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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Files won't "drop" after dragging them. What should I do? What's causing this? Laurice Laurice 11 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. What happens instead? Does it snap back? Sometimes it may stick and you have to click to drop. Does that work? Double click to drop if you have Drag Lock on. So you use the trackpad only? How do you perform the drag then? Do you have "dragging" enabled i.

Or is your problem solved? An anonymous user posted the following as a suggested edit to one of the answers to this question: This seems to be related to Avatron's Air Display, see this post. Daniel Beck. That happens to me in Lion after I boot my computer. My drag and drop was not working, so went looking for cause. I tried all of suggestions above, plus updating to a new operating system and still no success.

And tech at Apple Store was baffled. Turned out we were looking at only a symptom as drag and drop was working in Word.

And I also noted i could not create a new folder on my Desktop. So, I googled for that problem and found a recommendation way down in the comments that indicated how to change Desktop back to a folder; the recommendation that worked perfectly was to quote :. I solved the drag and drop problem another way on my MacBook Pro, Sierra os.

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By chance, I discovered that it usually works if I select the file using less pressure on the touchpad than usual. I tried a bunch of things in the article and comment, and this one finally worked.

How to Move Files and Folders in Mac OS X Lion

I appreciate you taking the time to post what worked for you. Simply replacing the batteries on my cordless mouse solved the problem. I could still point and click before, but not drag. Use the touchpad with three fingers to test before you invest in new batteries. Great Luck!!! Thanks very much for posting this solution. No trackpad, but I went through the plist deletion solution, chucking out any drivers of mice etc. Many many thanks — it was driving me nuts!

But I had little choice but to upgrade after apps e. El Capitan has been issue after issue like this. Spotlight is so much slower, Launchpad is a joke of sluggishness, and the new side-by-side feature sometimes hangs the machine so as to be unusable. I find that if I double click my mouse in fact I using a Wacom Tablet I can get the drag select to start working again, and I can easily break it again by double clicking.

I am having some trouble with drag and drop since I updated to macOS Sierra. So I have to minimize all other windows that are opened to be able to drag and drop. It is so annoying.

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  8. Does anyone have the same problem as me? I selected the file and tried to move onto another folder but nothing happened and the file is vanished and no more in neither of the two folders, nor on the desktop. Where should I look for it? Ok, my problem is even simpler. Urs worked like a champ. I had trouble with the drag and drop not working and it ended up being gunk on the track pad, so definitely check that before you make any significant changes to your Mac! Wiping it up with a simple wet wipe and letting it dry will do the trick. Thanks for sharing the tips!

    I am having trouble with Mail while typing a message. I select a passage, drag it to a new location. That works but the original is left behind. It moved a copy. I think this is happening in a few other apps too. I wan it to move the passage not copy the passage. Now my icons can go from point A to point B. Brand new mac powerbook with OS X capitan. Drag and drop keeps failing. Re-launching the finder and restarting every 5 minutes is not a viable option. My problem is that drag and drop is intermittent.

    I think sometimes, the drag itself does not work either. This is just a finder problem. I agree with Bill that none of the solutions here are really solutions, just work-arounds for Apple software issues that should not be happening. So I looked at the names of the files mentioned above, — com. Can you explain how to change the value please. Thank you! Who would have thought something as simple as relaunching the finder would solve what was causing me so much grief and wasted time. I pried up the mouse button, blew it out, and then put the mouse button back down and clicked a few times forcibly.

    Omg, two palms to the face. I tried everything then saw your comment, worked. The simplest fix too. Your suggestion of removing the. Thank you. Wow… this tip works for me. My new MacBook Retina got this issues. Drag and Drop now working fine! Turning the bluetooth on and off worked for me.

    Get Tap-To-Drag Back In OS X Lion [OS X Tips]

    It sounds misguided to suggest this is due to a faulty trackpad when a number of people are having the same problem. Ditto what KrazyKags says. Good to know, but it has not happened to me, yet. However, a maybe related problem that makes the drag and drop really needed is the following. I want to send an email to someone, and I want to include a file F. In the mail program I go to the icon that makes including possible, click on it, get Finder, and want to choose the folder X to find and choose file F there. But what Mail does is imediately include folder X.

    So I have to delete it and then drag and drop F to the email. This was not the case some updates of OSX ago, but it keeps on happening. A bug in my computer, in mail, or in my brain? Anyone using AirParrot will have this problem. Only fix is to uninstall, not delete, the app completely. Drag and drop works fine on the new Mac Force Touch trackpads, use it frequently, though when you first encounter it on a new Mac, it does take a little getting used to. The secondary force click is smart enough to not activate while dragging, too. Name required.

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    Screen Sharing: Drag and Drop copy - Mac OS X Hints

    January 14, at am. Karla says:. January 11, at am. Jonathan M says:. December 14, at pm. This is done via the image picker in the settings window properties tab. Color, blur, and opacity options are available for Terminal windows. These are accessed on the color picker palette, summoned by clicking on the color well in the above. The standard Terminal window settings include a new translucent setting named Aerogel. The new Terminal application in Lion contains four built-in services.

    By default these services are not active, and must be turned on in the Keyboard Shortcuts system preference pane. New status controls includes display in tabs and minimized windows; and the showing of live content, with unread text, busy, and bell count indicators. Mention of third-party websites and products is for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.