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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

First thing this morning I was greeted with a message box top right corner that told me that if I wanted to continue the upgrade I had to click the 'yes' button or whatever it was called All looked good until I logged into Outlook for Mac I have Time Machine backups dating back to ,. Tried rebuilding the identities Mar 20, AM.

How To Share Folders In Outlook 2011/2016 For Mac

So what occurred when you restored your backup? By the way, what version of Outlook are you using or ? If you don't know how to restore the backup, please read Use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac - Apple Support. Mar 20, PM in response to rkaufmann87 In response to rkaufmann Outlook is part of Office I tried to restore from the back up Initially I tried to just restore all the Office software as I don't know where all the Outlook data files live Looked it was working but there was no indication that the restore function was working.

When it seemed top be finished I rebooted and went into Outlook only to find nothing had changed at all. Next I tried to restore the entire back up from the most recent one before the upgrade. When it was finished I rebooted only to find that after the white screen I a message box asking me to set a language English then it went back into the disc repair utility It gives me 3 or 4 options like repair, verify, first aid.

A close look at that utility appears to tell me that its a clean hard disc with nothing on it. I'm now at a total brick wall with this. I used that computer to ask the first two questions here Mar 20, PM. Have you been able to solve this? I have exactly the same problem. Autoupdate ran overnight and all my contacts in Outlook for Mac have disappeared. Luckily they're still on my Android phone but I'd love to get them back onto my laptop. Jul 24, PM. Rex Files: I totally sympathize but have no suggestions.

This has happened to me last week. I've also lost all emails, contacts from Microsoft Outlook for Mac dating back at least 5 years. This is also our business and it has really set us back! Have contacted both Apple support who were sympathetic and as helpful as they could be, but still unresolved.

How to Move your Local Folders into your IMAP account

Contacted Microsoft support, but they're totally unhelpful And seeing as I've lost it all and Microsoft doesn't support anymore I've purchased , but of course now it is all about starting from scratch. Aug 14, AM.

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You saved my day! Nov 22, AM.

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If you have just upgraded Outlook for mac from version This should expand and all sub-folders should be revealed. It is easy to miss this. I did. One minor heart attack later and I spotted it.

All is now calm and zen-like. One benefit of disabling the grouped folders is that when inbox folders are grouped under the separate accounts, the messages are split into time frames to make it easier to find emails from a specific day or time frame at a glance more easily.

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Folders and Rules in Outlook 2010 for Mac

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