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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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Chess Position Trainer shows you transpositions between different openings. The competition just announced this "new" feature. You guys are using it since and certainly in a more intuitive way as you can store all openings in a single database instead of one opening per file ouch. To understand the feature it does not take a video, but just one screenshot.

There is nothing better than a happy customer sharing what he likes about CPT: "Thank you very much for the Chess Position Trainer software and also for this chess visualisation trainer build in this software.

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You can not only use CPT to train your openings, you can also use it to train your visualisation skills too. Well done.

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This software is really to recommend to all chess players. Der Rest folgt noch. Gerade diese beiden Abschnitte decken jedoch den Teil ab, der nur mit den Quickinfos im Programm vielleicht am schwierigsten zu verstehen ist. No excuse for not knowing your openings anymore! CPT 5.

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It brings back the recall mode from CPT 4 and some more improvements as well as bug fixes. In depth description of the new repertoire element topic. Topics provide a very flexible solution for creating, managing and training all type of not linked positions like tactic or end game positions, chess puzzles and key positions of an opening. The concept of topics can be even used to manage model games for an opening or ideas for the middle game.

Merry x-mas! CPT 5 is now ready from a programming point of view. I'm just finishing a few last translation and documentation parts. Unfortunately I was sick for a day, but doing better tonight. I hope to announce the official release in about 2 days.

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Thanks for your patience. Looking for a gift for a friend or yourself? You receive the license code with the name of the gift recipient and a CPT gift template, which you can easily edit to your needs and print-out. The template is available in English and German. Italian translater wanted! Unfortunately I can't contact anymore the previous translator Giuseppe, if you read this, please send me an email - thanks!

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The release notes, some new tooltips and labels have to be translated I guess about 4h-6h work. The rest is already translated. Please send me a message if you want to do the translation and have time the next couple days. In return you get a free pro license for as long as you continue to translate new text as needed. I always practiced an open information policy and today I want to inform you in advance about the upcoming changes regarding pricing and the new subscription system.

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Anyway, i have Shredder and Stockfish, Those are not specific for openings, but those was the best I could find. I whish this program would come to windows or android , but the programmer only programs for Apple.

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Same here , so i have to see if i can install it on a friends device and see if it worth the claims it makes. I never understood how to use COT. Very impractical to work with. The problem to add new ideas at the time being you are training its killing my nerves. I want a program where I can train and experiment at the same time, saving or deleting lines and subvariations.

In chess thinking process should be ready to adapt against every possible reaction from your opponent even if it's an inferior line. Studying ideas in the opening its more important than memorizing lines. Forums Chess Openings fianchetto Aug 6, 1. Aug 6, 2.

Aug 7, 3. Aug 9, 4. Spectator94 wrote: I am looking for a program that works well with endgame studies. Aug 9, 5. Aug 9, 6. This is the Openings subforum, is it not? Aug 10, 7. Aug 10, 8. Rob3rtJamesFischer wrote: They are called Emulators Aug 10, 9. Aug 10, Nov 14, You could try an old-fashioned opening book.