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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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The visionary and achiever Vo Thanh Trung, as one of the founders, has developed Square Group to be one of the largest independent communications group in Vietnam. Square Group has multiplied into 10 companies over the past 10 years, offering services and products in Communications, Events, Digital and Entertainment. With his sharp business vision, Trung realizes the potential of Vietnamese cultural entertainment. Establishing Lune Production, he believes that the beauty of Vietnamese culture should be shared and appreciated.

The talented Tuan Le is a world class juggling artist, choreographer, and show director. Tuan Le started as a juggling artist and has earned many recognitions and awards in Germany, where he lived since the age of He is also the first and only Vietnamese artist to work with the largest theatrical producer in the world as a solo artist. Tuan Le has also directed several great shows for different circus theatres.

Ly was born in France, and grew up in Vietnam. During his childhood, he developed a passion for Vietnamese traditional and ethnic musical instruments. Later on he and his partner founded Art Ensemble, an organization that teaches Asian children traditional music. Under his inspiration and guidance, the live music in every show of Lune Production is mesmerizing, unique and defines the personality of the show.

Nhat Ly's brother, Nguyen Lan Maurice has strong circus background and establishment. As a creative director, Nguyen Lan is in the quest of creating arts from scratch. With her keen eye for the art of movement, Phuong has contributed her talent in several shows of the company.

Her success with Teh Dar led her to the dual positions of director and choreographer of Palao. A vivid portrait of Vietnam in urbanization time, painted with unique stage visuals and a touch of humor. The show is a unique mix of bamboo circus, acrobatic acts, dance, and theatrical visual art.

The live music echoes Vietnamese Southern work songs. The poetic beauty of Vietnamese village life, recreated using iconic bamboo, breathtaking cirque and exotic live music. Farming, building activities, traditional games, lifestyle of Northern villagers are recreated by ancestral bamboo props, breath-taking circus and acrobatics, rhythmic dance, to distinct folk music from more than 20 musical instruments.

A soulful dance carrying Cham spirit and culture, rendered in contemporary stage language. Some 20 artists sing, dance, and play traditional Cham instruments.

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Various-sized terracotta pots of several meanings, and signature white-colored costumes make a bold statement of Cham culture. Humanity and togetherness are core values embraced in Palao. Embodiment of vigorous Vietnamese tribes culture thru cirque, dance, music from tribal instruments. Teh Dar invites audience on a venture into the enchanting world of Vietnamese highlanders.

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Wild animal hunts, moonlit romance, jungle's tales of death and reincarnation, are all recreated with stunning Vietnamese Bamboo Circus, daring acrobatics, and hypnotizing melody from exotic tribal instruments certified cultural heritage by UNESCO. As the artists keep inspiring, the circle of tribal life keeps going, the cultures shall remain. The Mist tells a story Southern Vietnamese farming life, expressed through neo-classic and contemporary dance by skilled artists. The Mist is an hour of emotions, with myriad ups and downs, painted by sensational live music, splendid visuals, and colorful lighting effects.

This was an excellent show that depicts Vietnamese life in a most original way. If we had 1 more night in HCMC, we would definitely have seen the show again. It came highly recommended by my niece who had watched the show earlier this year We would highly recommend this show. Only an hour long and very energetic. Well done to the cast. What an amazing show! It is a definite must see in Hoi An.

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The performers are so athletic and their skill is exceptional. It is fast paced and enthralling. Mac du cac ong co boi nho cuoc doi tu cua ong Ho Chi Minh nhu the nao chang nua va mac du chac chan ong ay cung co nhung cai khong hay trong doi rieng cua minh vi du sao ong ay cung chi la mot con nguoi xet ve khia canh tam ly tinh cam ma noi nhung toi van cho rang ong ay la lanh tu anh minh nhat cua VN ke tu Vua Quang Trung cho toi hien nay. Lam dan CS, vua la o trong nha tu vua la trai nuoi thu: Bi cuong buc lao dong chan tay de huan nhuc tu tuong, phai tuan lenh thi dua hoan thanh moi cong viec, phai danh gia xep loai lan nhau de tu kim kep nhau, phai phe binh chi trich nhau tu cong viec cho den loi song, suy nghi, loi noi.

Minh nhin tren phim chup thi no to bang 2 cai dau but bi y. Ai cung co sai lam.

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