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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Download MoP Beta client. update stuck at 0%.

You can click on the little blue more link at your battle net account to get your local client like enGB. Go to your Control Panel. Select Internet Options. Select the Connections tab.

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Under Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings delete all old networks. These networks are causing this error. This is the most important step. I actually deleted all networks from there. Restart computer. This might not be necesseary, but do it anyway. uses cookies.

Install MoP beta. If it's not moving, then something else is causing the problem for you. Sometimes the launcher will crash while you are updating the files. Just go to the task manager, kill agent. This worked for me, I was finally able to log in after 1.

Updating Blizzard Launcher (0%)

I got the Cannot locate correct file error too. Here is how I fixed it: Delete Battle. If the progress bar is stuck, try it a few more times. I had to delete Battle. I actually have no idea why this fixed it, but this was the only thing I did.

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I hope it helps if someone have the same error. Last edited by mmoc3a88d6d3b0; at AM. Reply With Quote.

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Thank you soo much for this. So sticky to not flood the forums with the same threads. I went to bed last night almost ready to give up on this, but i figured i'd try again today and see if Blizz fixed the problem, but it was the same as last night. Your solution really did work because i can see it downloading now, so thanks alot man! I have been doing this for about an hour, following each step over and over I did step 4 before step 3 and it didn't work.

No idea if its that important, but if you haven't I suggest doing it step by step exactly as posted.

Originally Posted by ohyouknow. Last edited by mmoc3a88d6d3b0; at PM. Really worked for me, tried other workarounds without success. Thanks a lot!

Last edited by mmc; at PM. Last edited by mojambo; at AM. I have tried to shutdown my firewall, taken away the agent. When I stop the agent. Might want to make a seperatre post as this has nothing to do with my issue and is a totally different game and problem altogether :. I had the same problem and tried to apply the fix linked above but I'm unsure abou the paths as I haven't used bash much. I placed the file itself in my home directory. Hmm, in my case I had also to add "api-ms-win-crt-convert-l" to libraries in wine as prefer native without it there was crash.

Issue with WoW: BfA w/ Addons

Thanks Marqin! I got the path right now I'm quite sure of but it looks like I get an error running it. I also added the library you suggested but I get the same crash as before. That is to say I had the same error message even before update but then battle. I finally got it working yaay! What worked for me was adding the librarys suggested in the other thread about battle.

Confirmed working following what Incand said, if anyone needs help on explaining how to do this I can help. The hearthstone script on PoL uses 1. Set the following dll overrides solved the problem!! Btw I don't know how to install vcrun on playonlinux, since I have since vcrun!

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