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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

By Kyledude , March 13, in General Discussion. Welcome to the forums.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

I might make a few tutorials on the forums instead. There are so many people with questions on how to install this thing. I think it's partly because a lot of non IT people that used to play RCT2 in the past want to give this a shot as well. They could do with some fine tutorials I think. When it asked for the RCT2 installation, I just directed it to that folder. I thought it would take something more than that, but it really didn't.

I just found out about OpenRCT and that it is playable on a mac. There is no download button, the only thing I can do is 'install game' on steam.

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The easiest way this works is you need a Windows running machine first, install the game on it, then copy that installed folder onto your Mac. Then, run OpenRCT2 on the Mac and when the program asks for the game folder, you direct it to the folder you transferred earlier.

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Another way could be by using Wine to install the game, then the same folder redirecting business. This is essentially the same 'Wine' method being used. If you don't know already, Wine is a software that makes a Windows friendly-ecosystem for the program you are wanting to install. Basically, the program will think it is running on Windows, but Wine is actually tricking it that way.

I wouldn't recommend running Vanilla RCT2 using Wine, since all programs need some optimization first. Instead, just install the game, then run OpenRCT2 instead. For every mac user who bought RCT2 on Steam, this is what you want. Very easy to download. It takes some time to download.

Run RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 on Mac

It's only 1GB but a there are a lot of small files. Ignore the part about Wine and skip to Native and follow the instructions. Click a bit above the up arrow. Because if you try to click on it, you'll somehow click the down arrow and fuck it up. It will getting smaller and smaller. I have even set it on 3. Otherwise your maximum zoom-in level is just still like half the map. I just like to see the people walking around and such. The native way which only uses the console is a very interesting method I must say That's the second time you've brought up the topic of pokemon profile pictures.

I'm settling this here and now. Hoping someone can help here: I am trying to download RCT2 from Steam using the method described in the link you posted. When i type that file location into finder it can't find anything. What did you mean by switching the back slashes to forward slashes? Where do i change that? Press go in top bar.

Hold alt so library apears in menu and press that. In steam i think the folder is called steam bundle or something similar. Then in there is a icon in there that looks like you're gonna open the app but double click it. This is where it gets weird and i think was partly just a glitch. When i she did this the window opened but was just black.

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She then closed it and re opened and it started right up. I know this is not perfect but i was doing it for my gf over video chat so i cant replicate it to write this. What i really learned is that i infact will not be going back to mac any time soon. Best of luck. I surely am looking dumb with this reply but anyway. How do I use GoG. It clearly is not a folder jk, was having a PC for quite a while and I know no wine-less ways to extract it Thanks a lot! UPD: Nevermind. I just extracted it on a nearby PC and brought data folder back to mac. All I get once I enter that instruction into Finder is this:.

Could you please post your solution so it may help other Mac users in the future. Should I go ahead and retry the first steps? I've tried all of the steps above. Can someone please explain how to get the data from Steam?

I bought the game just can't download it. I personally could never write a game that complex in assembly. Unfortunately assembly code cannot be adapted to modern operating systems and processor architectures easily.

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The only way to run Roller Coaster Tycoon on a modern operating system was using something like Wine or a virtual machine. But there is hope! I discovered the OpenRCT2 project today. It is amazing what they already achieved:.

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The OpenRCT2 project recreates the classic hit RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 into open-source code, expanding the game with new features, fixing original bugs and raising game limits. Several notable improvements over RCT2 are: Multiplayer co-op, a handy cheat menu and language support. The developers have taken the original game, decompiled it and rewrote everything into a newer language. This allows developers to extend the gameplay, alter the game, or even port the game to other platforms.

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