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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Powerful vector based grading to apply quick and accurate secondaries. You Can Trust Our Experience. Some of our clients include top studios.

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Step 2: Launch Final Cut Pro and Enjoy.

Very nice plugin It's a huge time saver to have all these correction tools in one place and the possibility of stacking several [layers] within one instance of Color Finale. Featured Filmmaker Chris Mckechnie. Chris uses Color Finale in his professional client work. We will email you a link where you can download the Color Finale app. We want you to enjoy your free trial and if we can help in anyway, just let us know. Color Finale 1. Mac OS X FCPX Requires graphics card with Metal support.

Color Finale - Professional Color Grading in Final Cut Pro X

Internet connection is required for software activation and. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Payment and license fulfilmment is handled by our reseller Paddle. No barrier between your media files and the video editor.

Just import and ready to go. Download media files from your online account on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. All common video editing tools included; Cut and import video without quality loss. Enhance Video with Effects, Fades and Professional Tools Bring your footages to the next level using advanced tools at one place. No fuss at all. There is nothing you can't make from your source files with easy professional tools.

Audio matters.

Final Cut Pro Free

Easily add audio from PC or built-in library, or record your own voice. Or press a modifier key to keep Connected Clips locked in place as you rearrange clips in the Primary Storyline. Clear visual connections make it easy to hand off a project to another editor or resume editing at a later date. Compound Clips Compound Clips are automatically saved back to the Library, making it easy to reuse them in other projects — for example, when designing a unique sound effect with layered audio.

And Compound Clips work just like Multicam Clips, so changes you make in the Browser instantly ripple across your projects. Inline Precision Editor The Magnetic Timeline improves on traditional ways of trimming, including ripple, roll, slip, and slide edits. If you need additional control, double-click an edit to open the Precision Editor and make trims directly in the timeline. The Precision Editor expands your view of the edit point so you can see both used and unused portions of your clips.

Then skim entire clips and adjust edit points with a click. Auditions With the unique Auditions feature, you can collect multiple alternative shots at a single location in the timeline and quickly cycle through them in context. Test different B-roll shots, different reads of the same lines, different color grades for the same shot, or different effects.

Layer Based Grading

Or use Auditions to create multiple versions of your project for different deliverables and venues. Customize with hundreds of materials, realistic lighting options, and text styles. And instantly open any title in Motion for total control. Color Grading and Masks Use the Color Correction effect to quickly grade your image, with the ability to simultaneously view up to four separate scopes.

Final Cut Pro X Hindi Tutorial 2 - Installation & System Requirements

Apply Shape, Color, and custom Draw masks to pinpoint effects to specific areas of the frame. And save any effect as a preset to easily reuse later. What do you think about Final Cut Pro X? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description. CONS Interface may have been oversimplified for professional tastes.