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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Insert the bootable media or connect it to your Mac and then restart the Mac while holding down the Option key. This causes the Mac to display its built-in startup manager, where you select the device you want to boot from. Use the arrow keys to select the bootable Mountain Lion installer you created earlier and then press the Enter key to start the boot process.

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That's why you made your own bootable media. Select Disk Utility from the list of options and click Continue. Select your Mac's startup volume from the list of devices in Disk Utility. If you never changed its name, the startup volume is listed as Macintosh HD. Be sure to select the volume name and not the device name, which is usually the name of the physical drive — GB WDC WD5 , for example.

Click the Erase tab. Give the startup drive a name or use the default name. Click the Erase button. When you are asked if you are sure you want to erase the drive, click Erase. Your computer's eligibility must be verified before you can download and restore OS X. This happens because the bootable media you created doesn't contain all the files necessary for the install.

The installer checks for any missing or new files it needs, downloads the files from Apple's servers, and then starts the installation process. Click Continue. Read through the license and click the Agree button. Click the Agree button a second time to confirm you didn't accidentally click the Agree button. The installer displays a list of drives you can install Mountain Lion on. Select the target drive the startup drive you erased earlier and click the Install button. The installer checks the Mac App Store for updates and any other files it needs.

After restarting, your Mac starts the system setup process, including creating an administrator account and creating an iCloud account if you want one. Select your country from the list on the Welcome screen and click Continue. Select your keyboard layout from the list and click Continue.

How to Clean Install OS X Mountain Lion

Choose whether to transfer user data, applications, and other information from another Mac, PC, or hard drive. You can also choose not to transfer data now. Select the Not Now option. You can transfer data later using the Migration Assistant included with the OS. This way, you ensure that your Mac is up and running with Mountain Lion without any problems before you spend the long time it takes to transfer your data.

Make your selection and click Continue. Enable location services. This feature allows your apps to figure out your approximate location and then use that data for various purposes, ranging from mapping to advertising. Find one and use it for large files.

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

I would like to do a clean install of Two questions. Will I still be able to boot windows normally? What happens to programs that requires license to install, for example Office , Photoshop CS5 etc? Will they allow me to restore it from TimeMachine backup or do I need new licenses? Long answer so google for each program. I just copied the correct folders for iTunes, Mail, iPhoto etc. Mail was the trickiest. Running pretty sluggish, so did a clean install — its like having a new mac!!!! Did take hours to reinstall everything though. I just install an additional SSD hard drive into my late Mac.

Before I did that I partitioned the drive and then shut down the computer and then held command R untill I could download from the Apple store. I restarted it a few times but nothing. This chimed twice and I let it start up. Then I was still not installing. I then tried command R one more time and then it started to install.

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Seems to be the only and no one else talks about. I even read that someone said that it cannot be done without a bootable USB. There is an incredible difference with a Clean Install to speed and stopping the spinning beach ball that arrives after about 2 to 3 years on a Mac. I bought used macbook 4,1. Please let me know the process. Question: I am selling my mid iMac that was pre-installed with Lion. I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion. Will I be able to make a Mountain Lion installation disk to reinstall it fresh for the new owner or will it reject their Apple ID once they complete registration?

This was very helpful. Thanks for publishing. Wiping it with a clean install of Mountain Lion gave it new life. I am happy Mac is bailing on the DVD. Even though it cost me a bit more effort, its one less piece of trash in the dump. I made a bootable cd on my MBP and used it to do a clean install on the same computer and it worked perfectly! How do you get the apps again? Same problem here. AppsStore does not let me reinstall the apps!

It says already installed. For some it says that they have updates. I followed the article and did a clean install. Are you sure you want to download it? And if it does affect future updates, how would I go about fixing this? Thinking of a clean install and restoring programs and data from my Time Machine back up. Is this possible and if so, how? Hey I have a question. I upgraded my snow leopard with Mountain lion however it really slowed down the boot of the computer.

So I am actually thinking of making a back up of my files with time machine, then clean install mountain lion and finally put the backup to get my files. Is it a good idea? I mean i worry that by using my backup I will also retrieve the causes of why the Boot is slow. Can anyone help? What do I do from here?

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It could be completely blank. How long does it take to clean install mountain lion, coz i did create a bootable usb and still its downloading again ftom the web when i install it. Then had my wife log into App Store using my login and then downloaded the already purchased Mountain lion on my iMac at home. Afterward, the computer ws completely reset ike from the factory. Can someone please help? Quick… but not so simple question: Will a clean install delete my original recovery partition? Now, i dont want to lose this kitty and would like to keep it handy like for when the time comes to sell my Mac, ill want to wipe it clean and avoid giving free stuff, for example: a mountain lion installation!

Long story short, i want to be able to de-evolve from mountain lion to lion. I chose the USB to boot from. Then I erased my partition on the SSD and started the installation. Unfortunately I quit the installation and wanted to start the procedure again. Disk utility shows 12 untitled drives I think the recovery partition was started.

How can that be? If we buy Mountain Lion via the AppStore and then we perform a clean install as we do normally, will it be Lion or Mountain Lion that would be downloaded? I have an iMac 3. I booted from a backup external hard drive. But I really want to have a clean and tidy hard drive. What I want to know is this.

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Should I wipe clean my iMac and restore from my hard drive. Afterwhich, I can download Mountain Lion and upgrade from there. Or is there a way to clean my iMac and install Mountain Lion straightaway and simply drag and drop what I want from my external hard drive onto the new desktop. Respond if this helped you out! I have now deleted the original partition. I can use the keyboard up until I get to the choose hard drive screen, but once I tab to my hard drive, there is no way to tab or get to the continue button. I also use Boot Camp for Windows 7.

If I do a clean install, will I lose the Boot Camp partition, or does the formatting leave the Boot Camp partition alone?

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Tried a clean install. Unable to install. Anyone found a fix. I have no option to erase my primary hd in disk utility to do a clean install. How do I accomplish this? When I reboot my system and get into disk utility to erase my primary drive the options and disable in order for me to complete the task. How can I accomplish thus?

Yes, all variations of installing Mountain Lion through the installer app will create the Recovery Partition in the process. That way if I have to redo the installation, I can just blast the image unto a blank HD. So my basic procedure is: 1 Prep clean install 2 image disk 3 use migation assistant to pull me to the new drive.

Yes, it is a reply. Price is irrelevant, stealing is stealing. The OS can be loaded onto multiple computers if they share the same MAS ID not sure what the seat limit is, it used to be 5 seats in the good old days of DVD installs , which is excellent value for a home set up. But giving a copy to your friend? I doubt that Apple had that in mind, which is why the install is tied to an ID. Having had problems with upgrading to Lion, I decided to go for a clean install of Mountain Lion, which worked fine.

As a guess, do you have the same user id? Click Continue to begin installation. Click Continue and then Agree to continue. From the Installation Type page you can either click Install to execute the installation wizard using all defaults, click Customize to alter which components to install MySQL server, Preference Pane, Launchd Support -- all enabled by default. Although the Change Install Location option is visible, the installation location cannot be changed. Click Install to begin the installation process. Once the installation has been completed successfully, you will be shown an Install Succeeded message with a short summary.

MySQL server is now installed, but it is not loaded or started by default.

Installing Mountain Lion: What you need to know

For example, the installer file mysql The following table shows the layout of the installation directory. General Installation Guidance. Verifying the MD5 Checksum. Signature Checking Using Gpg4win for Windows.