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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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You can compress all pictures in the file or just the ones that you select. Compressing a picture to reduce the file size changes the amount of detail retained in the source picture. This means that after compression, the picture can look different than before it was compressed.

How to Compress Images in PowerPoint (Reduce Image Size)

Do any of the following:. Compress all pictures. On the File menu, click Reduce File Size. If your document is saved in the older. To use the Reduce File Size option, save your document in the newer. On the Picture Quality pop-up menu, do one of the following:.

Compress pictures

Compress the selected picture. Click the Format Picture tab, and then click Compress.

Picture compression options

To use the compress options, save your document in the newer. Higher resolutions like HD ppi pixels per inch equate to the highest quality photo with larger file sizes. Lower resolutions like email 96 ppi pixels per inch equate to lower quality photos that can appear grainy on large overhead projectors, and thus smaller files sizes. If you are simply emailing a presentation to a colleague to view ONLY on their laptop it will never be presented on a large overhead screen then you can get away with a much lower resolution. Either way, test your presentation before you run it.

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For help running your PowerPoint slide show, see our guide here. Note that in this case, the ppi and ppi image resolutions result in the exact same image size. Another option for compressing your images is to simply convert your PowerPoint presentation into the PDF file format. The reason why this works so well, is the PDF file format automatically compresses images for you and removes other media that could be influencing your file size.

Compress pictures to reduce the file size in Office for Mac - Office Support

That said, you do lose a lot of native PowerPoint functionality in the PDF format, so I would only recommend doing this if you are distributing your slide as PDF handouts. To learn everything you need to know about the PowerPoint to PDF conversion process, see our guide here. Compressing images in PowerPoint is one to dramatically reduce your overall file size so that you can more easily share your presentation with other people. If you are using a USB drive to share your presentation or you are just running your presentation from your own computer, there is no need to go through the hassle of compressing everything.

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Simple steps to reduce image file size using a Mac

We collect and protect your information in accordance to our Privacy Policy. That said, Compressing images like this is NOT always necessary. Picture compression options.

How do you compress images in word for mac?

Apply only to this picture. No other images in your presentation are affected hence why this is the default option. Delete cropped areas of pictures. This option affects whether or not PowerPoint keeps the cropped areas of your photos.