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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Powerful Text-to-Speech for at home, work, or on the go. Upload text and documents or convert to mp3 to listen to anywhere anytime.

Best Text To Speech Online For FREE! 2019 (realistic voices)

Personal Online Personal Software. NaturalReader Commercial Create audio files more easily for commercial use. For more information on our product launch stages, see here. They may offer different latency or availability guarantees from other Google Cloud services. Send feedback about Documentation feedback.

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  • Get your device to read documents and web text aloud just like a human.

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Cloud Text-to-Speech

Best Text To Speech Software Narration and use of human voices are quite the recipe to make online learners more interested and emotionally connected with the eLearning course. Ivona A member of the Amazon group of companies, Ivona is one of the best text to speech software tools in the market. Quality Performance Regardless Of Device Ivona partners with ReadSpeaker bringing optimized performance on almost all devices, as well as the ability to integrate Ivona into other applications.

Real-time spelling feedback further strengthens spelling weaknesses. Online learners with learning disabilities can benefit greatly from such features. Features And Plans 4 Subscription Options Free version is pretty standard with the Text To Speech function for documents and webpages along with other features.

Then you have three other versions. Zabaware Text To Speech Reader Great text to speech software with a speech synthesizer that reads many types of documents.

Free Text to Speech: Online, App, Software & Commercial license with Natural Sounding Voices.

Various Compatible Text Types Documents, emails, websites, clipboard contents as well as Windows dialog boxes. Free Download Available Free version comes with high-quality non-human voices.

Other text to speech software to consider

Multiple Devices Nobody owns just one mobile device nowadays. Various Other Options For Businesses iSpeech provides text to speech solutions to developers, publishers, as well as interactive voice response prompts. For further information on pricing options check their website.

Best Text To Speech Software

Acapela Group Virtual Speaker One of the best text to speech software tools the market has to offer, particularly useful for eLearning purposes, with many compatible formats, languages and voice properties. Immense Variety Of Voices More than 70 voices and 30 languages with additional voice mood range as well as voice frequency to indicate sadness, happiness, whispering or screaming.

Speech Control Modify settings, voice or language as you are listening to a text with this great feature. Various Integration Features TextSpeech Pro gives you the option to have your emails read out loud, as well as have any web page read to you. Customizable Speech Parameters Change speed, pitch and volume as you see fit.

Highlighted Spoken Text Significantly important for online learners with learning disabilities. Customized Settings Not only can you adjust a variety of document settings, but you can also have those settings restored every time you re-open that document.

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TextAloud 3 Developed by NextUp, TextAloud 3 is one of the most professional text to speech software tools, featuring 29 languages.