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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

As with many of the products from this brand, it comes with a relatively affordable price tag, and a simple exterior. It is a straightforward print only device without the added functions found in many of the inkjets. The main reason comes down to cost. Adding color and other features will push up the already more expensive mechanism included in the item.

So instead of adding accessories, manufacturers has opted to focus on improving print quality and speed. Ideal for high capacity use, it fits sheets in its paper trays, connects to both AirPrint and Android mobile devices and has auto duplex that can save paper. From one of the best known printer manufacturers in the world, Brother comes one of the easiest printing machines to set up.

Software and installer are built in the product itself eliminating the need for inserting a CD in your computer and running a setup program. Once you plug the item onto your computer, just turn in on and it will automatically do the rest. It can be connected through a USB so you can print your black and white document easily.

This is one that offers fast printing in a small package. It can print up to 26 pages per minute and also equipped with auto document feeder and automatic 2 sided print feature. Like the Brother printer above, this only prints and has a very simple design composed of only a few buttons to stop or continue as well as a few LED lights to warn of paper jams and system status. This one comes in the form of a cube, measuring This is often the case because the added accessories are placed on top of the already bulkier laser components.

It has print, scan, copy as well as fax capabilities so you can do everything with just one printer machine. While it does take up a larger amount of space in a room or cubicle, it compensates with additional features like duplex two sided printing. Also, the 15, page monthly recommended cycle means that it is a viable product for corporate teams because it can handle a good amount of workload. Compatible with Mac and Windows operating system, this office equipment lets different type of computers simultaneously use all four devices.

It has its own MB internal memory which means that it can keep more data in storage. The recommended print volume is up to pages per month. Overall, this printer is able to print and copy brilliant color documents and the output results look professional.

Hook these great printers up to your Apple device

As for scans, your documents can be scanned to various networks or cloud destinations. Fast, compact and sturdy in build, the Brother HLDW wireless laser printer ranks among the top rated selections for Mac owners. At However, prices have gradually dropped into a more acceptable range, and we think that these printers now provide the best all-around value for people who want a trouble-free printing experience.

We favored models with cheaper toner costs. To weed out any clunkers that had good specs but poor real-world performance, we read through hundreds of customer and professional reviews. With those parameters, we ended up with just two contenders. The LDW is the successor to the LDW, our pick for a low-cost monochrome laser printer for the past two iterations of this guide.

Although a print-only machine is sufficient for most people, plenty of other people—particularly small- and home-business owners—also want a copier and scanner. Our research turned up 14 mono MFPs that fit those criteria. Finally, we looked for a high-end color laser all-in-one for people with more serious small-office or home-office needs. It needed to be fast and flexible, offer great print and scan quality, and have a relatively affordable price though none of these machines are cheap.

Your first experience with a printer sets the tone for the relationship to come. We considered setup a success when we were able to print a two-sided document from each platform over Wi-Fi, turn the machine off and back on, and do it again. Because simply getting a job to print can be frustrating, we also tested other ways to wirelessly interact with these machines.

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We considered it a success when we could print using Google Cloud Print from a phone using cellular data. Where available, we also checked out other mobile printing standards and proprietary systems, like Mopria and HP ePrint. We printed a few high-resolution photos, too, because more data is always better, and seeing how each printer handles material that really pushes against the limits of its capabilities can be instructive.

Experimenting with quality settings also helped us get familiar with the print menus. We spent time in the standard print box, as well as the more arcane, Web-based control panels that most printers employ for more technical adjustments.

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To test printing speed, we ran off four copies of the four-page ISO document in both duplex two-sided and simplex one-sided modes. We timed the whole process, from hitting Print to the last sheet coming out of the feeder, so that it included any warm-up time required from a cold start. We also tried duplex printing at the highest quality setting for each printer.

These tests give us a feel for not only how fast a printer will be able to spit out a page book report, but if the differences between them are substantial enough to make a difference in day-to-day life. For the multifunction printers, we added speed tests for copying and scanning a large page document composed of mixed output from our printing tests, again considering both duplex and simplex speed.

We also tested the flatbed scan quality of each multifunction printer using a glossy test photo printed on our inkjet all-in-one pick , the HP OfficeJet Pro Finally, we stress-tested all of the paper-feeding parts of each printer, including not just the main paper tray, but also the bypass tray and document feeder, if the printer had them. We also fed the multifunction printers a crumpled piece of paper to see if their ADFs could handle the unexpected.

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  5. The HP Color LaserJet Pro Mdw is fast, powerful, flexible, and—most important—easy to use, which in our book makes it the best laser printer for most people. Toner is affordable, and you can get it in extra-large cartridges that are good for more than 3, pages, which should last most people a very long time before needing replacement. Setting up the Mdw is painless, thanks in large part to the surprisingly helpful Getting Started guide.

    With the touchscreen, establishing a wireless connection was as easy as picking our router out of a list and typing in the password. The bright, colorful, smartphone-style touchscreen interface is easy to work with, though it's not as large as the one on our upgrade pick.

    Apple Mac Compatible Laser Printer Recommendations

    Photo: Rozette Rago. It stays hidden behind a little flap when not in use. Wi-Fi and that touchscreen interface are a couple of areas where the Mdw excels. Maintaining a solid wireless connection has traditionally been a struggle for printers, but this HP performed without fail during our testing, boosted by a first-in-class feature: dual-band Wi-Fi. Yep, the Mdw works on either the standard 2. Once the Mdw is connected to your network, you can grab the appropriate drivers and software for your Mac or Windows PC by heading to Alternatively, you can just click here.

    Connecting a smartphone or tablet is much quicker. Operating costs for the Mdw are low. If you want to make your dollar stretch a little further, you can make the printer default to duplex printing and adjust menu settings to reduce toner usage. The slot is motorized, which was a little off-putting the first time we used it. When you slide an envelope or label sheet into the slot, rollers grab it and suck it into the guts of the printer, where it sits until you send a print job.

    Above the main tray, a handy single-sheet bypass slot can handle labels, envelopes, and other odd-sized media. With capacity for sheets, the main paper tray of the Mdw is larger than those of many competing models. When we crammed the paper tray with as many as 50 extra sheets, a warning popped up on the control panel saying the tray was overstuffed, and the machine refused to print.

    In this situation, other printers would try, fail, and jam. When we put exactly pages in, it printed normally; same with just a single sheet in the tray. Results are similarly impressive when printing business-style graphics and household miscellany like comics, coloring book pages, and crosswords. The prints are a touch washed out, but you get accurate colors, lots of detail, and relatively low noise. HP claims the Mdw can print as fast as 22 pages per minute in black and white, but in our testing it maxed out around 17 pages per minute while printing a PDF consisting of mixed text and graphics.

    Color printing was just a touch slower at 15 pages per minute, and duplexing in either monochrome or color dropped the speed further, to 11 pages per minute. Again, quicker than the competition. Early owner reviews noted various problems, most commonly color accuracy and Wi-Fi stability, though it seems that subsequent firmware updates have fixed many of these issues. During testing, we had trouble getting the printer registered with Google Cloud Print before we updated the firmware; afterward, it worked right away.

    Our advice: Always attempt a firmware update immediately after setting up any printer. Another common owner complaint is that the Mdw can be slow to start printing. We observed this only once during testing, when printing our high-resolution color test photo. In that case, the machine took a little over a minute from receiving the job to start printing. Most buyers should be prepared to dish out for replacement toner within the first year or so, but the replacement point could come a lot sooner for people using the printer in a home office.

    Color laser printers are bigger and heavier than their monochrome counterparts, because they use four toner cartridges rather than just one.

    The 8 Best Monochrome (Black & White) Laser Printers of 12222

    For people with basic needs—printing taxes, recipes, boarding passes, and so on—its automatic duplex capability, large sheet paper tray, reliable paper handling, speedy printing, and low per-page costs make it an excellent choice, despite a few quirks. With a machine this straightforward, physical setup is quick. You only have to remove the packing tape, insert the toner cartridge, adjust the paper-tray guides, and load some paper.

    Getting the printer on Wi-Fi is a little more complicated to do with this model than with some other printers, because the HL-LDW employs a decidedly old-school user interface that consists of a one-line monochrome LED display and an array of rubber buttons. Even so, we were able to get connected to our network within a few minutes, and the printer reliably maintained a connection throughout testing—even several rooms away and a floor below our router.

    However, you may have issues getting the printer to complete Cloud Print registration; we certainly did. With that done, the printer was able to get on Cloud Print right away and worked flawlessly for the remainder of testing. Tax forms and other documents with tiny fonts all the way down to 2 points are perfectly readable, and larger headers come out with crisp edges and dark centers. All in all, this printer should be more than adequate for printing text-heavy documents. Graphics and photos, on the other hand, are merely mediocre at default settings.

    Some light banding is visible in solid-color areas, and graphics appear a little grainy. The output is good enough for personal use or internal business documents, and you can improve it with adjustments to toner density and resolution settings at the expense of toner longevity if you need to hand out documents to clients. Brother claims the LDW can print at up to 32 pages per minute, which is 5 pages per minute faster than the machine it replaces.

    As with its now-discontinued predecessor our top pick for the past two years , one of the best things about the HL-LDW is its low cost of ownership. Operating costs are low, too. Even accounting for drum wear, each print will run you about 3.

    However, like most other laser printers, the LDW comes with a puny starter cartridge good for just pages. This printer is extremely small and light. At just Our test unit came in a very banged-up box thanks, FedEx! We hopped on the phone and a Brother customer support agent quickly diagnosed the problem: a plastic guide in the paper path that had gotten knocked out of place in transit. If you work from home, run a home business, or simply want the flexibility of a laser printer that can also scan and copy, we recommend the Brother MFC-LDW. This powerful machine marries the basic utility and reliability of our Brother HL-LDW budget pick with the versatility of a flatbed scanner and single-pass duplexing automatic document feeder.

    Yes, including faxing. The interface is easy to navigate, if not quite as user-friendly as the one on our main pick. It includes a number of handy built-in apps, including Dropbox and Google Drive, so you can walk up and print directly from your cloud accounts. It also has a scan-to-email app, which is refreshingly simple to configure. It timed out on us a few times when trying to scan very large jobs, but otherwise worked quickly.

    The sheet paper tray has adjustable guides for envelopes and other different media.