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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

SMBUp itself has no "setup". When you say "it's all setup the way it was" what do you mean? When you uninstall do you check all options in SMBUp? Does it say it's working? I personally would prefer to know what do you mean when you say you uninstalled and then everything is the same. You should be getting errors all over the place if the uninstall was failing. Apr 29, PM. I can't speak for the original poster but I can say that on my Mac Mini running All the files you mention above are still there.

I get the "15 groups" error message for one user and no message at all for another user. When you open the uninstall dialog the "All installed" check box is checked but most of the items are NOT checked. I presumed, since it was checked, I didn't need to change anything. Also the plist files you mentioned are NOT removed. Jul 11, PM. Jul 11, PM in response to jfletcher4d In response to jfletcher4d. So, just to be clear, my Mini is now hosed, I cannot access and shares via Windows.

Replace SMB Server with open source version in Mac OS X Lion Server - Mac OS X Hints

Jul 12, AM in response to jfletcher4d In response to jfletcher4d. Sadly, by now you've done all these actions I can't help much with. But I'll go through them anyway. There's a simple one-line workaround to it but I didn't have time to tell you from the time you replied here to when you removed everything. I'll check the bug you mention, as it hasn't been reported before.

If you had ever, even unknowingly, placed a file in that structure then it would also remain. Finally: If the program finds any problems removing open files, permissions, etc. It affects whether Samba can run or not, only. The program should make sure Samba isn't running but external factors may make it look as if it isn't already. The plist files, though, also don't make a difference to the local network services, they only start or stop the Samba services.

From what I understand your mini is not hosed, but a single functionality for you is failing.

You say you "cannot access and shares via Windows". I imagine you mean you can't access any shared folders from Windows in the Finder. uses cookies.

This has never happened before for any user, the common error is not seeing network shared in the Finder's sidebar but accessing the shares has always worked with or without SMBUp Samba and SMBUP don't touch the Finder's ability to connect to network shares, but OS X loses the ability to automatically add servers to it sidebar if its netbios service is replaced. Can you confirm whether you can connect directly to servers? If you can connnect to the server manually and what you're missing is seeing the shared servers in the sidebar, you can force the Apple netbios daemon to start:.

Paste each of these lines separately in the terminal, since the first one will ask for your password and the rest won't. The first two lines make sure Samba is not running. The last two ensure Apple's netbios Daemon the one that talks to the finder sidebar is:. Jul 12, AM. When I say my Mini is "hosed" here is what I mean: I purchased this Mini to be a file server on my home network. I have at least 5 devices that need to access this server via SMB. So, without functional SMB sharing, the machine is useless.

At the folder did not exist. At after running SMBup the folder existed. So, again, the uninstall failed to remove the folders. I understand logically what you're saying, from a developer's perspective, but the fact remains your software created the files. The only reason they would be "in use" is because of changes your software made. These files did not exist prior to installing SMBup. Goodbye PCs, it's been nice knowing you. Hello, desktop as a service. Best Chromebook laptops for school. Supermicro raises Q4 revenue guidance. After cutting outlook, NetApp beats Q1 market estimates.

NetApp's top and bottom line results were weak, as expected, but the storage vendor says the fundamentals of its business model are strong. High-end storage for enterprise, small business, and home users. While much of the emphasis today is on cloud storage, sometimes that's not feasible, and you need a storage device that you can have on your desk to carry with you when to go out and about.

10.8.5 SMBUp Issues

How to speed up your old Windows 10 PC or Mac. Is your PC or Mac feeling old and tired? Here are two ways to inject new life into an aging computer. Xilinx launches Alveo U50 data center accelerator card. The Alveo rollout highlights how Xilinx is targeting the data center and platform processors. Seagate says cloud, hyperscale storage demand improving.

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Like other storage vendors such as Western Digital and NetApp, Seagate is navigating an uncertain economic environment. NetApp cuts outlook for fiscal Q1, fiscal The company said it remained confident that it had the right strategy, but sales are falling well short of expectations.

Western Digital says flash market has hit its trough. Western Digital says the flash market has bottomed out as it sees improving conditions for storage. I did not figure out where to enter user name and password for Linux share. Been trying for a couple of weeks to get network shares on from my mac to stream to the wdtv! NFS Enabler worked like a charm! This is excellent. After many painful attempts I was able to get it to work with the path method but for only one folder. Now for the next question: Can this work for more than one folder?

For example, I like to sync my iTunes Music Folder and My Pictures folder which are in very different locations on my hard drive. Will this work? How do you do it? Thank you everyone for the excellent help here. However, I jhave not been able to solve the sharing issue myself. What I have done:.

Unable to connect to the selected source. Please make sure the selected source is active and available for sharing".

How to UPGRADE - Mac - Os - X 10.7.5 to High Sierra

I spent a long time on the phone with a WD level 2 Mac support specialist, but he could not get it to work either. I had done everything as I should. The funny thing is that I have 3 installations of And on those two, the probelms were different. Very strange and unpredictable. One of the installations that did not work was even a fresh install. I did the Firecore download and added my iTunes music folder. This did sync which covers my music, tv shows, and movies because they are all subfolders. It seems to sync quickly when I add files such as tv shows but does not remove them when I delete TV shows.

I am not sure if this is a bug or not. To delete things I find I have to mount the drive via alias and delete manually. Does anyone know about this? Is this the case? Do you have to reboot the WD to have it remove things while syncing?