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Schalter integriert ist. The present invention is a communication device having a transceiver PHY , which is integrated with a switch or switches. The invention may also include a common clock system which generates a first clock signal for driving the PHY, and a second clock signal for driving the switch. The PLL can drive a first clock generator to provide at a second frequency, which is approximately 66 MHz in one embodiment, timing signals to the switch. The PLL may also control a second clock generator which is designed to generate timing signals having a third frequency for operating external devices such as an SSRAM.

The third clock signal can be advanced relative to the second clock signal so that the external devices in anticipation of requests by the integrated switch can be activated. In one embodiment of the invention the third signal is advanced by between 0. The integrated switch may comprise an address resolution table Address Resolution Table, ARL having a unidirectional associative memory.

The shared memory block can provide integrated address manager capabilities available to the switch, whereby the consolidation of the switch and the PHY device s is facilitated in the same device. It is most preferred if the network switch of the present invention is embodied on a monolithic VLSI component.

Es zeigt: It shows:. The present invention will be described in connection with the communication protocol defined by the IEEE For the skilled person will appreciate that the description is exemplary in this respect, and that the invention in connection with other packet-based communications protocols may be performed, as well as Wire Speeds which exceed presently executed, for example, the Base-T standard.

Moreover, the skilled person is familiar with the IEEE In addition, reference is made herein to the disclosure of such standards IEEE A packet-based Layer 2 switch typically comprises basic components such as physical layer transceiver PHY , media access controller MAC , an address management unit, a packet switch fabric, random access memory, and the like. Die Integration einiger dieser Komponenten ist auf diesem Fachgebiet bekannt.

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The integration of some of these components is known in the art. The complete integration of all components on a single chip, however, can lead to inconsistencies in performance, for example, depend on the complexity of the switch.

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With an increasing number of nodes supported it more difficult to comply with performance requirements and size limitations, and still operate at or near Wire Speeds. Among the supported features a Layer 2 switch resolves the destination of frames that are received at an input port, by constructing a table of destination addresses and associated output ports. Eine Ethernet-Bestimmungsadresse ist typischerweise ein 48 Bit-Wert.

An Ethernet destination address is typically a 48 bit value. The build-up of Direct mapping for any address may therefore require 2 48 memory locations. Given the fact that only a small number of 2 48 addresses can be used in a LAN system, it is preferable to reduce the required memory for storing the addresses and the possibility of failure to minimize at an address search.

Procedures for accomplishing these goals include the use of a content addressable memory CAM , binary search algorithms, and hash tables with chain entries having a depth of greater than 1. Such procedures, however, can be expensive to implement and the frame rate resolution of destination addresses can deteriorate so that it can be difficult under certain circumstances to obtain an operation with wire-speed upright. Further, in the exemplary apparatus of the ninth port can be used as a port for a media independent interface MII may be configured, or as a high-speed expansion interface with an additional switch device which allows components with a higher port density.

The exemplary apparatus may also provide nine internal media access controller. Each MAC should have double speed and possess both half and full duplex capability. In half-duplex mode, flow control can be provided using backpressure. Im Vollduplexmodus sollte eine Flusssteuerung auf der Grundlage von Full-duplex flow control based on An integrated address management engine can Adressenlern- and detection capabilities provide even at maximum frame rates. The address resolution table may, depending on the memory size capacity for various addresses represent for example 16 k 16, Unicast addresses available.

Addresses can be added after the receipt of an error free packet to the address table. Broadcast and multicast frames can be forwarded to all ports except the input port. The ninth port of the device may be configured for either a MII interface or a high-speed expansion port. In MII mode, the port is coupled to an external transceiver and operates identically to the eight ports.

The extension mode can provide more than 2 Gbps of bandwidth for a second exemplary apparatus, whereby a non-blocking network switch having 16 ports is provided. Alternatively, the expansion port can be daisy-chained daisy for switching to a higher port density. It is preferred when the device uses a single clock signal input, for example a 25 MHz clock input signal to drive an internal PLL-device, from which all clock frequencies required by the exemplary apparatus can be obtained.

Continuing with this example, the frequency of the clock at 33 MHz, 42 MHz, Insbesondere ist es am meisten bevorzugt, wenn die Paketdaten-Speichertabelle In particular, it is most preferred when the packet data storage table 4 4 einen Speicher gemeinsam mit der ARL-Tabelle a memory together with the ARL table 5 5 nutzt.

An advantage of embodiments of the invention as a direct-mapped address table is that the number of memory accesses required for the address resolution per Ethernet frame, about one cycle per Ethernet frame for address learning and about one cycle per Ethernet frame for address resolution may be. Further, the Speicheraddressierlogik required for access to the ARL table can be minimized. In diesem Fall ist es vorteilhaft, wenn die Tabelle als ein einfachgerichteter assoziativer, dh Direct Mapped, Speicher konfiguriert ist. In this case it is advantageous if the table that is Direct Mapped, memory is configured as a simple directional associative.

The skilled person is readily able to choose an appropriate search method for a given structure. For themselves and together, are more advantageous ways to increase bandwidth, than to increase the clock frequency, as operations which use faster clock rates lead typically to increased power requirements and a need for a faster memory, which in turn the cost and can increase the complexity of the associated product. If it is desired to reduce the power requirements of a device and to minimize the costs switch, the above solutions are useful. Eg 32 items contains.

In a buffer memory per package only a transmit descriptor read operation per package is carried out, thereby to find multiple memory accesses, for example to a linked list of buffers in an external memory can be eliminated. With regard to the starting address of the frame and the length of the frame in the transmit descriptor, access is only performed to locate the entire packet to be transmitted. In a typical buffer solution with linked lists, which applies a small, fixed buffer block size, additional transmit descriptor reads may be necessary to locate each subsequent block.

Each additional reading means an undesirable reduction of the available bandwidth. Furthermore, the presently proposed approach with a single buffer per package reduces the number of buffers that need to be searched. Those skilled the significant savings in bandwidth is seen attaching to the solution with a buffer memory per package. The method of the individual buffer memory per package also improves the viability of bits per buffer free buffer pool tracking, and the need to search a large buffer pool structure can be mitigated or eliminated the method.

In view of the above explanations it can be seen how embodiments of the present invention to an operation of the switch at or near wire speed impact. For the skilled person will appreciate that one or more such blocks can be used to achieve the desired design criteria. Therefore, in this example, the address table entries in the address space of the index are offset by F0 h. Thus, a packet-based switch realizes the shared memory structure according to the contemplated invention performs, for each received frame a memory read operation for the address resolution and a memory write operation for the address learning in the address table by.

The reduced overhead, which is provided by embodiments of the present invention are available, leads to a reduction of memory accesses per Ethernet frame in this example has a frame length of 64 bytes, and the associated bus width is 64 bits. The only access for both reading and writing of single entry-direct-mapped address table can be assigned. Using this configuration, each MAC address maps to a single digit in the address table. Therefore, only one access may be necessary to check the MAC address or write. A single entry-direct-mapped address table can increase the likelihood of address collisions.

Can be reduced as shown 14 bits. The flow rate can be further improved by implementing a Speicherarbitrationsmethode such as a round-robin Speicherarbitrationsmethode with weighted priority. This procedure improves the quantification and arbitration of memory accesses of the memory structure, whereby latency losses and bandwidth requirements are further reduced. An embodiment of the present invention contemplates the implementation of a Speicherarbiters, which provides an arbitration for six types of memory accesses in this example are available.

The arbiter gives priority between the Ethernet port as the highest priority and that of a fixed expansion ports than the lowest priority for each of the memory access types. Each type of access is provided with a further priority, so that the access latency meets the requirement for maintaining the switching of the supported function at wire speed.

The selected Arbitration and the assigned priority are as shown in Table 1 below. In dem Beispiel von In the example of 5 5 wird ein 66 Byte-Paket gespeichert. Obgleich das Format, das normalerweise verwendet wird, um Ethernet-Daten anzuzeigen, ein Bytestromformat Although to indicate the format that is typically used Ethernet data, a Bytestromformat 40 40 ist, stellt is, is 6 6 die Ethernet-Daten auch in einem Bitstromformat Ethernet data in a bit stream format 41 41 , einem Nibblestromformat , A Nibblestromformat 42 42 , einem Bytestromformat , A Bytestromformat 43 43 und einem Wortstromformat and a word stream format 44 44 dar.

Eg 4, 8 or 9 tables use. Typically, a circular queue structure FIFO to a tail pointer, and a head pointer, which are maintained in each TX block. Wenn die Werte gleich sind, ist die Warteschlange leer. Der 9 Bit-Zeigerwert The 9-bit pointer value 47 47 gibt in diesem besonderen Beispiel den Kopfzeigerwert an. Typically, an allocation operation is needed for each received packet from the switch, and a free operation is needed for each transmitted packet from the switch. In one embodiment of the present invention a fixed number of buffer memories is used.

Used buffers are those which have been assigned to a receive port, but have not yet been returned or released from a transmission port. The Cache Manager is also responsible for finding unused buffer memory so that they can be allocated. Although it is a simple method for finding an unused buffer memory to create a buffer store list, such a list can result in undesirable space restrictions on a switch device, since the list area must be long enough to store all the buffer memory in a system, and further, any point in must be the list will be able to store the number of each or a pointer to each buffer memory in the system.

In a device list with squares, each square having a corresponding 9-bit pointer, bits of storage would be required, for example. Another embodiment of the present invention, however, which implements a bit-per-buffer method for finding free buffer memories, the memory requirement is reduced to only bits, each bit corresponding to a particular buffer. Hierbei wird benutzter Pufferspeicher angezeigt, indem das entsprechende Pufferspeicherbit gesetzt wird. Here, the used buffer is displayed by the corresponding Pufferspeicherbit is set.

Das Setzen des Bit in freier-Pufferspeicher-Poolspeicher Setting the bit in free buffer pool memory 8 8th in in 1 1 kann beispielsweise anzeigen, dass der Pufferspeicher for example, can indicate that the buffer memory derzeit benutzt wird. Der Pufferspeicher-freier Buscontroller The buffer-free bus controller 51 51 erfasst Anforderungen detected requirements 58 58 zum Freisetzen von Pufferspeichern und liefert Anforderungen for releasing buffers and provides requirements 59 59 an die Suchmaschine to the search engine 52 Select a defined from a group of states.

If it is available from the LIFO. In the Base-TX mode, the transceiver of the exemplary device may transmit a continuous data stream on twisted pair wire and received. During transmission nibble-wide 4-bit , data encoded by the MAC in 5-bit code groups and inserted into the transport stream.

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The retransmission packet may be encapsulated by the first two nibbles of Header replaced with a flow start delimiter and end delimiter is a flow attached to the end of the packet. When the MII transmit error input is confirmed during a packet transmission, the transmission error code group can be set in place of the corresponding data code group. Die Sender senden die Leerlauf-Codegruppe wiederholt zwischen Paketen. The transmitters send the idle code group repeatedly between packages.

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In TX mode, the encoded data stream may be scrambled cipher of a stream block and then serialized and encoded in MLT3 signal level. Following a baseline wander correction, adaptive equalization and clock recovery in TX mode the received data stream of MLT3 can be converted into serial NRZ data. The 5-bit code groups may be further decoded into 4-bit Datennibbles and supplied as the input current to the MAC. Der Flussbeginn-Begrenzer kann durch Anfangsetikett-Nibbles ersetzt werden, und der Flussende-Begrenzer kann durch Leerlaufcodes mit nur Nullen ersetzt werden.

EFI Metrix Berlin, Mit PDF 2. Damit kann der Zugriff auf Remote Content erlaubt oder verweigert werden. Die komplette Versionshistorie finden Sie auch auf der Webseite des Herstellers. CoPrA 5 ist ein Major Upgrade. Die neuen Funktionen in der Drucker- und DeviceLink-Profilierung erweitern die Schwarzerzeugung und transformieren sie in die neue Farberzeugung.

Wenn Sie CoPrA v4 nach dem 1. Die Neuerungen finden Sie detailliert in diesem Dokument zusammengefasst: switchwhats-new. The full list of changes can be found in the change log which is also included in all packages. It includes only minor changes including support for the Acrobat DC updates. PDFlib 9. Die neue MadeToTag-Version 1. Adobe hat uns mitgeteilt, dass dieser Fehler mit einer Version, die erst im April rauskommt, behoben sein wird. Die neue Version 1. Dies wurde mit der aktuellen Version behoben.

Ab sofort ist die neue PDiff-Version 2. Bitte nehmen Sie dazu Kontakt per E-Mail mit uns auf. Version 5. Was ist neu in ZePrA. Die neue Version 2.

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MadeToPrint Online-Dokumentation. Ohne langwieriges Suchen, kann sofort an der korrekten Stelle weitergelesen werden. Die Neuerungen finden Sie detailliert auch in diesem Dokument zusammengefasst: switchu1whatsnew. Preise in Euro zzgl. Hier finden Sie alle Neuerungen von Version 6. Kunden, die diese Anforderung gestellt bekommen, erhalten mit MadeToTag ein praktisches und solides Tool, das hilft — im oft komplizierten Abarbeitungsprozess der Barrierefreiheitsanforderungen — den roten Faden nicht zu verlieren.

In der neuen Version 1. Switch Neuerungen Video. Colorlogic hat mit Version 4. CoPra 4. Wir empfeheln allen Anwendern von CoPrA 4. Was ist neu in CoPrA 4. Convert colors: Fixed issue, where bitmaps using JBIG2 compression were not properly converted in certain cases. Noch bis Ende diesen Jahres, also bis Januar steigt der Preis auf ,- EUR exkl. MwSt pro Einzelplatzlizenz.

Zugreifen, lohnt sich also doppelt! Basierend auf getaggten PDFs werden u. Probieren Sie d'accord 3. Danach wird die neue Version als Vollversion installiert. Die drastischste Geschwindigkeitssteigerung werden Sie bei der Verarbeitung mehrere Dateien zur gleiche Zeit beobachten. Das Multithreading-Modul kann aber auch separat als erworben werden, wenn Sie keines dieser Pakete besitzen, oder darauf upgraden. Nachdem Sie alle Einstellungen vorgenommen haben, klicken Sie den Vorschau-Knopf und die Sonderfarben-Konvertierungen werden berechnet und angezeigt.

Der daraufhin erscheinende Dialog Zu verwendende Sonderfarbenbibliotheken erlaubt die Auswahl mehrere Bibliotheken durch Checkboxen. Ist z. Dies gilt umso mehr bei pastellfarbenen Sonderfarben. Entweder wird eine Warnung angezeigt oder die Datei in den Fehlerordner geschoben. In anderen Druckindustrien, wie dem Textildruck, ist z. Umstellungen der Betrachtungsbedingungen wirken sich nur auf spektral definierte Sonderfarben aus. Dropbox, GoogleDrive, interne Cloud oder Netzwerk angegeben werden.

Die konvertierten Dateien mit Warnungsmeldungen werden dann dort abgelegt. Zudem ist der Dialog Softproof Farbmanagement-Einstellungen optimiert worden. Die aktuelle Version 1. September stattfindet — um 10 Uhr auf deutsch und um 16 Uhr auf englisch. Das Bearbeiten von Dokumenten, die Formularfelder enthalten, ist mit MadeToTag komfortabler, schneller und somit deutlich effizienter. Dies sind nur zwei wichtige Verbesserungen.

Es gibt noch weitere neue Funktionen. Die Update-Version 1. Weitere Verbesserungen:. April gekauft haben, haben Anrecht auf ein kostenloses Upgrade auf Version 9. Juli stellte callas software in einem deutschsprachigen Webinar die vielen neuen Funktionen der pdfToolbox 9 vor. Webinar von callas. MadeToPrint Version 2. Neu in der aktuellen MadeToPrint-Version ist der Konfigurationsmanager, der die Handhabung von unterschiedlichen und komplexen Kunden- oder Projektkonfigurationen optimiert.

Der Wechsel zwischen den verschiedenen Konfigurationen ist einfach und schnell. Diese Dateien werden in einem neu erstellten InDesign-Dokument platziert und von dort entsprechend den Einstellungen des spezifischen Jobs oder Jobsets exportiert. Mit ColorAnt 3. Das ist hilfreich, wenn Sie z. Die in der control. Quite Hot Imposing Migration Guide. Integration der Reprofilierungs-Technologie.

Neuberechnung von DeviceLinks. Diese Funktion ist insbesondere dann hilfreich, wenn mit Hilfe des Druckerprofilierungs-Moduls Aktualisierung aus einem Referenzprofil ein optimiertes Druckerprofil erstellt wurde und danach alle DeviceLinks, die das Referenzprofil beinhalten, mit dem optimierte Profil neu berechnet werden sollen. CoPrA verwendet bei der Neuberechnung die gleichen Einstellungen, die im originalen DeviceLink-Profil verwendet wurden und tauscht automatisch je nach Position als Quell- oder Zielprofil ein aktuell verwendetes gegen ein neues Profil aus.

Genaue Informationen liegen uns dazu nicht vor. Dadurch sinken die Investionskosten vor allem bei kleinen Switch Projekten. Den dazu passenden Variablen-Satz liefern wir auch gleich mit dazu. Haben Sie Anregungen zu weiteren Aktionen? Dann nehmen Sie doch per Mail mit uns Kontakt auf. Die Version 4. Diese Version 4. Ist das nicht der Fall, so erscheint eine Fehlermeldung. Releasenotes als PDF. Die Neuerungen in Metrix v Ab der neuen Version 2. MadeToPrint 2. Version 3. Damit ist ColorAnt 3. Die Hauptneuerung in ColorAnt 3. Video mit allen Neuerungen zu PitStop 13 update 1.

Download DLS-Manager. Hier finden Sie ein Video zu allen Neuerungen zu Switch Switch 13 nutzt dazu die neue Komponente "Switch Webserver". Um diese Art von Meldungstypen zu protokollieren, kann diese in den Voreinstellungen eingeschaltet werden, was insbesondere beim entwickeln und testen von neuen Flows sehr hilfreich sein kann. Die Performance von Switch 13 konnte verbessert werden, da "automatisch verwaltete" Ordner nun nicht mehr extra gescannt werden Switch kennt den Inhalt eh bereits. Nur noch Ordner, welche vom Anwender verwaltet werden, werden gescannt.

Die automatische Ausrichtung erfolgt allerdings nicht bei bestehenden Flows - die man ja vielleicht auch lieb gewonnen hat Dies ist nun in Version 13 gefixt worden. Quite Imposing Plus v4 steht seit dem Aktuell ist jetzt die Version 4. Die neuen Funktionen sind auch im aktualisierten ZePrA4. Ab ZePrA 4. Welche Profile sind im Basic-Set enthalten? ZePrA 4. Ihre ZePrA 4 Lizenz ist mit der neuen 4. Version 4. Juni Discard hidden layer content and flatten visible layers: Problem solved, where processing resulted in an unexpected result in some cases [FP].

Schwarzpunkt und TAC. Teilweise kann die dunkelste Tiefe mit reinem Schwarz gedruckt werden, d. Fehlerkorrekturen in CoPrA 3. Zudem sind diese gespiegelten Objekte in jeder Hinsicht bearbeitbar. Anwender, die PitStop 12 ab dem 2. Kunden, welche PitStop Server 12 seit dem 2. Elpical Software, a leading provider of automatic image enhancement and image workflow solutions, announces the availability of the latest version of its Claro automatic image enhancement solution.

Over the years, Claro has become the automatic enhancement solution of choice for customers around the globe offering the best value for money in its category. Renowned publishers rely on Claro to automate retouching of images, ready for production. They enjoy consistent, high quality results for their print editions as well as their electronic publications.

Elpical consistently focuses on bringing improved image analysis and quality enhancement. Claro 10 is also a major step forward in user-experience. Truly a milestone for Elpical and its customers; version 10 features a completely new user-interface as the most visible change. The answer to the question what makes a good user-interface is not a constant.

Expectations are changing as new technologies are adopted. Hence the new user-interface for Claro, designed to be easy on the eye and intuitive. With version 10 Elpical now has a user-interface that is in line with the great technology inside, a core technology that has never stopped evolving. Some use warm and soft images i. Customers always have been able to customize settings to accommodate these different styles. But in version 10 we go a step further. Customers are able to apply a new intelligent color filter that allows for warmer or cooler images using any color they please.

Applying a color filter on a complete image is great for the colors in an image but not so great on the neutrals i. The new Claro color filter allows keeping the neutrals neutral while enhancing the colors in images. And, as with all Claro image enhancement features, completely automatic!

Claro 10 features a complete license overview, and ability to activate a new license online, in real-time. Licenses can also be de-activated, if they need to be moved to another machine. Claro has been available in a rental model for a while, avoiding the initial investment of a purchase. Now you can rent Claro by the month, with the option of automatic renewals.

Automated invoicing, credit-card payments and license renewals ensure smooth uninterrupted Claro usage. Claro 10 offers the ability to create multiple user accounts and assign privileges to those accounts. This leads to better application management. Claro 10 is immediately available. Trial versions can be downloaded on the Elpical website. A new license is required for upgrades from previous versions. Please contact support elpical. Version 1. Mit der neuen Version 1. Vorlese-Software zugute kommt. Kunden, welche Enfocus Connect 12 seit dem 1.

Dezember erworben haben, erhalten das Upgrade auf Version 13 ebenfalls kostenlos! Sie erhalten Ihren Connect 13 Lizenzkey unter: www. Wir empfehlen deshalb allen ZePrA 4. Zur Aktivierung ist es notwenig, das Passwort zweimal einzugeben. Zum einen wird durch die Farbeinstellungen in der Konfiguration der Transparenzfarbraum eindeutig definiert, falls dieser in der PDF-Datei nicht bereits eindeutig sein sollte. Stefan Andreas Keller, Dr. Andreas Meyerhans Dr. Susanne Brupbacher lic. Enrico Natale und lic.

Projektverantwortung Prof. Simone Maria Berchtold Dr. Larissa Birrer Prof. Sara Galle lic.

Eliane Kurmann lic. Darko Senekovic Dr. Dominik Sieber Dr. Milena Svec Goetschi Dr. Simone M. Berchtold ff. Dorothee Guggenheimer , , , , Dr. Margit Gigerl ff. Colette Halter ff. Edwin Hof ff. Michael Mente Prof. Peter Orth ff. Regula Schmid ff. Aline Steinbrecher ff. Hannes Steiner , Prof. Stefan Sonderegger , , , , Prof. Peter Stotz Prof. Georg Vogeler ff. Datenerhebung, -bearbeitung, -speicherung Bei jedem Anfordern resp.

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