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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

It has been a while since I posted an article related to Hackintosh issues.

To keep our Hackintosh section alive I will be updating the section with new and latest fixes to Hackintosh problems. This fix will work for all the versions including the Apple OSX You would need to follow few different steps to get it working on Hackintosh OSX I will post that guide in the next blog. What is a Boot-Flag? For those who literally do not know what is boot-flag, let me explain.

Meanwhile here is what I did to help me resolve the issue but still I am trying to figure a way out to get a correct way to populate xorg. I keyed in my username first. Hit enter then keyed in my password.

Nvidia GeForce Graphics Driver Driver - TechSpot

Now I will see my directory. I can watch movies and all but can't do visual effects.

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I will update here if I find out I hope anyone that reads this thread does too Furthermore, to get my wireless working on the dell XPS 15 i7, I updated my kernel to 2. I hope this helps, pardon me if I make any mistakes as I only started using Ubuntu for 2 days but I still love it despite no visual effects and this resolution works for me. April 4th, 5.

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Join Date Oct Beans Is there any chance it'll work at least to increase the resolution? I'm running x but you can see some blur as it's not enough. April 4th, 6. Join Date Jun Beans 2, With Optimus the Nvidia card becomes a kind of hybrid with a cheap onbroad Intel card so the Linux driver for the Nvidia card no longer works.

With Optimius enabled, you simply cannot use the Nvidia card you pay for, period unless your laptop has a BIOS switch to turn off Optimus and choose the discrete card,--Nviida But even worse, the unusable Nvidia card would still be sitting there eating your battery so it is worse than an expensive paper weight. Check out this thread and write to Nvidia.

Acer 5750g i7 with NVIDIA GT 540M

April 4th, 7. I'm not sure I'm getting it; there are two working modes, either using the intel card alone or both at the same time. Is that so? I'll check the bios, but I don't think I have that option either. Still, turning it off won't just disable the nvidia card? So in both cases the card is unusable. Anyway, you seem to say that is somehow possible to use only the nvidia card, but there's no driver for it, ain't it?

Fix Hackintosh NVIDIA Graphics Card Issues Using Clover Configurator

April 4th, 8. Moreover, it seems there's no support either for XP, only Windows 7.

I'm amazed by nvidia. April 4th, 9. Originally Posted by QuimNuss. According to the manual, I do have Optimus on as well. April 4th,