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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Are there any updates with regards to releasing Mac version of character creation? Same here Hi, i am very interested in the mac version too.

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Especially as there is an imac pro out in december which should be really amazingly powerful. Please make iclone for mac. Kind regards, esther. I seriously doubt there is ever going to be a version for Mac, since the iclone engine relies heavily on dx 11 and nvidia tech, they would have to rewrite and port everything to opengl, resulting in two different engines, so RL would end up with two iclones and Just one budget for development, so if they did that they would shoot themselves in the foot, if RL was a bigger company maybe it would be feasable.

Junior Member. How can I import my character into Crazy Talk 8? Please help. Unfortunately there are no immediate plans to port iClone to Mac. Back To Top. Reading This Topic. Robertus Posted 4 Years Ago. Reply Quote. The high-end market Adobe is going for is too small to support profitable software development. Although directors have much less power in TV than in features, pilot directors do have some power to set standards for the rest of the series. It may take a while before both of these reasons no longer apply. Although the When it comes to the opinions of Hollywood insiders, it seems that Premiere is currently the only viable alternative to Avid Media Composer.

Although the ProApps team is very likely to want Final Cut to be the choice people make at all levels of production, will they be able to get the investment they need from the rest of Apple to make that happen? Apple have had offices in Los Angeles for many years. The number of Apple employees in the area rose significantly when the company bought Beats Music in That would mean Apple investing in the hardware and infrastructure to make high-end TV directly.

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On the hand, what else could Apple be doing in LA? They could be based in Los Angeles County.


Part of the Mac team seems to be based in Culver City. Help shape the future of the Mac in the creative market. The Macintosh team is seeking talented technical leadership in a System Architecture team. This is an individual contributor role. The ideal candidate has core competencies in one or more professional artists content creation areas with specific expertise in video, and photo, audio, and 3D animation.

The pro workflow expert will be responsible for thoroughly comprehending all phases of professional content creation, working closely with 3rd party apps developers and some key customers, thoroughly documenting, and working with architects to instrument systems for performance analysis. This is clearly running "OSX" to just about the same extent that PocketPCs are running "Windows" - except that Microsoft never pretended that they were running the "full desktop OS" - it was always well known that they were based on WinCE which was the actual brand used for several years before being renamed to Windows Mobile.

Jobs clearly implied that t Re: Score: 2 by liangzai writes: Quicktime and PDFKit are required to run Safari, so it should be part of the package. Besides, the whole iPod enchilada is based on Quicktime, so I can't see how you figure it is not included. Re: Score: 2 by quigonn writes: You are teh funny. And they indeed stated that the iPhone will be able to display PDF files.

The wa Huh? It doesn't require Apple to make source or changes to source available. It already runs on x86, x, ppc, and ppc It is also possible that something other then XNU is being used Score: 2 by weston writes: 2 Mac OS X is portable. OS X appears to be quite demonstrably portable Re: Score: 2 by shawnce writes: Exactly.

NeXT folks at Apple have a lot of experience with writing software and operating systems that can be compiled for multiple ISAs. The kernel is not the operating system Apple do not have to follow their own licence. Google it. It's a search engine one can use to verify things before postting their moronic assumptions on slashdot. Surely no-one had expected that the phone would be running the same operating system that runs on macs?

I imagine that kind of performance is available in mobile phones now. Probably not. Upset and angered? Most definitely. When it was announced that their apps would never be allowed to run on it, it was like he spit on each and every one of us. It's a personal insult to programmers.

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That's why the outrage. As for 'sure no-one expected' Why not? Why couldn't OSX? There really isn't a single "Linux operating system". Nobody expects the phone to be able to run every Mac OSX app exactly as a desktop would. I expect it to be just like the desktop version, but not as graphically advanced and lacking many of the apps you expect on a desktop. I don't expect a full word processor, spreadsheet, or other such apps, as they are not nearly as useful on a phone and Re: Score: 2 by Score Whore writes: No one. Absolutely no one thinks linux is "just a kernel".

Even the kernel coders who build it don't think it's just a kernel. You know how I know this? Because every one of them talks about it as if it actually runs. Linux-just-the-kernel doesn't do anything. Nothing at all. It is totally incapable of booting itself. It is totally incapable of creating the required filesystems. Even when given a pass on the chicken-and-egg problem ie.

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It is up to the author and the copyright holder, if they are even in fact different people. Apple are both! Because OpenDarwin doesn't? This whole article is horseshit speculation and a completely random nonsense of misunderstanding how software licensing works, who wrote and owns Darwin Apple! Score: 2 by LordKaT writes: I think the submitter found 12 different ways to say "the iPhone is not running OSX" Re: Score: 2 by assassinator42 writes: And yet none of them are actually valid.

It could very well be OSX at the core. Just because a particular Linux device doesn't have an X server doesn't mean it's not running Linux "in any meaningful sense". A little premature? Score: 5 , Insightful by P. Niss writes: on Saturday January 13, PM Any chance we could, like, wait for the iPhone to be, you know, actually released before we make definitive statements on what OS it is or isn't running? Right now, the only people who have any idea what OS is really running on the iPhone are the people who worked on it; I'm taking a wild guess here that you're not one of them.

Sure, I understand it's going to be a long six months with nothing but speculation to keep us warm at night. But let's keep in mind that, until we get our hands on the iPhone, it's speculation only, not knowledge. Source Code of Your Externally Deployed Modifications must be released under the terms set forth in this License, including the license grants set forth in Section 3 below, for as long as you Externally Deploy the Covered Code or twelve 12 months from the date of initial External Deployment, whichever is longer.

Share twitter facebook linkedin I was wrong! And IBM lists some versions that are low power and appear to be up to the task of running the iPhone. So there is no reason to suppose the iPhone is running ARM. Apple doesn't have to make any Darwin based operating system open if they don't want to. Their license restricts everyone else. It might not be, but my reasons were mostly wrong. They have their own coders to do what ever they need inhouse anyway. Apple has shown in the past that they are capable of recompiling their OS for different architectures -- they did it from PPC and x86 -- why wouldn't they just have recompiled a stripped-down kernel for ARM?

After all, they have all the source code, so if anyone could do it, it would be them. This article just doesn't make any sense. I don't know if the Slashdot editors were looking for an anti-Apple article so as to appear to be giving "equal time," but this is pretty idiotic. There are better criticisms of Apple in general, and of the iPhone in particular, than this.

Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re: Score: 2 by Overly Critical Guy writes: But we're talking "meaningful sense" here, people! In the meaningful sense! Didn't you read the summary?

Meaningful sense! Re: Score: 2 by jcr writes: What are these "editors" of which you speak? Cue mobile version of Vista. There may be more comments in this discussion.

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Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. That means it's not running on an Intel or PPC core. A Cingular rep has said the iPhone version of the OS source will not be made available.

It will be closed, like the iPod OS and not like Darwin. So if it ain't Darwin, it ain't OS X in any meaningful way. So, that leaves the question What OS is this phone really running? Not Linux or the source would need to be open. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. I can exclusively reveal Score: 5 , Funny. Its running Vista. Thats why its not available for a few months, Apple are waiting for the first service pack to be released.

Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:I can exclusively reveal Score: 5 , Insightful. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:I can exclusively reveal Score: 5 , Interesting. Maybe Apple is misleading us, maybe not Hard to say with a closed platform. Re:I can exclusively reveal Score: 5 , Informative. It could still be Darwin. Apple is the copyright holder, and can do whatever they want with their copyright unless it conflicts with someone else's, but most of Darwin is BSD.

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Re:I can exclusively reveal Score: 4 , Informative. It hardly seems a strech to expect that they could port it to a fifth platform, especially one they designed themselves. And, as you mentioned, they have no more obligation to release the source than they did for OPENSTEP; it's their code, they can do with it what they wish. The license agreement is a binding agreement between the copyright holders and people who want the code, not between the copyright holder and themselves.

I'm not sure why you bothered to reply to this article; it's so utterly wrong in so many ways. First of all, Apple holds the copyright to Darwin and can use it however they want. It shares many APIs, it's branched from the same codebase, but it's targeted and maintained for a completely different goal. Re: Score: 3 , Informative.

Re: Score: 3 , Interesting. I'm pretty sure that for any code to be checked back in to Apple's Darwin repository, copyright must be assigned to Apple. If you want to contribute code to, say, GCC, you must give up your copyright to the FSF, together with a signed sheet of paper that says you do in fact own the copyright of the stuff you are contributing. This is non-negociable and meant to avoid SCO-like l. Re: Score: 3 , Insightful. All good points - at the end of the day, it's just trademarks. There may be some parts in common, there may not, but the choice of name is decided by what brand name a company thinks is best, not what the technology is it's not like there's going to be much if anything left over from "classic" Mac OS, as opposed to Mac OS X.

I remember when various new versions of AmigaOS were being proposed over the last decade - strangely in those situations, everyone on Slashdot was screaming about how "It's not an Amig. Re: Score: 2 , Funny.