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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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So working together or checking on your devices can be done from anywhere in the world and there are lots of ways to do that, from sharing screens and files to having complete access to a system set up far away. Setapp equips you with all the apps needed to remotely access any device you need and elevate your work to the global level. How to access your Mac from another location There're two ways: you can allow remote login to your Mac from another computer, or allow others to access your computer using Remote Desktop it's available from the App Store.

Choose which users you want to have remote access or the ability to control your Mac. Now you can select who has remote desktop access. How to stay on the same page with Screens Collaboration has become of utmost importance to today's workplaces.

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This robust screen sharing tool for Mac supports: Multiple displays Drag-and-drop file sharing Hiding your remote screen while accessing it Accessing other computers e. Fortunately, there are much better ways: Native macOS File Sharing Few people know that their Mac has native file sharing functionality built in.

AirDrop Although not the most reliable solution, AirDrop works fine for occasional sharing a file between Apple devices. Dropshare If you don't want to send files Mac-to-Mac directly but rather through a cloud storage, there is no easier way than Dropshare. With a feature called Synchronizer Document, you can select which files need to be automatically synchronized and shared between devices, just like that: Create a new synchronizer document for each folder synchronization you'd like to perform Name the synchronization Change the Operation to Synchronize Bidirectional Select folders to sync on the left and right Test with a Trial Sync Do you need to use a VPN Virtual Private Network?

How to use your iOS device as a remote mouse If your remote work starts on a patio hammock somewhere in east Asia, you should note that Apple iOS devices, such as an iPhone or iPad, can be used to control a Mac remotely, much like a mouse can control a desktop or laptop.

How to Share files between a Mac and PC in 5 easy steps

These might also interest you: 7 essential productivity apps for Mac How to stop procrastination in its tracks How to stay focused at work Keep track of tasks, projects, and notes with Cloud Outliner How to setup a VPN on a Mac. Get Setapp. More reads you might like.

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By signing up, you agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. Setapp uses cookies to personalize your experience on our website. If you have more than one Mac, screen sharing lets you use one Mac to view and control your other Mac remotely. This means you can open, move, and close files and windows, and use apps—even if you're in another location—so you can always get what you need. Learn how to set up and use screen sharing. If you have more than one Mac, Apple Remote Desktop also lets you run apps and work with files that are on your other Mac, even if you're in another location.

So if you want to use an app that's only on your other Mac, you can.

Away from home? Here's how to access your Mac remotely | Macworld

Learn how to use Apple Remote Desktop. As mentioned above, my screen sharing video will show you how to view your screen remotely if you need to do so. You may need to forward the SSH service which runs on port 22 to your local Mac in order to access it from outside your local network. Owners of other routers should consult their manual or refer to PortForward.

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