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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Maybe that's because I put this in the CNC area, and I didn't talk about the part that got me going on this topic. I posted pictures of a different part. The problem I'm talking about is a general problem. It applies to any part I draw, even if made manually. The part in the pictures which I machined a long time ago is not a CNC part. The compatibility problem I'm discussing applies to any part, manual or CNC or woodworking, for that matter so I didn't trouble myself to make sure I was using a CNC part to illustrate the point.

I'm not sure I've ever drawn anything for CNC. The part I was working on when I got back into this has already been made on a table saw and band saw. I didn't draw it so I could make it.

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I just drew it for CAD practice. It's a very simple wooden jaw for a lathe bed clamp. It has to be milled into a rectangular block.

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Two steps have to be cut into one side. Two holes have to drawn through it. Then the opposite side has to be milled off in a round shape. In order to create a drawing with all the features, you have to be able to rotate the part in the program. You can't put features in a side you can't display.

If you can only put features in one side, you have to do a separate drawing for each side. That would work perfectly well, as would using a pencil to draw on a napkin, but after using Alibre so much and getting used to seeing the entire part, it would be tedious and kind of a drag. It would also be hard to show parts to people who aren't used to looking at 2D drawings and picturing the resulting parts in 3D. I'm learning more as I investigate. The easiest answer is to give in and upgrade to Geomagic Design. To avoid that, I looked at Onshape and Fusion I learned that Onshape is useless for people who want to work offline, so it's out.

Also, I might want to design something and not tell our dear president about it. That leaves Fusion If you choose, you can use Fusion offline. It also exports files for download, in a number of formats. I'm fiddling with it now to see if it's a good answer. So far, the interface looks like something I can handle without years of study.

As for the simplicity of the part pictured above, it requires a bunch of operations. It has to be turned on a lathe. Then the sides have to be milled off. Then it has to be drilled and countersunk from both ends. The reason that's not obvious is that the details are missing from the first picture because they got lost somewhere in the conversion process. You can't see them in the second drawing because they're not visible from that angle. The basic body of the part could be made easily on a mill, but it's a lot faster on the lathe, so that's what I did.

Wastes more metal than the mill, but I don't care.

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The smaller countersunk bores and the milling of the sides are mill operations. Discussing that part further would be a distraction which would degrade the thread. Its not well known, but it should do what you are looking for. For that I get the use of it for my lifetime including all the upgrades at no additional cost. It is a full 3D CAD program including Solids and it will also create the code necessary to produce the part. It has quite a number of post processors to adapt the code to your particular machine. It runs on Linux, not Windows, so you need a Linux box to run it.

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