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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Unfortunately the foundation oxidised on me and I felt like I resembled an NC42 MAC when my most tanned shade is NC, so it became a makeup kit addition of course and was well used there.

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I recently attended an event in Carnaby Street where I was able to get myself shade matched with an ingenious machine and it matched me to 3W1 Tawny the next shade down from Cashew and also 2W2 Rattan. These were the shades I matched myself to online this time around, knowing about the oxidisation, so I was pretty impressed at the machine's accuracy!

MAC foundation shades - Estee Lauder double wear shades | Specktra: The online community for beauty

This is usually due to SPF and this foundation contains SPF 10 which is good for everyday wear of course, however not great if you're going to take flash photography. Tawny seems to make me look less scary with flash but is what I'd consider my Summer tanned skintone NC35 in natural daylight; it has a pinker shift to it than Rattan so may also be good for NW As mentioned in my Armani foundation post , my undertones are mostly yellow but have pinkness around my nose which can make it look like I have some neutral undertones but I am in fact yellower.

Finish After it has dried down from initial application, it dries to a fairly matte finish, although it is described as a semi-matte. I'd say this foundation is best for oily skin although all skin types could probably wear this i. This foundation can feel quite heavy if you're not used to wearing foundation, when I first got into makeup and didn't ever wear foundation it felt way too heavy and drying. Hides my freckles and beauty spots very well. Estee Lauder claims it has a " 15 hour staying power ". So it pretty much lasted the whole day for me which was around 12 hours.

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  • Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in 3W2 Cashew Review - Beauty And The Muslimah;
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  • Your Ultimate #FauxFilter Shade Comparison Guide.

I'd give it a 5 if it suited all skin types worn alone, however overall I'd give it a 4. Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts and experiences?

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - Demo & Review

Related Posts Widget. Ayesha mahmood 5 August at Again this isn't forgiving on textured skin types and without setting with a powder the glow can look rather unflattering on bumpy skin i. If you have relatively good skin I think you can get more of a beautiful natural finish.

I can't pile this on my face or it looks cakey and heavy. I like it when I've used it lightly and sparingly as a light layer just to even my skin tone a little and not to achieve a full coverage finish, it's just too cakey and obvious for me. I suggest you work on well prepped and moisturised skin and really buff it in well to get a more smoother, natural finish if you have a drier skin type. This is not the most lightweight of formulas, at all, compared to the feather weight foundation formulas you get now this definitely isn't one of them.

The setting factor is obvious on the face, you can feel something on your skin because of how well it simply adheres to the face. Plus on myself the tackiness is a bit of a giveaway too.

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  • Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in 3W2 Cashew Review;

This foundation is like glue on the face it really does cling really really well! This doesn't feel drying on the face though, for someone who has dehydrated skin I'm surprised it didn't dry my skin out, so this shows that people with slightly dry skin can wear this too.

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Coverage I would say the Double Wear offers medium to buildable full coverage. But this isn't a little goes a long way type of foundation either where for example you use one pump and get almost full coverage like some of the more recent formulas, this doesn't really spread very far so you need to reapply product and build where you need it.

I know people with blemishes and imperfections like to use the Double Wear foundation because it does a decent job at covering blemishes and imperfections and really stays put. But for stubborn blemishes you might just need a concealer. Be wary the more you apply the cakier it can get. Build-ability Like I mentioned above you can build this foundation up for more coverage but I suggest working in sections as this does set and dry pretty fast. Because it sets so quickly it can apply patchy if you haven't blended it in quick enough so I recommend working fast.

Either work in sections or apply an even layer and repeat as fast as you can! It can catch onto dry flakes and such if you have any but if you work fast enough you can definitely make it apply smoothly. This does need extra work in buffing it in if you're using a brush, a sponge would definitely apply smoother but bounce the sponge with a good amount of force to really blend it in and try and worked on well prepped skin for smooth easy application.

Longevity This formula isn't my ideal formula at all but one thing I can't knock it for is its superb longevity! Boy does this last! It really really adheres to the skin very well! When you've set this with powder this can last you a very very long time! It sticks so well that I actually struggle to take it off! It takes me a little longer to remove this compared to all of my other foundations! I recommend oil based removers or balms to remove this btw it'll be much quicker than your average micellar water or wipe!

Once set with powder you'll be surprised how resistant it is to transfer. I mean don't get me wrong this isn't super glue on the face, I wouldn't recommend rubbing your face intentionally on to clothes etc but compared to most foundations out there this will probably transfer the least when set well. Oxidisation I find this does oxidise on me a tiny bit. You can add multiple shades that you currently use to make your match easier.

Your Ultimate #FauxFilter Shade Comparison Guide

Our newest obsession, Findation is a super clever website that will match you to thousands of foundation shades based on the one you already wear. It also gives you the option to buy all of the alternatives at various different online outlets. Absolute genius. No more trawling the high street covered in mismatched foundation smears. Instead just hop on Findation and find your ideal match.