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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Great alternative to Shu Uemura. Just… meh. Just mediocre. Avoid: Their lipsticks. The next step in my quest to get everyone I know to start using Asian sunscreens instead of western ones! The ingredients most relevant to a sunscreen pasted from a Skin and Tonics review , which is more in-depth than mine are these: Zinc Oxide 9. The rest are chemical sunscreen ingredients. Finish-wise, this leaves my face fairly shiny — not greasy shiny, but shiny nonetheless.

Not an issue for me; applying powder or semi-matte foundation deals with that. Undocumented feature, and very appreciated for me. Having said all that I do vastly prefer sunscreen that dries to a matte finish, but there we are. I experienced no irritation or breakouts. This thing, ahhh! Erm, in fairness, Real Techniques has only become recently convenient for me to purchase thank you Luxola!

But silicone rather than bristles, that is.

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It is genius. No splaying means… the most perfect tightline with gel liners ever. The most perfect wings! Cleaning it is the easiest thing in the world, I swirl it in baby shampoo and water like most brushes, and everything comes off; spot cleaning can be done dry. And… I can just blot it dry with a kitchen towel! This makes them more travel-friendly, but storage can get annoying. While the Beauty Blender is a teardrop, this one is more… a teardrop with one side of the bottom cut off?

Like the BB, you soak it in water before use.

I tend to daub foundation or BB cream on my face then use this to blend and spread, as pumping foundation on the sponge directly would just make it absorb most product. That got out of hand quickly! I think this means combined with all the mountain of other palettes I can officially bathe in my eyeshadows several times and still have enough left to use for, erm, the rest of my life.

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The rest of my collection is not pictured but they tend to be small palettes or singles. I do have to say that Sleek palettes absolutely live up to their name and all the rave reviews!

Cheap, pigmented, lots of colors to pick from. Each pan is rather small compared to these but I do find the quality better as well. Being a Shiseido line means Majolica Marjoca products are not as cheap as you would expect — though they do make up for it usually… with quality and adorable packaging! That makes this pen a huge disappointment. Excess product coming out of the pen could have been wiped off on a tissue… but actually putting the liner on was a terrible misadventure. It does not build at all. I tried to build it up in layers, but horrifyingly the first layer immediately flaked off in tiny black chips.

I tried to put my trusty Fluidline over it, but that only made it flake more! Room temperature, no exposure to sunlight. Skip to content. Matte finish without , awesome oil control, blendable with brush, finger, or sponge. Medium coverage. Contains 12 shades.

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I like Celestial for its duochromes, blues, and purples. Contains 10 shades. Pigmented, smooooth, adhere well, no fallout. I usually apply my eye shadows with this mac brush and blend them with the brush. This brush has sharp bristles which actually hurt the eye if this is used for blending. The other brush is very fluffy and soft. However, that being said, this brush is great for application.

I also use it sometimes for applying concealer. The mac eyeshadow brush is also very easy to clean and does not accumulate a lot of product. The price of the mac cosmetics brush is on a higher side as compared to other good brands but it is MAC and the prices are bound to be higher. In my opinion, a better and cheaper dupe for mac would be Real techniques Duo Fiber Eye shader Brush which is much softer and rounded in comparison to this brush.

The sharp bristles hurt the eye which spoils it for me when it comes to using this for blending purpose. I use this for application and MAC for blending. For application, it is no doubt one of the best brushes but the claim of a blending brush is what it fails on. Many makeup artists use it as a part of their makeup kit for application of various cream products so it is quite multipurpose.

Overall, one of the great brushes from MAC but not a must have in my opinion. On the other hand, MAC is a must have brush for every eye makeup lover. This sounds great. I love my real techniques brushes to the core. Mac brushes are so overpriced. Looks like a good brush but definitely Mac is the best. I love it to death : Perkymegs recently posted… Indian wedding series Jewellery trends for weddings and parties Video. Sounds like a great brush.

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I find it good to invest in brushes, they last a long time and can make a lot of difference to your makeup. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Vanitynoapologies Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog.

MAC Cosmetics Powders: What's the difference? Which are best?