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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

You should not use Office on University owned desktops and laptops as these are already entitled to a version of Office under the Campus Agreement:. Office includes all the usual desktop applications, like Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint, though some phone or tablet devices may only be able to run a selection of these.

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The Pro Plus version to which we have subscribed does not include OneDrive, but you can sign up for this using a non-University account if you wish - remember, though, that you also have free access to Google Drive for cloud storage, and that you should be careful about where you store data that is sensitive or confidential.

On your own device, log in to the Microsoft portal using your University email address eg staff: fred. This is a large download, so if your own broadband connection is not particularly fast we recommend you do this on the high-speed campus network, if possible with a wired connection rather than wireless.

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Note: Under the terms of our licence, Office is not available for Blackberry or Nokia Symbian devices. Office is downloaded via our Microsoft Portal - you'll need to log in using your University email address eg staff: fred. IT Services.

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IT Services University. Microsoft Office The University has subscribed to Office which allows us to provide staff and students with a free copy of the Microsoft Office suite, which you can use on up to five different devices please note that for a full version of Office you will need to pay a subscription fee to Microsoft.

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How do I get Office ? This is the same screen used for many other applications and services at the University. Sign in with your University of Minnesota internetID and password. Office programs appear in the start menu or start screen, dock, or application folder, depending on operating system.

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Office programs can now be used off-line. No network connection is needed to use Office, although you must connect to the internet at least once every 30 days to keep Office activated.

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Our Office subscription does not include the OneDrive storage option or online features of Office which sync to a OneDrive account. To sync programs like OneNote, you would need to create your own personal OneDrive account.

To avoid confusion over activation sign-in and OneDrive sign-in:. If so, you might not need Office For best results, uninstall older versions of Office before you install Office You must be continuously registered or employed at the U for Office to continue working. Office will stop working when you leave the U. You will need a reliable internet connection to download installation files. These directions only apply to Office as supplied by the University of Minnesota. If you purchase your own license for Office , we suggest you do not use your umn. Instead create a OneDrive account using a personal email account such as one from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or similar services.

Install and activate Office first, then create a OneDrive account for use with Office. If you use up all your installations and need more, you can deactivate any of your existing Office installations through the portal. You do not need a product key to activate Office Activation happens automatically when you install Office through the portal. Your Office programs will only work as long as you are a student or staff at the University of Minnesota. When you graduate or leave the U, you will need to purchase Office elsewhere to continue using Office.

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How do I get Office 365?

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