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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I got it to work on my laptop using the trackpad, because this setting is in the trackpad settings Aug 22, PM. Nov 1, AM in response to tygb In response to tygb. Nov 1, AM. I also only have a mouse and I'm really annoyed why this just stopped working and that there is only a work around for trackpad users.

How to Fix Not Working Drag and Drop Function on Windows 10?

Did you ever figure out how to fix this on your mouse-only desktop? Nov 22, AM.

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Dec 3, AM in response to nuraiin In response to nuraiin. Have you solved this permanently? I'm trying to make a photobook on Shutterfly and I'm ready to launch my MacBook across the room. Every time I try to drag a photo into a space on their template, it drags onto the Widgets dashboard. Dec 3, AM.

How to Enable Drag and Drop on Mac OS High Sierra

Same problem, brand new out of the box iMac. I restored my photo library from backup and trying to create a calendar in Photos, but I cannot get drag and drop reliably working with either mouse or trackpad. Why is it even a thing I have to enable? Dec 8, PM.

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  • Drag and drop not working as expected on Mac.

Dec 10, AM in response to James D. Dec 10, AM. Jan 5, PM in response to James D.

Fixing drag and drop not working on Windows 10

Now I'm stuck without drag and drop! Jan 5, PM. Jan 11, AM in response to nuraiin In response to nuraiin. My issue is similar but specific to the new'ish WkWebView; on High Sierra it appears its content needs to have content URL scheme registered, yet the package method to do so is missing:. Jan 11, AM. Jan 30, PM in response to slashlos In response to slashlos. Anyone have an update for this? I'm dealing with the same annoying issue.

It seems that there is a delay between letting go of the track pad and when the macbook releases the window. Is there a place where this delay can be changed? Jan 30, PM. Feb 22, AM in response to tygb In response to tygb. This didn't resolve my problem.

Drag & Drop Not Working in Mac OS X? Simple Troubleshooting Tips

Have restarted computer and updated trackpad accordingly yet still can't drag on my desktop. Feb 22, AM. Feb 22, AM in response to lesliefromtampa In response to lesliefromtampa. Try setting up another admin user account to see if the same problem continues. The intent is to see if it is specific to one account or a system wide problem.

1. Enable One-Finger Tap & Drag

This account can be deleted later. Please post if this worked or not. Isolating an issue by using another user account. If the problem is still there, try booting into the Safe Mode using your normal account. Disconnect all peripherals except those needed for the test. Shut down the computer and then power it back up after waiting 10 seconds.

This worked fine until I updated ImageJ to 1. I've noted this behavior for. Mac OS Re: Drag and drop not working as expected on Mac.

Hi Wayne, Thanks for looking into this. The ImageJ home path did not have the issue you mentioned, so I don't think that's the problem, unfortunately. I tried to move the app out of the folder and back anyway, to no avail. A few more details: When opening multiple files via drag-and-drop, it always happens that two files less than the number selected get opened successfully e.

I also noted the same issue with a different installation Fiji on the same computer using ImageJ 1. To end a drag immediately without the delay you can tap the trackpad again. Tap the trackpad with three fingers and drag all three fingers. This has the same delay as the one-finger drag, so you can reposition your fingers and continue dragging. Again, a single tap will end the drag without the delay. When enabled, the drag does not end after lifting your finger s from the trackpad. With Dragging enabled, you may notice a delay when tapping compared to when it's disabled at least in Lion.

This is easily the most fun way to drag. This is like the three-finger drag, but instead of moving all three fingers, you only move one finger, keeping the other two in place on the trackpad. When you do this, you can use a flick gesture with the finger that's moving and whatever you're dragging will continue to move after you lift that finger, gradually slowing down. It works very much like scrolling with inertia.

As long as you keep your other two fingers in place on the trackpad, you can lift your third finger without letting go of what you're dragging. If you wanted to, you could actually keep one finger in place on the trackpad and use two fingers for dragging, but that's a bit awkward. Holding with your thumb and dragging kills the thumb after a while. Then just tap lightly twice and drag with your finger.

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You might need to have tap to click enabled under the trackpad settings. That's the best way to do it if you're on your machine all day and prone to repetitive strain injury. Update: I'm now using 3 finger drag available in the accessibility settings area. I turned on 3 fingers for dragging in the trackpad preferences. There also used to be an option on there called Click lock, where you would double click and drag and then the file would stay with the mouse until you clicked again. I can't seem to find that particular option anymore, but I know that if you enable the three finger dragging gesture that it's supported, so you just tap twice with three fingers on the file you want and then start dragging, and tap again when you want to drop the file.

Let's say you are dragging a file from left to right. When you run out of room on the right edge of the trackpad:.