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Look at lines near the end of the log for an error message. A connection is established, but drops out or is restarted after a few seconds or minutes, or DNS stops working after a few minutes This can have several causes: Another computer on your network is attempting to connect to the VPN using the same credentials. You don't have "Monitor connection" checked.

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Often a DHCP-supplied server will only respond to queries which originate within that network. Put a check next to "Monitor network". An error message says "You have tried to connect using a configuration file that is the same as the sample configuration file installed by Tunnelblick" This means that you have tried to connect to a VPN without setting up a configuration file. It can be caused by the following sequence in the configuration file: dev-type tun dev abcdefg and a workaround is to change to the single line dev tun or substitute "tap" for "tun" in the above if you are using the tap interface.

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It can be caused by extra "tun" or "tap" kexts being loaded. See the following entry. An error message says "Tunnelblick was not able to load a device driver kext that is needed to connect An OpenVPN log entry says "script failed: could not execute external program" An up or down script contains an error.

The use of a script file that does not have execute permission for root. The use of a script file with syntax errors. Cannot Empty the Trash If you dragged an old copy of Tunnelblick to the Trash and now cannot empty the Trash and because Finder complains that something is "in use" probably something named Sparkle.

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Trash sudo find. Quit Terminal, then try to empty the Trash. I am repeatedly asked for my password or token value Tunnelblick 3.

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Info: This tutorial is also available in a version for iOS or Windows. Download the free app Tunnelblick for your Mac and open the dmg file. Double-click on Tunnelblick. You will get a message when Tunnelblick has been successfully installed. Log in to the User Portal with your username and password.

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SSL VPNs are not necessarily the most secure of the aforementioned options, but it is more than sufficient for home use. Most VPN encryption protocols require specific ports to be open in order to work. Generally, enterprises will not poke holes in their firewall for you to access an external VPN.

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The only way to block an SSL VPN is to block port , and considering that more and more websites are using this port for secure transfer, it is not likely to be blocked. You will use this user to access the User Portal , which will be discussed later.

As you can see, I create two users for this purpose. This simplifies configuration on the client end. These names will come to make sense in step 2. We will create two profiles where each of the previous two users lanssl, and wanssl will be used. The networks placed into the Local Network box will be made available to the current profile being configured. So here we simply select our Internal network. This tells the profile to take all traffic back through the Sophos UTM.

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