail, various websites, and other things that may require usernames and passwords. You have basically two options: You can either wait for a while, hoping to remember your old password, or you can create a new keychain with your new password.

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The first time you log in with your new admin password, a dialog box should appear, informing you about the situation. Click on the Create New Keychain button and follow the straightforward instructions. Share on Facebook.

Create and delete users in macOS

Step 1 Start your Mac and log in as an administrator or the root user. Step 2 Open Terminal by double-clicking it in the "Utilities" folder in your "Applications" folder or searching for it in Spotlight. Step 3 At the Terminal prompt, enter the following command: sudo dscl. Step 4 Press the "Return" key and when prompted, enter the password for the account you logged in with.

How to make your account an Administrator's account (Mac OS X Yosemite)

Tip Although a root user is created by default when you install OS X, it isn't enabled by default. Choose "Enable Root User" from the Edit menu. From the menu next to "New Account:", select the type of account you want to create. To allow this user to make changes to the system settings, add programs, and perform other system functions beyond basic use, select Administrator.

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For lower access accounts, choose Standard or Managed with Parental Controls as appropriate. Sharing Only and Group are special options for specific needs. For more, refer to your operating system's documentation.

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  • Selecting Administrator will give the user the ability to make changes to your system without your approval. This is necessary in order to access some services on the IU network.