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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

An iCloud account can include an email account, much like MobileMe ,. Mac , and iTools did previously.

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However, unlike MobileMe and its previous iterations, the email account is an optional part of an iCloud account, in that the user can choose to use a non-iCloud email address as their iCloud Apple ID. The email account can be accessed using any standard IMAP-compatible email client, as well as via web browser at iCloud. Additionally, on an iOS device, iCloud email is push-enabled. Users who converted existing MobileMe accounts to iCloud accounts kept their existing " me. As well as retaining their previous addresses, users also received the matching " icloud.

As there is only one mailbox per account, all messages sent to any of a user's iCloud email addresses end up in the same inbox. Find My Friends was added to iCloud alongside the launch of iOS 5, allowing users to share their current location with their friends or family.

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The feature also allows someone that finds the user's lost iPhone to call the user directly without unlocking it. Similar phone finder services under various names are available for other families of smartphones. Activation Lock was introduced in with iOS 7. It is integrated with iCloud and Find My iPhone feature. Once restore is completed, the device will ask for the Apple ID and password that has been previously associated with it, in order to proceed with activation, ultimately preventing any stolen device from being usable.

As of iOS 9, Find my iPhone is a built-in app, and thus cannot be removed. It was initially available to US users only. Customers also have the choice to keep their original copies stored on their computers or have them replaced by copies from the iTunes Store. If a user stops paying for the iTunes Match service, all copies of the DRM-free AAC iTunes Store versions of tracks that have already been downloaded onto any device can be kept, [51] [52] whether on iOS devices or computers. It will be included in an ad-free version for subscribers to the iTunes Match service and is currently available only in the US and Australia [53].

The streaming Genius shuffle is not available in current versions of iOS but is available in iTunes on the Mac. On January 28, , ad-free iTunes Radio was discontinued and is therefore no longer part of iTunes Match. During the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC keynote speech, iWork for iCloud was announced for release at the same time as the next version of the app versions of iWork later in the year. This allows the user to edit and create documents on the web, using one of the supported browsers; currently Safari , Chrome , and Internet Explorer.

Photo Stream is a service supplied with the basic iCloud service which allows users to store the most recent 1, photos on the iCloud servers up to 30 days free of charge. When a photo is taken on a device with Photo Stream enabled, it is automatically uploaded to the iCloud servers; from there, it is automatically pushed to the rest of the user's registered devices. Photos in Photo Stream will automatically be removed from other devices after the user reaches the 1,photo or day limit.

The service stores all of the user's photos, maintaining their original resolution and metadata. Users can access their iCloud Photos on supported devices via the new Photos app when available or via the iCloud Photos web app at iCloud. The amount of storage is shared across all devices per iCloud Apple ID.

Several native features of iCloud use each user's iCloud storage allowance, specifically, Backup and restore, and email, Contacts, and Calendars. On Macs, users can also store most filetypes into iCloud folders of their choosing, rather than only storing them locally on the machine. While Photo Stream uses the iCloud servers, usage does not come out of the user's iCloud storage allowance. This is also true for iTunes Match music content, even for music that is not sold in the iTunes Store and which gets uploaded into iCloud storage, it does not count against the user's allowance.

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Other apps can optionally integrate app storage out of the user's iCloud storage allowance. Not all of a user's content counts as part of their iCloud storage allowance. Apple is able to keep a permanent track of every purchase a user makes under their Apple ID account, and by associating each piece of content with the user, means only one copy of every Store item is needed to be kept on Apple's servers.

Also, when a user registers any new device, all previously bought Store content can be downloaded from the Store servers, or non-Store content from the iCloud servers. This feature allows users to store any kind of file, including photos, videos, documents, music, and other apps' data, in iCloud Drive and access it on any Mac , iPad , iPhone , iPod Touch , or Windows PC.

Users can start their work on one device and continue on another device. Messages on iCloud is a feature on iOS Messages are synced across Macs, iPhones and iPads. Third-party developers have reported that the changes implemented in the release of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks version In August , it was rumored that hackers had discovered an exploit involving the Find My iPhone service, which potentially allowed an attacker to brute-force a user's Apple ID and access their iCloud data. The exploit was later incorrectly rumored to have been used as part of an August leak of a large number of private, nude photos of celebrities that had been synced to their iCloud storage from their iPhone.

Apple confirmed that it was working with law enforcement agencies to investigate the leak. In February , Apple announced that iCloud users in China would have their data, including encryption data, on servers located in the country to comply with local regulations.

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This raised concerns from human rights activists who claim that it may be used to track dissidents. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ICloud Developer s Apple Inc. Main article: Back to My Mac. Main article: Find My Friends. Main article: Find My iPhone. Main article: Keychain software.

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