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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I am very new to Macs and have no idea. I'm a PC person. Hit special keys? Is this true? Thanks Macheads! Well Yaffy, System 7. Did you check the install insructions for YDL? Thanks man! I had no idea! Guess Mac isn't as anal about things as Microsoft eh? I only have a PC at my disposal to download it to I think your mac should be able to boot off the CD if you hold down the C key or maybe the C and D keys, or maybe the Command, C and D keys--it varies on boot. I know that Mac has OS 7.

Damn this Mac stuff is wacko! Tips and tricks: Shell switching, battery charge, getting the system's IP address and dealing with stubborn processes. Questions and answers: Adjusting system swappiness. Tips and tricks: Overview of options for running open Linux distros on mobile devices edition. Questions and answers: Extending battery life. Tips and tricks: Building software with Ravenports.

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OS Anonym. Linux MSC. Linux SCI. Rate this project. Yellow Dog Linux 4. This next evolution of Yellow Dog provides an incredible array of updates and improvements, the foundation for the most complete, integrated release to date: support for backlit keys; PCMCIA cell phone and modem support; support for Atheros wi-fi cards; dual head configuration via the GUI; install direct to and boot from FireWire drives; USB device auto-mount under both KDE and GNOME; greatly improved sound support; graphical Up2Date package install and update tool The new release is currently only available for members of YDL.

Yellow Dog Linux is an open source Linux operating system for home, office, server, and cluster users. The distribution combines a graphical installer with support for a wide range of Power hardware, leading-edge kernels, stable, functional compilers for code development, and servers for web, database, email, and network services. More than 2, packages are included on the install DVD. Distribution Release: Yellow Dog Linux 6.

Ubuntu Linux, Yellowdog Linux and Mac OS X, all on one PowerBook?

Fixstars has announced the release of Yellow Dog Linux 6. This release offers an updated kernel 2. With Yellow Dog Linux 6. Yellow Dog Linux 6. For end users, YDL 6. For developers, 6. Terra Soft has announced the release of Yellow Dog Linux 6. YDL 6. Distribution Release: Yellow Dog Linux 5. Terra Soft Solutions has announced the availability of an updated release of Yellow Dog Linux, version 5.

Yellow Dog Linux 5. The SDK is composed of development tool chains, software libraries, and sample source.

Need help installing YellowDog Linux on PPC 225 (Old World ROM)

Terra Soft has announced the release of Yellow Dog Linux 5. Yellow Dog Linux v5.

Designed for users of all ages and all levels of experience, Yellow Dog Linux v5. It will be released to public mirrors for free download in about one month's time. Originally released on 27 November, Yellow Dog Linux 5. It features a graphical installation program and includes the Linux kernel 2. Org 7.

For more information please read the Yellow Dog Linux 5. Here is a quick link to the latest DVD image: yellowdog Six months of design, engineering, integration, and testing has culminated in the finest release from Terra Soft to date. Designed, not just assembled, Yellow Dog Linux v5. For more information please read the release announcement and visit the distribution's product pages. The latest version of Yellow Dog Linux, a specialist distribution for the PowerPC processors, has been released to public mirrors.

Version 4.

Distribution Release: Yellow Dog Linux ( News)

After the usual delay, the new version has now been released for free download. Org 6. Read the original release announcement for more information. Download MD5 : yellowdog Get them from here: yellowdog Compared to version 4. The original press release with further details is available here. Distribution Release: Yellow Dog Linux 4. Terra Soft Solutions has released an update to Yellow Dog 4. The final Yellow Dog Linux v4. While shipping product will be available in approximately two weeks, Yellow Dog Linux v4. Essentials like X, sound, and the system clock should have worked without my intervention.

I can't blame them for not having Airport Extreme drivers. But come on, the system clock? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Ask Question. Asked 9 years, 7 months ago. Active 2 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 13k times. Is it possible to run Linux on a PowerMac G4? If so, how do I install it? Troggy Troggy 9, 7 7 gold badges 42 42 silver badges 71 71 bronze badges. Expect to get it wrong the first time and have to install again. Have another machine handy so you can Google for help when things go wrong ;- As for this install process itself: you boot from a cd, follow the onscreen text prompts, and hope for the best.