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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

That gives me one central place where all my feeds are synced, including per-article read and unread status. I do most of my feed reading on my iPad, anyway. John has a different approach to sorting and reading his online news. He uses a collection of apps and websites, and he has a hierarchy to go along with his various sources.

I use a variety of ways to gather information and research articles. I also use Reeder as an RSS reader.

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Internally, we have some specific Apple feeds piped through to a dedicated Slack channel. The apps I use are Apple News and Feedly. I like Apple News because it gives me news from a wide range of sources, and it groups news based around categories, like Tech, Music, and Entertainment.

I can get breaking news alerts as well. Also, I like the fact that Apple has real news editors that curate the content. Like Apple News and pretty much any news app it sorts news into categories. You can integrate other services, subscribe manually to websites, and organize your articles into folders by using the drag and drop tool.

You can use light and dark themes to customize the appearance.

The thing which holds Leaf back, apart from other minor inconveniences is the article load time. When you click on an article, it takes a tad bit more to load the article than the other services mentioned here. It is frustrating when you are trying to go through a lot of articles in a single sitting. It is the only app in this list which is present on multiple platforms including iOS , macOS, and Android. So, if you own multiple devices and want to sync your articles across them , Feedly is for you.

NewsBar for iOS

However, its Mac client is not as feature rich as other clients on the top of our list. The service is very buggy and limited. It has no integration with any other online services, so you are dependent on Feedly to provide you with the desired feeds. Also, my main annoyance with Feedly is not the lack of features, but the fact that it follows a paid subscription model. Most people prefer upfront payment over subscription model as they are a hassle to deal with.

NewsBar for Mac

The free model comes with a lot of restrictions. It only shows up to feeds at a time and allows you to share the articles to only a few social media websites. You will have to become a paid member to lift all these restrictions. Newsflow If you do not want all the advanced features and need something simple, check out Newsflow.

Best Mac + iOS RSS reader

It is a very simple feed reader and is very easy to setup and use. The app, when launched, gives you a vertical list of articles which you can scroll through.

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You can click on any article to read it in a simple mode, or, you can load the whole website in the inbuilt browser. Safari Yes, you read it right. The browser that comes with your Mac can also act as an RSS feed reader. However, it is pretty basic and you should expect yourself to readily grow out of it. Having said that, if you are just starting out, this can be a good place to begin with.

1. ReadKit

You will have to manually visit the websites and subscribe to them. After you have added your subscriptions, you can see the list of articles in the left pane of the Safari window. We used a number of readers and selected what we found to be the best in the market. So, do you like our list? Which one of these you think is the best? Do let us know in the comments section below, and also tell us if you are using other services and why.