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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Some of my older images still reflect the old LR4 develop sliders instead of the new LR5 sliders. If I click reset, the LR5 sliders appear, but I loose all my edits. Some images shot during the same photo shoot reflect the new sliders. Very weird. Any ideas? Thanks Donna. Hi Donna — if the sliders are different that means they were edited in Lightroom 3 actually. LR4 and LR5 are exactly the same. You can always go to the Calibration panel, and under Process Version, choose the old and not as good version. Well, migration to LR5 has been anything but easy — not a single preset, brush or plugin came across.

Reinstalling all the above is simply not an option. This is a first for me — to have an Adobe program be such an epic installation fail. Purchased LR5. Having difficulty installing Smug Mug plug in. Any step by step directions?

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Thank you! I downloaded LR5 free trial and it wont let me launch it. It dont show the LR icon and when I click on it it says it can not open because its unrecognizable, can anyone help me? This may seem like a stupid question, but: if I want to re-install LR5 is the catalog still kept? Lightroom catalog files are not part of the installer, so Steve can uninstall without it impacting his Lightroom catalog.

Given that Lightroom is exactly the same from CC or not from CC, there is no advantage to uninstalling his purchased version and then reinstalling from CC. Thanks Matt for checking up on that for me. Smart Previews and the Radial filter make it well worth it. I just installed Lightroom 5 on my desktop pc. How do I install a 2nd copy on my laptop? I am curious, Is it a good idea to have the catalog on my hard drive or install the catalog on my IMac hard drive. And is it better to keep my photos on my IMac hard drive for post editing and then copy the images later to my external hard drive.

I appreciate your assistance and look forward to your comment. The same thing is happening to us. We are a color correcting company so we deal with smart previews and catalogs all the time. But every once in a while we will get a catalog that has all the images grayed out in the develop mode you can see the image but only one at a time and the rest of the film strip line is also grayed out.

It really slows down production time. If anyone has an answer I would love love love to hear it! Can anyone help me? I am having an issue with LR5. I am running on a dual core i5 Macbook with hyper threading and 16 gb of ram. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but I still have the same issue.

Any thoughts? I am out of town right now working so I have not had a chance to call Adobe. When I upload my new Adobe 5 from the 3rd…. Hi Matt.

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I am fairly new to the world of Apple Mac and have been dabbling with LightRoom 3 for some time now. I have decided to stop dabbling and have acquired a MacBook Pro. Historically I have been working on a standalone desktop Mac whenever working with photographs. Please can you advise how I go about upgrading from my LightRoom 3 to Light Room 5 on a completely new machine?

I watched the napp video. If I put folders inside a single catalog, can I still search the entire catalog or do I have to search within each folder? If not, how to I get my user collections into LR5. And, what will happen to the catalog since it was created with LR 2? I think you can install it on 2 computers so if you do buy it, and the school lets you , you may be able to install it on both.

When viewing old photos from lightroom 3, Lightroom 4 gave me an option to update the photos and then process them with Lightroom 4 controls. I cannot find this update option in Lightroom 5. My old photos only show the controls of Lightroom 3 inside Lightroom 5. Hi Stuart. They changed how you upgrade to a new process version in LR5. Select the photo you want to upgrade and go to the Develop module. Click on that to upgrade the process version to I have the same problem with lightroom 3 photos not able to be processed in LR 5 alas, no lightnig bolt found under histogram?????

I installed 5, but it did not prompt me to move the 4 file. I cant seem to do it any way at all, tried all of the above and open recent does not work, import might but I have no way of knowing how to find the 4 catalog, i cant access the lr4 file from import.. Hi Matt! My situation is that I work with multiple catalogs that are accessed by multiple users.. Is it backwards compatible? Thanks for the post. Have a question about Lightroom CC. I have purchased the LR 5 upgrade but have not installed it yet on either my iMac or Macbook.

I am a confused new user to Lightroom. This is what I know: -I have 5. And how? Thank you — signed Confused in Colorado. The first one all about catalogs and organizing your photos goes into most of the things you brought up. Can it be moved back to iPhoto? I installed nik collection after i installed LR5. Silver EFX runs but nothing happens. Matt: Is there an easy way to combine a catalog on a desktop and a second catolog on an external drive into just one catalog on the ext.

Hi Alan, This is how I combine one catalog to another. Open the catalog that you want to add into. Then locate the catalog that you want to combine it with, and just follow the succeeding dialog boxes. Hope this helps. I upgraded to lightroom 5 and Facebook, smugmug,flickr and everything else I try to upload says not connected to internet. I have the same issue with the new 5. It seems that Facebook or Flickr plugins do not work. It indicates that there is not app for them. Also, I have lost the Help. Nothing works. Please help. Should I have uninstalled the Beta version before installing the upgrade LR5?

Do you need to update the old catalogs? Oh, I still have a problem with LR when I use a plug-in.

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I have to close LR and then reopen for it to stop. Any ideas what could be causing this? This all started with LR 3 and has continued. It happened on my old Windows machine too. When you drag and drop images fron LR4 to Facebook or Flickr, does it automatically reduce or resize the image? Great question Maria — and the answer is yes, you can do that… There are a lot of export options actually — see:. Publish from Lightroom to Facebook or Flickr. I had previously purcahsed and installed CS5. Do I get a discount buying Lightroom 4?

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If so, how do I go about getting the discount? Greetings Eugene, thanks for your question. If so, then you just need to add that extension back to the end of that filename — and then double-click it to get started with the LR4 installation. Please help me to do that. Sure Jan, buying or upgrading to Lightroom 4 is easy to do — just make your selection, download, and follow the instructions:.

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As described in the article, your current photo catalog should migrate up smoothly when you run LR4 the first time, and then you are ready to go. Hey there Johnnette, where did you buy it from, and why do you have more than one serial number? My husband just recently bought me Lightroom 4 online and it gave me a serial code to use. We figured that I need to download the free trial first before I could upgrade.

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What am I doing wrong? The application was unable to start correctly 0xcb. Click OK to close application. I purchased lightroom 4 awhile back and installed it on my desktop. Am I able to do this? My laptop does not have a disk drive, just wondering if this is possible. Yes Kristen, you can just download the old LR4 version using the direct links given above make sure to carefully follow the download instructions first , and then install it from the.

DMG file you received. The instructions are given in the article above 5 steps. To receive future Adobe discounts and coupon savings directly from ProDesignTools. Thanks for subscribing!

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Soft proofing Easy video publishing Additional local editing controls Enhanced online sharing integration Emailing directly from Lightroom Importing libraries from other software. Do you have any questions about Lightroom 4? Comments 30 Leave a comment. March 6th, at Hope this clears it up. March 8th, at March 10th, at Hello Betty, since you purchased LR3 that recently, you should be able to either: a get a free upgrade to LR4, or b return LR3 to Adobe for a refund and get LR4 instead… See the instructions and links in the article and comments above, or simply contact Adobe via live chat and see what they can do for you.

Please let us know how it turns out for you — thanks! There are various types of subscriptions, ranging from subscriptions for students, teachers, individuals and entrepreneurs to personal plans for photographers and institutions. Any user can now independently and completely free of charge download the Lightroom mobile version. You can use the mobile app without a subscription and Creative Cloud membership, but your cloud box will not be available for synchronization with other devices.

However, all other features, tools and image editing functions are preserved. The program works in the same way as Lightroom CC desktop. Unfortunately, now there are a number of serious dangers that can become your reality if you use pirated versions of computer programs. Not all of them are obvious, therefore they represent a hidden danger. Respect other people's copyrights or the law will make you respect them forcibly.

From the first point of view, the free use of pirated versions can seem quite a pleasant saving of your money, but think that no one can fix the errors that arise when working on such software. This is very unreliable, especially for photographers, for whom Lightroom is one of the means of earning money.

One of the main advantages of original versions of the product is instant access to the latest updates. The manufacturer can fix some errors, add additional functions and all this will automatically come to your version of the product. With a pirated copy, you will be deprived of the latest updates, and attempts to join the official system can lead to a significant penalty. Most often it happens that in packages with pirated copies there are also files of viruses, adware or any other malicious software that can make adjustments to your account, block access to the Internet, control your browser or, worst of all, harm your computer at a deeper level.

In addition, a professional set of tools makes it possible to change a large number of parameters, adjust the white balance, add brightness, and create new color solutions. It is convenient to save the old settings as a preset, which can be used for future images. You can process images separately or apply the same settings to several groups of images at once. Chasys Draw IES can be successfully used as a photo editor and convert files in one click and without additional preparation.