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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Java security threats: What you need to know

If none are listed you do not have Java installed. The last update produced by Apple is Java SE v6 v1. If you need a secure version of Java and you have: OS X I have Java SE v7. See also this How do I update Java for my Mac?

Installing Java 8

Is there anything I can do? If you have OS X If you have macOS Java Links Java. If you are running Mac OS X Go to the disabling Java SE v6 instructions below. If you have a Java preference pane and the Java Control Panel opens separately go to the "Security" tab in the control panel. If there is no Security tab you have an old version of Java SE v7 installed - update Java SE v7 first, then come back to these instructions.

Set the 'Security Level' slider to "Very High".

How to download Java via wget Linux command? Where is Java installed on my macOS?

If you don't use Java untick "Enable Java content in the Browser". Now go to the 'Update' tab and tick "Check for Updates Automatically". Now go to the 'General' tab, click "Settings…" under 'Temporary Internet Files' and untick "Keep temporary files on my computer" and click "Delete Files…". Click "OK". You are now also recommended to switch off Java in your web browsers. Would you like to install one now? Make sure no Java versions are ticked under "On".

Unpack and run the installer

Then go to the 'Network' tab and untick "Keep temporary files for fast access" and click "Delete Files…". Apple Safari 12 or later for macOS Only follow these instructions if you will never use Java on the internet. I am a new user of LibreOffice, having downloaded it today 14 June I would describe myself as a fairly experienced user of a Mac, and a very experienced researcher of online information, but I find LibreOffice's documentation, both in the help documents, its FAQ, its installation guides and so on to be appalling for this basic bit of functionality that is essential to make the Base database part of LibreOffice function properly.

It was only on searching this knowledgebase for 'Mac Java' that I found any sensible answers, and this still required clicking through multiple answers from the very kind and patient Ratslinger.

Mac applications that require Java

If I didn't know better, I would get the impression that the creators and maintainers of LibreOffice are not interested in attracting Mac users to use the product. If you only install the JRE, the database module of LibreOffice will not function properly, and when you manually try to add the JRE to LibreOffice through the application's preferences, you will fail. Double-click on the icon for the installer package, and when prompted enter the user name and password for an account that has administrator privileges on the Mac.

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If it is just your machine, this is the account name and account password you chose when you first set up your Mac. Then click on the 'install software' button and whatever buttons are needed to enable you to install software downloaded from the web instead of Apple's App Store. Launch LibreOffice. Navigate to the preferences window "LibreOffice" menu in the top left corner of the screen, then 'Preferences'.

Select 'Advanced' from the list of options on the left hand side. This should display the preference options for Java.

If the installation of the JDK has gone well, it should already have a tick in the option for 'Use a Java runtime environment'. In the pane below that, a radio button should indicate that the vendor is Oracle There has been good response by LO when new situations arise because of Java. Some of your ranting seems mis-placed.

Java security threats: What you need to know | Macworld

AndrewNZ - Based upon your further postings on other questions, I hope you are aware there may be further complications than what you are covering. Have you reviewed the Bug reports, both open and closed, on this matter? OSX version may have a bearing on the Java situation!

When dealing with Java and LO which is gradually going away - Firebird is next step each case may be different. Ratslinger Thank you for that additional information.