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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

In the Select Data Source box, click on the legend entry you want to change, and then click the Edit button. The Edit Series dialog window will show up. The Series name box contains the address of the cell from which Excel pulls the label. You can either type the desired text in that cell, and the corresponding label in the chart will update automatically, or you can delete the existing reference and type the reference to another cell that contains the data you want to use as the label.

Hello, first thanks for this blog it has been very helpful from lately, I have a question regarding 2D Surface area graphs, as I created the graph, the legends are created automatically giving different colored rangers from , , , and I waant to change these legend ranges excel can you help me with this please? Your explanation and flow of information attracted too much. Here I have one question. How to fix the major grids for the data set.

For example, using this data 0. E-mail not published. Add the chart title Customize chart axes Add data labels Add, hide, move or format chart legend Show or hide the gridlines Edit or hide data series in the graph Change the chart type and styles Change the default chart colors Swap vertical and horizontal axes Flip an Excel chart from left to right 3 ways to customize charts in Excel If you've had a chance to read our previous tutorial on how to create a graph in Excel , you already know that you can access the main chart features in three ways: Select the chart and go to the Chart Tools tabs Design and Format on the Excel ribbon.

Right-click the chart element you would like to customize, and choose the corresponding item from the context menu. Use the chart customization buttons that appear in the top right corner of your Excel graph when you click on it. For immediate access to the relevant Format Chart pane options, double click the corresponding element in the chart. To revert back to the original number formatting the way the numbers are formatted in your worksheet , check the Linked to source box.

October 29, at pm. Bruce says:. May 5, at am. Hi Svetlana I like the way you use arrows to show the sequence of clicks needed to get to a menu item. Thank you Bruce. Arpaporn says:. September 15, at am. Svetlana Cheusheva Ablebits. Hi Arpaporn, To change the text in the chart legend, do the following: 1.

Formatting Chart Axes (Mac)

Right-click the legend, and choose Select Data in the context menu. September 15, at pm. Thank you very much, Svetlana. I now can change the text in the chart legend. Dennis Baker says:.

September 23, at pm. Thanks in advance for your help! Steph says:.

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October 20, at am. November 22, at am. Bikash says:. December 8, at am. Hi there, Is there any way to change the chart axis title from all upper case to lower case as the upper case comes by default when I create 'Line with marker' Line graph in excel. Thanks Bikash. Vesela says:. January 31, at pm. David says:. February 28, at pm. Kim says:. May 25, at pm.

July 12, at pm. Eva says:. September 8, at pm. Does anyone know how to stop the removal of formatting when saving as text in another file? November 21, at pm. December 21, at am. Mikey says:. January 25, at pm. Thank you all so much for the blog. NIck says:. February 9, at am. Dhiraj says:. February 27, at am. Supriya says:. August 27, at pm. August 28, at am.

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Hi Supriya, Sure, you can. Here's how: - Click on data labels in the chart to select them.

How do I add a title to a secondary axis? - Microsoft Community

Amy says:. September 11, at am. Hi Can you write a macro or formula to include the data into the legend next to the series name? Ioane Alexander says:. September 20, at pm. Des Williams says:. October 5, at am. October 5, at pm. Hi Des, Here are the steps to change the legend labels: 1. Right-click the legend, and click Select Data… 2. Moustafa Ellabishy says:. March 15, at pm. March 29, at am. Sintayehu Fekadu says:. April 10, at am. Paul says:. July 12, at am.

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  • Thank you very much for these limpid explanations. Extremely useful and well presented. Post a comment Click here to cancel reply. Unfortunately, due to the volume of comments received we cannot guarantee that we will be able to give you a timely response. When posting a question, please be very clear and concise. We thank you for understanding! Add, edit, and remove chart titles and axis titles From the course: Excel for Mac Charts in Depth. I'm asking, in Excel for Mac, how do I add chart In Numbers on your Mac, Add and modify pie chart wedge labels or donut chart segment Add titles, labels, gridlines and other chart elements From the course: Excel for Mac Charts in Depth.

    This tutorial shows a couple ways to make dynamic charts in Excel for Mac and Peltier Tech Blog. Peltier Tech Excel Charts Add axis titles to a chart - Excel - support.

    Excel 2010 Just the Steps For Dummies

    How do you add titles to charts, axis titles and chart title? Excel charts: add title, customize chart axis, legend and How to add titles to charts in Excel - in a minute. A chart has at least 2 axes: the horizontal x-axis category axis and the vertical y-axis. When the values don't speak for themselves you should include axis titles to clarify what your chart displays. In the Axis Title text box that appears in the chart, type the text that you want.

    If you want to format the axis title, click in the title box, highlight the text that you want to format and go through the same steps as for formatting a chart title. Choose one of the solutions below that works best for you to remove a chart or axis title from a chart. In Excel you'll find this option if you click on the Chart Title button in the Labels group on the Layout tab.

    Solution 2 To clear off the title in no time, click on the chart title or an axis title and press the Delete button. You can also right-click on the chart or axis title and choose 'Delete' from the context menu. Now you know how to add, format, automate and remove such small but important details as chart and axis titles. Don't forget to use this technique if you want to make a complete and accurate presentation of your work using Excel charts.

    It's easy and it works! If you want to remove chart labels, where do you find the options to do so within the Design tab Chart Tools? I see that I can use the ''add chart element'' from the tab. The thing is I like to have that option at the top right of my chart as a plus sign. Though, when I click on my chart, the ''plus sign as much as the 2 other usual options do not appear. It is probobly an easy option to check but I can't figure it out.

    I'm trying to put the chart title below a pie chart. The title format doesn't allow for this option. When I attempt to move the pie chart further up in it's frame to allow for the insertion of a text box, it only separates the pie slices but does not move. I also can't seem to lock the size of the pie chart so that I can increase the frame size and insert a text box below. E-mail not published. Add a chart title Format a chart title Make a dynamic chart title Add an axis title Remove a chart or axis title Add a chart title Here's a very simple example how to insert a chart title in Excel Click anywhere in the chart to which you want to add a title.

    You can see them only if your chart is selected it has a shaded outline. Make a dynamic chart title The time has come for automating the chart title. Click on the chart title. When you type in the equal sign, please, make sure that it is in the Formula bar , not in the title box.

    How to Create Dynamic Chart Titles in Excel

    Click on the cell that you want to link to the chart title. Note: The cell should have the text that you'd like to be your chart title as cell B2 in the example below. The cell can also contain a formula. The formula result will become your chart title.

    You can use the formula directly in the title, but it is not convenient for further editing. Note: Some chart types such as radar charts have axes, but they don't display axis titles. Such chart types as pie and doughnut charts do not have axes at all so they don't display axis titles either. If you switch to another chart type that does not support axis titles, the axis titles will no longer be displayed. November 13, at am. Madison says:.

    Add a chart title

    January 31, at am. Marcus says:. September 5, at pm.