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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

To show you some of the options out there here are seven tricks for dealing with that most common of Windows' viruses: Mac-envy.

How to Add Missing Folders to Finder Sidebar

Simple, but an easy one to miss. A Mac is like looking in the mirror. If you have a tall monitor, working with the taskbar at the top of the screen makes life a little easier on the eyes, but it's mostly down to preference. The OSX dock is a simple way to launch regularly used programs. Of the two, we prefer RocketDock's look and feel, and the fact that there's no charge for extra applets. Adding in background apps to Windows isn't always a good idea — they can seriously slow down your PC. Alternatively, you could install Yahoo!

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Widgets for a more colourful, Apple Dashboard-like experience. Heavy duty editing of the Windows look is going to require a third party app like StarDock's WindowBlinds — but it will cost you. Be warned, though, installing it will change important Windows files and there's no bug fixing development on the way. Multiple work areas are nothing new, but Apple likes to point out their existence in Leopard. Give yourself some extra room for Windows with DeskSpace. You can customise Vista without installing extra software, but it usually involves a lot of tweaking.

Why not visit MyVistaThemes and try out a new look? Combine this with search shortcuts and you can switch to Safari with Fn-s, Notes with Fn-n, Messages with Fn-me and so on.

Modify the Finder Sidebar to Suit Your Preferences

In two or three keystrokes, that is. So you can set Fast Search to use, for example, only the left Option key or only the right Option key. The other modifier key will continue to work as it does by default. So Contexts gives you a better one — which lists windows separately. Press Command-Tab to see the list and then press Tab multiple times to select the app or window you want to bring to the front.

Release Command to switch to it.

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There is no need to bring forward windows of the frontmost app one by one until you get to the right one. An auto-hiding Sidebar lists your windows grouped by Space.

How to Run Windows on a Mac

To switch just bring the cursor over to the one you want and click. Its basically a Dock — for your windows. You do not even need to move the cursor all the way to the Sidebar and back. Start scrolling down with two fingers from the top edge of trackpad at either the left end or right end.

The list will appear and the selected item will change as you move your fingers down or up. Lift fingers to switch to the selected item. Contexts is carefully crafted to look and feel like it is part of the operating system. And the Vibrant Dark theme looks gorgeous with the dark menu bar and Dock.

7 ways to make your PC look like a Mac

The center window shows simulatenously on all displays by default. So you no longer have to turn your head to look for your window switcher on another display. It will be right in front of you whenever you invoke it — always.

#1 Rocket Dock

And of course, each display can have its own Sidebar — which if you like, can list the windows on that display only. If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, a bug to report, or just want to send us some appreciation, we are listening at hello contexts. Version 3.

#2 XWindows Dock

Here is how it works: Matches non-consecutive characters. You can type characters which are anywhere in the app name or window title.

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If an app has multiple windows open, type a couple of characters from the app name and a couple from the window title. Prioritizes acronym matches. Character matches at start of the app name and start of any words in the window title get a higher score. Creates search shortcuts. Once you type a search query and select a window with up or down keys if necessary , typing the same query later will cause that window to be the first result.

Filter by Space.