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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

DWF is a file format developed by Autodesk for representing design data in a manner that is independent of the original application software, hardware, and operating system used to create that design data. A DWF file can describe design data containing any combination of text, graphics, and images in a device independent and resolution independent format. These files can be one sheet or multiple sheets, very simple or extremely complex with a rich use of fonts, graphics, color, and images. The format also includes intelligent metadata that captures the design intent of the data being represented.

Download Design Review | DWF Viewer | Autodesk

DWF is an open file format. DWF files since version 6.

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DWF can be interfaced with. NET Libraries. Autodesk Design Review is a free viewing application that enables all members of the project team to easily view, measure, markup and print designs shared electronically.

Autodesk Design Review 2018

This feature makes DWF the ideal format for design reviewing and collaboration processes. The below statement is no longer true as an update to Autodesk Design Review was released in According to an Autodesk representative on the Official Autodesk user Forums, [4] the Design Review software is being discontinued. No new versions have been released since The version will remain available as a free download until such time as Autodesk decides that the functionality of Design Review can be replaced with some combination of other cloud-based products, such as Autodesk , Vault..

The result is that the entire project team can standardize on a common file format to exchange and review designs and sheet sets, at no additional cost. Freewheel was a way to view a DWF file without downloading software. It was also a web service which offered developers a web-based interface for viewing, querying, and manipulating DWF files. Freewheel has been replaced by the web based viewing and editing web service Autodesk Today DWF files are generated by all Autodesk products.

In addition, there are a variety of third-party applications that make use of the format.

How to view DWF files on the Mac OS without AutoCAD

PDF is an internationally recognized open file format developed by Adobe Systems to allow electronic exchange of any printable document, independent of the source application software, hardware and operating system. They will still terminate Design Review one day. They just released this version so it works well until their cloud platform is ready. Snipped from Autodesk Labs blog :. Autodesk will continue to offer subscriptions to desktop applications bundled into Collections for years to come; however, eventually, you are going to want to do everything from your mobile phone or tablet device.

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Yes, we could port our powerful applications to iPhones and the wide variety of flavors of Android devices, attempting to account for the particulars of each one, or we can use our Autodesk Forge platform to make our applications available as services from servers in the cloud with lots of CPU power and memory suited to the job. Until that time, customers can download, install, and use this latest Autodesk Design Review.

Are there any new features in this version? Unfortunately no. Cloud shortcuts are really just shortcuts. They look like icons, but when you click one of them, it will open the link in your internet browser.


If you use Design Review, at least this version will work for a few more years. Until Autodesk decide to terminate it permanently. I work as an Application Engineer in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm also a member of Autodesk Expert Elite, appreciation for individuals who give contribution to Autodesk community. Connect with me on twitter or LinkedIn.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I think that the real reason for releasing this new version is because after four years, they changed the DWG file format again.

But you might be right, the latest TrueView maybe needs new version of Design Review. Well, this what I meant,in my mind, the two products have always worked together, but I just wrote it down the wrong way. I have no idea why. I thought I saw yesterday, but I guess I was wrong.