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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

SearchKit 1. CoreText CoreVideo 1. CoreWLAN DiskArbitration 2. Foundation 6. GSS 4. Bluetooth 5.

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IOKit 2. IOSurface ImageCaptureCore 7. JavaScriptCore - Kerberos 3. MediaAccessibility 1. MediaToolbox 1. Metal NetFS 6.

How to Uninstall Python (with Pictures) - wikiHow

CFOpenDirectory OpenDirectory QTKit 7. PDFKit 1. QuartzComposer 5. QuickLookUIFramework 5. QuartzCore 1. QuickLookFramework 5. ServiceManagement 1. SystemConfiguration 1.

Writing the “Hello, World!” Program

VideoToolbox 1. AppContainer 4. AppSandbox 4. Apple AppleFSCompression 88 - 1. AppleGVAFramework AppleJPEG 1. AppleSystemInfo 3. AppleVAFramework 5. CommonAuth 4. CoreAUC CoreEmoji 1. CoreMediaAuthoring 2.

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CorePDF 4. CoreServicesInternal CoreUtils 5. CoreWiFi CrashReporterSupport DFRFoundation 1.

Installing Python 3 and Pygame on OS X / Mac Platform

DisplayServicesFW 3. FaceCore 3. GenerationalStorage 2. Heimdal 4. HelpData 2. IOAccelerator IOPresentment 1. IconServices IntlPreferences 2. LanguageModeling 1. Since Python can have multiple versions installed at once, search for more Python installations in the "P" section of the installed apps; if you find another version of Python installed, repeat the above steps to uninstall it if necessary. You might also want to delete the Python Launcher app.

Remove the Python 2 folder. While uninstalling Python 3 will remove the Python 3 folder s from your computer, the Python 2 folder will remain behind even if you uninstall its program. To remove the folder, do the following: Open This PC. Double-click your hard drive in the "Devices and drives" section. Find the "Python27" or similar folder in the list of folders. Select the Python folder, then right-click it to prompt a drop-down menu. Click Delete in the drop-down menu. Method 2. Click Go.

It's a menu item at the top of the screen. Clicking it prompts a drop-down menu. Click Go to Folder….

1.9.6 Packages (April 25th 12222)

You'll find this near the bottom of the Go drop-down menu. Doing so opens a pop-up window. Enter the address to your Python installation folder. Depending on your installed version of Python, you'll type one of the following addresses into the "Go to Folder" text box: [1] For Python 3. For Python 2.

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It's at the bottom of the pop-up window. This will open the folder in which Python is installed. Select the version number folder. Click once the folder that has Python's version number as its name. For example, if you're deleting Python 3.

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  • Click File. It's in the upper-left corner of your Mac's screen. Doing so prompts a drop-down menu. Click Move to Trash. This is in the File drop-down menu. Enter your password when prompted. Hello there Stackoverflowers, I am learning how to program with Pygame and I am trying to import pygame. I know I can use either system 'python program. I have been trying to get the pygame module to work with python3 in a macbook I have installed Anacoda Python v2. I have a really basic question, pygame isn't being recognized in Windows 7. I have ActiveState Python 2. However, a simple hello world program that imports pygame gives Traceback most recent call last :.

    Hi this is my first post on any forum, I normally just browse and work out challenges myself, but my head is becoming rather sore from smashing it against the wall. I am very new to programming with about 6 weeks of playing around to my name.