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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I was quite surprised to see sucha beautiful pink stain left off by an orange red lippy. That it is a reddish toned orange. It just wont ditch you! Pinky promise! Rich colour even in one swipe!

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  • GUEST POST: MAC Summer lipstick in Morange, Girl About Town and So Chaud!
  • MAC So Chaud Lipstick Review;
  • MAC So Chaud Lipstick Review and Swatches.

Lasts for literally more than half a day! Last words: I am quite addicted to this one. I look for occasions or days when I can pull out and wear this. I wear it whether its day time or night time. The colour is lovely. It adds another dimesion to most outfits i wear.

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  • MAC So Chaud Lipstick Review and Swatches.
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A matte that works even for my extremely dry lips. Not totally red not a regular orange, but a perfect melange which gives birth to a royal, bold orange. Would I recommend. If you like bright colours then yes!!

mac lipstick lady danger swatch

Oh Freaking hot it is! I too wanna grab this beauty quickly. I love such shades a lot! Adorable name haha — Chaud is French for hot, so very appropriate! I've got a couple of Super Dazzleglasses as well, and I'm hoping for some more funky colors like that blue to come up. I agree that the Amplified Cremes are the best.

I only have Russian red and Cherry lip pencil. I hardly ever get around to wearing it because I'm obsessed with bright eye colours. I love the color of Ruby Woo so much, but the dryness is killer! Ooh, I am tempted by Russian Red, none of the others are grabbing me though, not the fault of your swatches, I usually want several of the colours you show off! I guess MAC lipsticks just aren't my thing.

My Experience with MAC So Chaud Lipstick:

I love Gladiola! It's so pretty! I wish I could line my lips perfectly the way you do. However, all time favorite lippes are from Morgana Cryptoria.

Mac Lipstick Collection 2019 + Lip Swatches -- Beauty with Emily Fox

Lovely swatches! I must say that being a lip product whore, MAC is definitely a go-to for me. Oh I love this post! Coral Polyp and Frost look amazing! Gosh, more things to add to my 'must-have' list!

The viva glam 1 and Lady Danger are gorgeous! I do swear by MAC lippies especially the amplified ones but that is not to say I don't go for Revlon either. I love Gladiola and Goes and Goes. Awesome swatches! Looks great on you : I'm not a big lipstick fan, I prefer glosses Super jealous of your ability to wear really pale or really bold colors and still have it look great! I -love- Gladiola! I wasn't into Mac when that collection released I've also eyed Coral Polyp numerous times and never gotten it from blog sales or whatever Great collection! I've been wanting to get a new Mac lipstick and can't decide what to get so I enjoy seeing pics of others Mac collections.

You look amazing in the bright reds and oranges! Hot damn woman, every shade looks so nice on you! Go For It applies really weirdly on me, but it looks perfectly smooth in your swatch. I r jealous :. I sort of agree and sort of disagree with you. I think Mac lippies are great for 'regular' colours like red and pinks, I love the formula and the shades are bright and clean.

However if you're looking for 'unusual' colours like purples or blues or anything like that they're a bit rubbish!

Funny Face's place: Swatcharama - MAC Lipsticks

I think they're great everyday lippies, but definately not as special as lip tars or some indie brands. Wedgie: Thank you! Amplified are the best, so creamy! I'm with you, I really like the Mac lipsticks I have and would buy more if they had any colours that excited me, but they're not the only good brand in the world!

Lady Danger l/s vs So Chaud l/s?

And I know, it's an evil colour! Amanda: I know, the colour is just beautiful, possibly the perfect red colour, but it's just impossible to apply! Russian Red really is quite similar, just more wearable : Julianne: Ha ha sorry I don't mean to be a show off! I'm not proud of my ridiculous consumerism :P Russian Red is one of my favourites. Phyrra: Gladiola is gorgeous isn';t it?

I love matte lippies and it's smooth and creamy as well as being a cool colour. I'm very flattered by you saying I'd lined my lips well, I shoved these on straight from the bullet and thought I'd done quite a crappy job! Agreed, their eyeshadows are a bit rubbish well some are ok but most are like pressed dust to me!

Lexa: you're most welcome! I loved petals and peacocks too, but it looked very similar to gladiola , only shiny! But another Macy's M. C employee said that both colors are different enough to justify the purchase. Any opinions? I just made a post about So Chaud. In my opinion So Chaud is more orange than Lady Danger. They are extremely similar but different in a sense so it just depends on your preference. User38 New member. So Chaud is a bright orange coral, while Lady Danger is a true red orange, also very bright but the latter is a red with orange and the former is a truer orange.

You could tell between them reasonably easily on paper or skin, but once you have the pigmentation of lips complicating things, the differences become meaningless. I have been going back and forth between both as well.. I'm thinking that if there's no difference once on lips, that I will go with Lady Danger. TheLadyDanger New member. I had an inquiring mind as well with the differences between Lady Danger and So Chaud.