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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Amazon or Newegg themselves depending on SKU; you might be able to find something cheaper if you're willing to risk eBay or third party sellers on Amazon. Does it matter whether I get 32 or 64 bit version of Windows? I see "system builder" versions of Windows 10 on eBay for 50 bucks, but I am leery. I just want to be legit and not be running anything grey market. Those days are done for me. I should note, I won't have an optical drive on the mac and not very much longer as I want to offload this pc asap.

BootCamp seems to require an iso, would I have to create that on my pc and then somehow transfer it to my iMac? Boot Camp requires bit. Quote: I see "system builder" versions of Windows 10 on eBay for 50 bucks, but I am leery. If you buy Windows 10 on disc, you can download ISOs here , then use the key that came with your disc during installation. They are not intended for distribution to end users. I built a hackintosh, so I felt pretty justified in buying a System Builder version of Windows.

Are you adding RAM to your Mac? That's definitely some version of assembling. I will eventually add ram to it the reason I got the 27 inch versus Microsoft isn't going to come after you if you buy the system builder version and install it on your personal, single iMac. It's going after large scale licencing errors and businesses that abuse the system.

Just buy from a reputable seller, or Microsoft directly, and you'll be fine. According to this , you don't need a product key to run Windows 10 anymore as long as you are willing to live with a few limitations. I mean, that's definitely not compliant, but sure, if you can live with the watermark and lack of personalization features, you can do that. Have you decided on what route to get windows. I too am in this situation, interested in knowing what you did.

Right now, I just downloaded and installed the. At some point, I will buy a proper license and activate it, but life just got suddenly busy and I haven't had time to mess with it. It is really only for games, so it is definitely not a priority at this point. Has anyone just tried it in Parallels or VMWare? I installed Windows 7 Beta on a inch 2. I installed the necessary drivers from the mac os x disc and for some reason there is no audio output from the internal speakers.

Can anyone please help me? Thanks for putting together these instructions. I do have one question: how did you get the OS down to 6G? After install, mine was around 10G. I saved 2G by turning off hibernation. Any other suggestions? Paul, I had the same problem.

The solution was to download and install the latest RealTek driver 2. I downloaded the executable. Please note that the vendors site is very slow so the download may take a while. After installing this the sounds starting working for me right away. Philip, yes I managed to solve it….. I tried again……It was the same disk that failed initially but suddenly it started working. No idea why the problem would occur. Brian aka BrianSF. The only problem was the sound which you can see in my previous post that I have solved.

Windows 7 is one suave looking operating system and for a beta release it works very well. Btw and I promise this is the last post from me tonight. For anyone interested. I installed W7 in Parallels 4 without Bootcamp and it seems to work just fine. Now my Windows friends will cough up more money to replace a failed OS that they still had to pay for. My macbook is the 1. Im having troubles installig the bootcamp drivers, when I insert the disc It just doesent run, it displays an error message. Any ideas.

I have the same problem with the BSOD in the installation, in the last part, the BSOD appears and it only restarts and restarts, I have the same model of iMac than Emmet: iMac6,1 is one generation befor the current generation. What can i do? I used bootcamp. I have a 2. Any particular reason to install the 64bit version? The 32 bit works fine for me. I tried to install the 64 bit version,since I have more than 4 gigs of ram.

I received the same error as above. I tried some of the solutions on other sites,such as reburning the dvd,but no go. Andrew, did you ever get the bluetooth keyboard issue resolved? Everything went on ok. No iSight driver either. Rob, did you try the latest Realtek driver? I can see that the R2. I had the exact same problem on 32bit but installing this driver solved my problem. I downloaded the Executable version. Downloaded the iso, got the product key, and used RecordNow to burn the disc.

Any alternatives? Can I burn the iso from my Air via the Superdrive? Use remote disc? Update—and more confusion. Got the external drive from my Fujitsu Lifebook to both recognize the disc and be recognized by the MacBook Air. Still confused about why the SuperDrive—which I was able to use to reinstall OSX a month ago after a hard drive issue—is being recalcitrant. Downloading the Realtek driver did the trick for me. However i still need the drivers for iSight, Bluetooth, and touchpad. I have a aluninum iMac. Sound worked for me right out of the box with Windows 7 build and so did Bluetooth and WiFi.

I only have trouble getting iSight to work. Downloaded the Realtek driver and the sound worked. I was a bit worried it had started to install by default… Step My MacBook Air did not automatically boot back into Windows 7; I came back in OS X and had to reboot while holding the option key down. Otherwise, remarkably quick. Got Office03 installed as well, making the whole think pretty work-compatible…. Bluetooth, however, works just fine, even before the Boot Camp driver installation. Anyone know how to slow down the swipe response time?

Just installed Win 7 on my Macbook, 2. Please help, thanks. The file extesion is still. Am I missing a step? To get my aluminum bluetooth keyboard working on my iMac under Windows 7, I followed these instructions found on the Macrumors. Fixed things for me:. I had to right click on the device when it was found in bluetooth sync part, and then there is an option for Human Control Devices.

Mice, Keyboards etc…. I ticked that box and afterwards Windows 7 installed the Apple Keyboard and everything was hunky dory. On the left side top panel, you see the disk drives on the system. Directly below you should have a list of. If the file you want to burn is not listed, click on the Burn icon at the top and find the file. If you use the Burn icon at the top, just find and select the file and click Burn. Insert a blank disk and you should be good to go.

I then dragged the. Everything copied fine. Neither worked. Ben Did you go do the walk through at the top of this page? Yea, I did. I got it to work though. Apparently you need to burn through the utility. Is there anyway to get the tap click to work on Windows? Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services. I am trying an XP install and upgrading to 7 beta to see if that makes a difference.

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I will report back shortly. Great guide.. I have installed W7 on my macbook alu.. But when I am trying to install drivers from leopard DVD it shows an error?? Everything worked great on my 2. Anyone else have this problem and have fixed it? Any Help would be greatly appreciated! Am just downloading from the Realtek site now. Great thread guys. Solved a lot of my probs. Thx Brian.

Any help would be great, thanks! Guess nobody else had my issue? When I try to run setup. I did an upgrade of Vista 64 bit within the bootcamp partition and the first thing that happens is a compatiblility check. A couple of things were noted. Kaspersky 7 can not be on the system and needed to be removed before the upgrade would start. Windows Mail would not work. I removed Kaspersky and tried again, getting the later 2 warnings again.

This time the installation went ahead. It took a couple of hours to upgrade and move all the files. On first boot all the hardware was recognized and installed except for my Matshita DVD. Stange because all the other USB devices worked. Keyboard, Mouse, Memory sticks, etc. There were no drivers on the web to correct this problem. So unless MS or Apple are willing to supply those needed drivers we may be out of luck testing Beta 1 on our Macs through Bootcamp at least.

Peter :. The following issues are preventing Windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue. For these items, make the following changes: Uninstall these programs. These devices might not work properly after the upgrade. Any suggestions how I can get the drivers on there without the DVD?

Email me, thanks! Anyone having trouble with the Realtek driver? Please confirm if anyone is experiencing the same problem. My original install was an upgrade from Vista 64Bit. My second install and mistake was trying a clean install from Boot Camp. Reading on another site, the way I needed to install Win7 was from within Vista but selecting a custom Clean install. That worked.

I loaded the Boot Camp 64bit drivers 2. All devices except the Realtek Audio worked. To fix the No Sound problem I headed over to Guru3d. That worked like a charm. I must be doing it wrong. I got the same results whether I left the files on the disk, or if i copied to the hard drive. Another error which has come up, which is slightly annoying, is that now whenever I switch back to the mac, the clock gets set 5 hours earlier than it should be. These steps worked beautifully for me on my white macbook. The only thing I needed to do was download the RealTek. I downloaded the Win 7 file and sucessfully installed it.

Due to other issues, I had to delete it and now cannot get it going again. I do select the Custom installation as I did the first time I installed it. Any clues would help. When I insert the windows 7 disk, boot camp refuses to recognise it and Im at a loss as to what to do. The partition went fine, and I have updated my system to the most recent updates. Any help as to how I might be able to get it working would be appreciated. Every single time i go to windows 7 then back to mac os, my clock gets set 5 hours back on the mac. ISO is there somthing I needed to do before burning it to the DVD becuase its giving me an error saying cannot find windows disc when I start installation.

So i cant run setup. I tried downloading the correct drivers, running the setup program says no hardware found , then applying the drivers directly on the device manager to no avail. As a side effect of this I think I get all kinds of funny UI errors, like the task bar menu will turn black, and other things. Could who help me? I am need installing the Windows XP or more finished in 10 minutes. I did this and it worked great. I am up and running Win7 beta. Great program. Hello, i have followed your instructions however i am not getting the option of installing boot camp when i am inserting the disk and choosing the option?

My grandmother gave it to me and I do not have a Mac install disk for it, nor can I afford to purchase one. Solution: 1. Use the program InstEd www. Copy the whole directory tree from the Leopard installation disk BootCamp drivers to the harddisk and replace the original BootCamp. Open the preferences menu of the file and activate the vista compatibility mode. Note: A sound driver error will occure during installation. Just ignore it. Everything will work fine after installation.

Run the Apple Software Update and update the touchpad driver. Activate the right click option with 2 fingers in the bootcamp control panel. Note: It will only work with 3 fingers when you activate the 2 finger right click option. Without the 2 finger right click option enabled the right click is not working at all. Activate Aero effects by running the speed test in the vista control panel. Known issues: Sound effects are not entirely pure and clear! Maybe there is a better driver available directly from the manufacturer of the soundcard. Hi all and thanks for all great tips above!

My problem is that there is no option in the Boot Camp control panel to turn on the multi touch features. Any clues on what went wrong? There ist just the option to emulate the right click. To get the drivers for the MultiTouch trackpad working, install them as mentioned above and update them via the Apple Software Updater. Other things are not supported as far as I know.

Besides I have to say that any version of Windows works best on the MacBook with an external mouse. Ok, sorry for being unclear. Notice the sold blue scroll bars and the new stacks view beside the settings icon in the finder window. I had the same problems at the beginning. I recommend installing only the drivers for the MultiTouch trackpad again from the original Leopard install DVD with Vista compatibility enabled for the install file of the MultiTouch trackpad. Restart your Mac and now you should have the tab in the preferences.

This should work … if not … hmm …. Not able to connect my apple bluetooth mouse or keyboard. Had issues with this even in XP, something with passkeys. Did you install bit or bit? Windows Update should find the drivers for you. Alternatively, they come with the boot camp helper on the Leopard DVD. Just running setup. I needed run the Apple64 setup program, which is buried in the Apple folder on the disc. It gave me a warning about compatibility, which I ignored, and then I downloaded and installed the boot camp 2.

That gave me working sound, iSight, ir remote, and hardware other goodies like keyboard and mouse drivers. Downloaded the iso, burnt it using disk utility, followed these instructions, and everything works perfectly. I followed your instructions.

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Only problem is when I choose to boot into Windows 7 the EFI boot manager seems to hang for about 2 minutes, apparently doing nothing. After than Win7 starts up rather quickly. I should mention that both OSX and Vista64 when I was dual booting with Vista 64 worked really well — either would boot up in less than 30 seconds. People that end up with a. Put your blank disk in, select it in the Disk Utility, then click the burn icon. It will prompt for the location of your ISO file. An error came up when i run setup.

Read my step-by-step guide above in the comments. It will help you to install all necessary things in windows 7. I have tried installing both win7 x86 and x64 on my unibody macbook pro. I have had no luck getting the keyboard to work correctly. No eject and no fn key. No luck. Has anyone else had this problem and solved it?? It may have fixed the audio problem you warned about.

Lots of other drivers. Where are these drivers coming from my Sys. Disc, or the Internet? If they are coming from the original Sys. I recentley installed Windows 7 using bootcamp. I am currently on my windows os and need to switch back to Mac os. My wireless ketboard is disconnected and it wont let me click options in boot up to go baack to mac os. I have connected a usb keyboard and mouse and it has the same problem but i am able to use it on my windows login. The bootcamp wont run on my windows since its a 64 bit. I used to have no sound but installed the RealTek drivers and all is fine there.

I installed the Apple update for the trackpad in Bootcamp, still no right click ability. I have a unibody MacBook Pro and was able to successfully install the Windows 7 Beta back in February with no problems. Namely I get a black screen, completely blank when I try to boot into Windows. Maybe this can help. Ok, I am using a 1. I installed 7 fine, no problems, however, when i put my Leopard install disk in, nothing happens.

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I go to my comp, and check there, click the cd, and its blank. No error, nothing, just blank. So i go and DL the realtek drivers, try to run them, restart, still had driver issues. I tried the steps that post contained, but got nowhere, since there is nothing listed in the CD. And i know the DVD works becuase just today I reformatted my drive becuase bootcamp required me too.

I had this problem trying to install bit Win7 on my iMac 6,1 2. Specifically, I would get BSOD during the install with a 10sec memory dump showing an error with nvlddmkm. Tried to boot Win7 in safe mode would not complete the install. From here I was able to run Win7 in low resolution but at least internet worked. Back to safe mode and tried XP Then I tried Vista I left it overnight and found a BSOD with a new error so it seems to be specifically Nvidia driver issues.

For those who come after me: I just lost two hours of my life, figuring out that the SuperDrive must be plugged directly into the Macbook Air for it to be able to boot from the DVD. After trying a couple of times restarting from scratch , I just removed the partition and gave up. I then got only the Macintosh HD option. So, two questions: 1. Anyone know why it happens as described above when I try to install? Not too worried as I have a TM back up and have been considering a clean install anyway…. If so, have you come up with a solution for this one? I have a intel 2 core macbook from with a mobile intel R express chipset family card with WDDM 1.

I have the same situation as Roger RS My computer a early Mac Book Pro. Step 9 never happens. The only way I can get the disc out of the drive is to reboot and press the eject button at the after the chimes. What do I have to do to get to step 9? I got my install disc out. I have a MacBook purchased last October.

I also had my Time Machine backup. Everything worked just as you pointed out on my Mac Pro 8 core and Windows 7 is working great. Even better Fusion can run the same bootcamp partition of Windows 7 virtually,. Things seem to work great! I have had my W7 partition reformatted to the MacOS???. The only option I have then is to erase the whole disk. And of course Disk Utility will not recombine the two partitions. Any clues please on how to get the space back and start over? Dude i just installed RC7 on my macbook1. Maybe you should just grind your teeth and wait for Snow Leopard. Boot Camp 3.

My audio is fine. None of my games within Steam want to load either. Unplugging this USB device solved the problem. Mac Newbee here. Any suggestions guys? Hi I have just bought a new mac mini 2. Hey I just want to thank you, I just followed step by the step of this walkthrough and everything worked perfectly. The Windows 7, 64 bit , is really fast and neat.

Install Windows 7 Full Retail on Mac via bootcamp using OEM disc and full retail key

The only thing i would say is uping the Recommended GB amount for the windows. I have the 64 bit and its a 10 GBs, i put about 44GB which left me with about 33 and change for games and movies. I am trying to get it installed on my new MacBook Pro 17 with Bootcamp. My OS X is all up to date and running Leopard.

Yet, Bootcamp insists it can not find the installer on the DVD. Yet it is there setup. I have a iMac 2. The disc spins a bit and than… nothing. After a few reboots, the install proces finaly starts and everything is going fine untill the reboot after the format NTFS. I tried it over 10 times now, and it still doesnt work. So I thought, maybe my fresh burned Windows 7 copy would do the trick, but this one doesnt even make into the install process.

Am I doing something wrong, or are my Windows discs just screwed? Mike, sounds to be exactly the same problem I have. I had a Gateway GR that recently died of mother board failure, but I removed all the usable parts, like the main drive, DVD burner etc. Instead of partitioning my Mac Drives? Troubleshooting Guide To Boot Camp 2. I am providing this guide because I spent literally days fixing various problems most related to bad drivers. If I can save you the Nightmare I had it will be worth my time to write this guide for you!

However once you do this you will experience this Problem:. It is unclear who is to blame for this bug.

bootcamp - Will the OEM version of Windows 7 install okay on a Macbook Pro - Ask Different

It would be nice if the Apple cared a bit more about the Windows people they are trying to win over but anyway we are greatful for Boot Camp even if it is as buggy as hell. Then after a few months I reinstalled XP. Suddenly it no longer worked! Very fustrating when you KNOW it can work perfectly. Apple understands FAT32 and everything will work as normal!

Install Boot Camp version 2. Broadcom You can do this after installation by using the device manager and updating the driver to AG. Bootcamp KbdMgr. If the latency is green then you are OK! Skip Adead. If it drops then this work around applies to you. Open the Boot Camp directory in your Program Files directory. Create a shortcut to the new name from from your desktop. This will allow your PC to boot normally and run normally but will prevent Boot Camp loading automatically.

The Broadcom The driver that causes this problem is version 4. Music or sound stutters or slows on playback. The drivers supplied on the Boot Camp disc from Apple work but do not install correctly for some unknown reason but the drivers do work once you get them installed. The driver install files are :. And you can do a right click by holding two fingers on the touch pad and doing a click You can scroll up and down using two fingers.

Adjust the wheel scrolling speed to one line at a time under mouse properties in the control panel. This worked for me. However if you are still having problems you can try the General Driver Installation Tips. General Driver Installation Tips ———————————. Make sure all non-Apple drivers are working properly. If not try and fix them first. I had a Logitech Mouse driver that was not working and suddenly when I fixed that at least half my Apple drivers started working.

There was probably a resource conflict or some other relationship between the Logitech driver and the Apple Drivers. If any driver is giving errors delete the physical driver file and reinstall! This is very useful when nothing you seem to do works. Sometimes you must physically delete the old driver file so that windows will correctly install the new one.

Nice guide! The sound issue…. Worked great! Awesome job! We are trying to install W7 on my Macbook, but with no success. We have manage to create a big enough partition for W7 via Boot Camp, but it does not want to read the exe file to start the W7 installation. It shows the files on the disk, but if you click the file, nothing happens.

After you confirm you did that, it will reboot the machine and your instillation process will begin. You can NOT run the. I managed to get around it by doing the following this is from memory so forgive me if i miss a step. To get around this, explore the OSX disc while you are in Windows 7. All the drivers installed in a few moments! There was a solution to upgrading from vista or XP but not from booting from the disc and using bootcamp. As said earlier in the comment thread, a black screen comes up saying 1. The moral? No matter which way you run Windows on a Mac, you're going to give something up If you use Boot Camp, Windows will probably get as much as it can from the CPU and graphics adapter, but you'll pay a performance penalty in terms of hard disk speed.

Windows 10 after four years: A solid report card, but serious challenges ahead. How to do a clean install of Windows Which option is best for you? Protect yourself: How to choose the right two-factor authenticator app. How to perform a clean install of Windows Here's a step-by-step checklist. Apple files lawsuit against Corellium for flogging virtual iOS copies for security tests.

The copies are marketed for security research. Apple disputes the validity of the business model. The launch of the next iPhone is now only weeks away, and the leaks are piling up. Latest iOS 13 beta reveals September 10 as potential iPhone 11 launch date. Apple is expected to announce new iPhones next month, and now we may know the exact day.

Apple sued for not disclosing that 'iCloud storage' relies on third-party cloud services. Two iCloud users have filed a complaint, charging they paid the "Apple premium" for cloud storage under the presumption that Apple would store their data on its own servers. The US Postal Service is unreliable and untrustworthy. Commercial delivery services and electronic payments are the future. Want an Apple Card? Here's why you could be denied one, says Apple.

Too many debts, bad debts, late payments, and bankruptcy could stop you getting an Apple Card. Apple's warning: Break Safari's web-tracking rules and we'll hit back. Scary iPhone battery warning is to 'protect' customers, says Apple. Apple explains why iOS displays a warning following unauthorized battery replacements. Apple's AirPods are giving people nightmares so why am I giggling?

It seems that humans are becoming so attached to their earrings by Cupertino that they're waking up screaming at the thought of losing them. Only suckers pay sticker price for a new Windows PC or Mac If you're patient and willing to do some research, you can save hundreds of dollars and get a more powerful configuration than you ever dreamed possible.